Amendments to Local Govt Act are coming, says Sweeting

WORKS and Family Island Affairs Minister Clay Sweeting said his ministry had drafted amendments to the Local Government Act to strengthen the impact of local government on Family Island communities.

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Pinder ‘appreciates the frustration’, but buy-in from ‘the collective’ is critical on Nationality Act

ATTORNEY General Ryan Pinder said he understands the frustration some feel waiting for the government to address citizenship inequalities, but that buy-in from “the collective” is critical.

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AG: ‘Potential $900m per year in carbon credits’

THE potential revenue from carbon credits for The Bahamas could reach as much as $900m a year, according to Attorney General Ryan Pinder at yesterday’s RF Outlook 2024.

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TROOPS TO HAITI PLAN ON HOLD AMID CHAOS: Munroe says deployment uncertain with absence of leadership in nation

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said the future of the proposed multinational security mission to Haiti – which Royal Bahamas Defence Force officers have been preparing for months – is uncertain after Kenya halted its plans to lead the mission.

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FNM: SEARS ‘MUST RESIGN OR BE FIRED’ – Call for minister to step aside if he misled Parliament

FREE National Movement (FNM) leader Michael Pintard said National Insurance Board Minister Alfred Sears should resign or be fired if he misled Parliament about increases in NIB contribution rates.

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National Security Minister: ‘Very, very aggressive’ anti-gang bill to be reviewed by Cabinet first

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said a draft anti-gang legislation is “very, very aggressive” and Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis wants Cabinet ministers to review it before it is released for consultation.

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Miller warns ships not to advise guests stay on board

ENVIRONMENT and Natural Resources Minister Vaughn Miller said cruise lines that discourage guests from leaving their ships to venture into local communities and marketplaces will not be welcomed to The Bahamas and will be forced to seek “other ports”.

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GOVT DITCHES BAIL MONITOR COMPANY: Previous provider chosen to take over ankle bracelet service

THE government has cancelled its electronic monitoring contract with Metro Security Solutions and selected Migrafill Electronic Security, the previous provider of the service, to take over monitoring persons on bail.

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RBDF sent to Haiti will be safe, says Munroe

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe told Defence Force officers yesterday that the government will not make hasty decisions regarding their potential deployment to Haiti and will ensure that any “terms of engagement” are reasonable and safe.

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Ministry of Housing looking to redevelop abandoned homes into affordable housing

HOUSING Minister Keith Bell said his ministry wants to introduce a pilot programme to redevelop abandoned properties and transform them into affordable housing areas.

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‘Rightfully outraged’ over cruise line video

TOURISM Minister Chester Cooper said Bahamians are “rightfully outraged” at a viral video of purported Carnival cruise line guests saying tourists are scared to leave the ship and have been warned by cruise lines that they could be robbed, drugged and raped in The Bahamas.

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Sears confirms 1.5% increase in rate on July 1

NATIONAL Insurance contribution rates will increase by 1.5 per cent on July 1 and rise by that amount every two years for the next 20 years, Immigration and National Insurance Board Minister Alfred Sears said yesterday. However, last night, the Office of the Prime Minister said only the rise for July 1 this year was confirmed - with no decision yet taken on future years.

Bell: GB food assistance budget nearly exhausted due to high demand

GRAND Bahama's food assistance budget for this fiscal year has nearly been exhausted amid high demand, Social Services Minister Myles Laroda told the House of Assembly.

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‘It is in our national security interest to have peace in Haiti’

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said Haiti’s deterioration, including the escape of thousands of criminals, shows why helping to stabilise that country is in the security interest of The Bahamas.

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Bus and taxi drivers to see fare increase within weeks

TRANSPORT and Energy Minister JoBeth Coleby-Davis said bus and taxi drivers can expect to increase their fares in the coming weeks.