TalRussell 12 years, 2 months ago

Hey Comrade I am ready to wave the white flag and concede that only your FNM brand of intelligence was raised on FNM mean spiritedness. I always thought really intelligent people discuss ideas, not other people. But who am I to suggest that bloggers gossip is all that bad.

Bril 11 years, 9 months ago

We can argue over a detailed list of who did what or supposedly did what for eons. Concernedcitizen your bias has surely grown over the last few months. At some point you and I at least agreed that Bahamians whether FNM, PLP or in between we're not getting good representation. As far as I'm concerned both of these parties are lack luster. Its no use holding one up over the other because they have both been reckless. My problem with FNMs is that they like to behave as if they are the only ones who ever did anything positive for this country. Mr. Laing especially. He exudes a disgusting sense of arrogance. I met him once as a student in Junior Achievement some years ago. He was arrogant then and is arrogant now. So yes Concernedcitizen it would be hard deny that the FNM did do some good. But what concerns me is that we are so politically divided as people that we can't get moving in this country. I am convinced that if we as people don't get beyond party politics and use our sense to build this country together we aint going nowhere soon.

John 9 years, 10 months ago

@ concernedcitizen...Read what....I am willing to read to gain knowledge wisdom and understanding

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