Vince 9 years, 8 months ago

This is wrong on each level, are leaders sell out the whole country. Most of the BAHAMIAN don't see this ( more than half brain washed,I once were at fault but now I see ), why give them jobs when you can educate them. The ( EDUCATED ) Chinese / anybody is coming to the country to give us jobs, this hurts me to my core, the Bahamians should be giving the foreigners jobs to build up are country and not the other way around ( like America ), when I tell my American friends were I'm from there response is "WOW" you live next to the beach.... I tell them "it's a long,long,long story, a very long story, even the short version is long," are leaders put us back so far, we are in slavery again, The Bahamians don't own beach front property, we don't own big business establishment, so what is it that we own so? It will be stupid for all Bahamians to sit back and keep getting jobs, years down the line all the Bahamians can say they have is a "job", and struggle to keep a government low cost home. There's millions of dollars walking into the country, where's is it going? Why do foreigners have more rite than the Bahamian people? Why do we teach are youths to kiss foreigners hip? My wife cries when we read the Nassau news and see how the minority makes it bad for the majority.

GrassRoot 8 years, 5 months ago

February 1st was some days ago. DPM needs an assistant to manage his projects properly. and again many many looking forward statements like "imminently" etc. DPM deserves to be rrelieved of his duties and go back to the practice of law.

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