Are you in favour of more intrusive policing to tackle crime?

Yes 21 votes


No 45 votes


66 total votes


SP 6 months ago

The PLP and FNM are the architects that created the crime wave by giving 10's of thousands of blue collar jobs that every other country protect for their own people to foreigners!

Bahamians were forced to learn how to hustle in the streets for survival and have now reached the point of murdering each other for crumbs.

Government failed immigration policies and absolute gross stupidity that lead to decades of high unemployment among the youth has now come full circle to bite them squarely where the sun don't shine!

DaGoobs 5 months, 2 weeks ago

@ SP Who knows? You could be wrong as well as you could be right. No annual statistics are ever provided of the numbers of foreigners here working on work permits and in what capacities, so no one ever knows the true picture. My observation is that there seems to be a lot of them a in the lower paying jobs such as construction and other areas of manual labour but who really knows?

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