Sir Cyril was a role model

EDITOR, The Tribune.

RE: The passing of Sir Cyril Fountain, Chief Justice, Senior Justice, Justice of the Supreme Court of The Bahamas.

It is with deepest regret and immeasurable sadness that I learned of the death of Sir Cyril, a mentor and role model to countless aspiring lawyers and judges. Indeed, it is to him, as Chairman of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission, that I substantially owed my elevation to the Supreme Court bench in 1996.

Sir Cyril was a jurist of studied research, application, and keen analysis. He was a “lawyers’ lawyer” who drafted legal documents with precision and elegance that were both an education and a pleasure to read.

He willingly shared his knowledge with all and had a caustic sense of humour that made him both delightful and intimidating in any interaction with him.

His tenure as Chief Justice came to an end a few months after my elevation, but during that short time, his wisdom, integrity, humility and dedication to excellence were evident and served as a guiding light to those who had the privilege of learning at his feet.

Sir Cyril’s illustrious career spanned many decades, marked by a steadfast and profound commitment to the rule of law, and to upholding the principles of equality and justice. He was a proverbial titan of the legal profession a pillar of strength and a source of wisdom, which earned him the respect and admiration of all.

His passing leaves a profound void in the legal fraternity and in the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing him, and as we bid farewell to him, let us remember and celebrate his remarkable life and legacy by continuing to uphold the principles of justice and fairness which he held so dear.

As he now stands before the Great Judge in the Court of Eternity, may his life of service and integrity commend a sentence of peace, joy, and comfort. Farewell, to a great Bahamian!


May 12 2024.


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