Hotelier 4 years, 6 months ago

Meanwhile, ordinary customers (as opposed to the unaccountable elite) struggle with the lack of service from the Bank of The Bahamas everyday. Only open 2 days each week, no ATM here on the island. Lost their clearing privileges (and hid that fact from the public) ages ago so we can no longer deposit a cheque drawn on a non-Bahamian bank. Think about what that means for those in the tourism business. So we have no choice but to have our customers wire their payments to us for an additional fee of $20 each and every time! Or pay by credit card and pay the fees to the bank. I have been a customer for over 20 years, maintain a 5 figure balance, do not bounce cheques and cannot have simple overdraft privileges. Would be useful while I wait for compliance to ok my wire transfers in. And they have saved the best for last. No online banking. Their online banking system has been down since the beginning of November "while they migrate their platform" and can't commit to a date when the system will be back up. What bull! I can only wonder what they are hiding from us now.

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