Mother upset over delayed Marco Alert for son



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Devin Isaacs.

TASHANA Thompson fears her 16-year-old son, who went missing on Thursday, is in trouble.

“I believe somebody picked him up or whatever,” she said yesterday, not long after residents across the country received a Marco’s Alert about his disappearance.

Ms Thompson said she last saw her son, Devin Isaacs, also known as “Joey”, after 9pm on Wednesday at home.

She went to sleep and woke up around 3.25am to use the bathroom. She checked her children’s room as usual and noticed her son was not there –– nor was he in the bathroom or the kitchen getting food.

After searching the house, she noticed her front door looked unlocked. When she touched it, it flew open.

Ms Thompson’s son is a Grade 10 student of Pace Christian Academy with dreams of becoming the future commodore of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

“I’m not disputing that he walked outside willingly,” Ms Thompson said. “I believe he gone outside to talk to somebody with the intention of coming back inside. Somebody holding him against his will.”

Ms Thompson, who hosted a prayer vigil last night at her home, said this has never happened before.

She criticised the police response and tagged parliamentarians on Face- book to get attention yesterday.

“That’s how I got so much attention today,” she said, adding that a senior police officer initially told her an alert was not sent out for her son sooner because he is older than 14.

“They feel as though he is a regular 16-year-old: he gone smoking and drinking and he in a gang,” she said. “That ain’ my son.”

The disappearance is taking a toll on her family.

“This is killing me,” said Ms Thompson, who buried her mother last year.

“I trying my best to not break down and keep it together. My daughter in grade 12 taking BGCSE. She have to go to school. All this on her mind.”


birdiestrachan 4 weeks, 1 day ago

Ms I pray they find you son and he comes home to you unharmed

stillwaters 4 weeks ago

Mom, you're hurting, but work with the people who will help find your son, instead of against them like this. They need clues from you about his friends, habits etc. This sounds to me like an online relationship gone wrong.

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