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This was produced by the Torchbearer's, the youth arm of the FNM. This is hardly a documentary, rather it's a lengthy campaign video.

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"DNA seems to have attracted around 10,000 votes - more than any other third party in Bahamian history."

That depends on how you look at it. Some may say that in 1977, a third party managed to get over 17,000 votes (BDP). Others may say that the BDP was in fact the second party, and the third party did indeed fall short of 10,000 votes, though there were less than half as many voters back then. That third party was the FNM.…

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Sounds like The Tribune is partnering with some moneyed interests that want to make more profit from grieving Bahamians families. You are telling me what was once an acceptable bush remedy for living creatures is now somehow "undignified" to use on the dead? Puhlease... bring on the kerosene.

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