The_Oracle 4 years, 9 months ago

Paper work is notorious for being lost, Immigration paperwork, any and all applications, peoples documents, tender bidding documents, Customs documents, court documents, especially with Government, courts etc. still being paper based. Recently there has been a push to get Blockchain going for Government records etc but they're so inept that the process of getting that in place will itself be embroiled in kickbacks and padded contracts, and with back doors no doubt. When BTC firsts put in cell phone services there were a huge number of phones on the system via a back door, took their audit dept years to figure out a high number of phones numbers weren't billable. Same happened again when prepaid was introduced. A huge number of Cards being used that weren't in the billable/sales system. Even with the recent Government bid for the Dome Tents for Abaco, and the RV's, there is money being made by government officials on the side.

Is that what you're asking about?

The_Oracle 4 years, 9 months ago

Also a high % of the pigeon pea and Mud residents were completely undocumented, kids , spouses etc. so estimates of numbers missing could never be complete or accurate. The survivors won't come forward to report the missing due to fear of deportation.

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