jusscoolin 10 years, 5 months ago

When I wrote to a minister two years and then a year and a half ago never thought that this would be considered. An id card where It could be computer swiped which includes your fingerprints . Some smart person wants to pay off the person in charge for his copy. Signatures of the Head of National Security, Head of Immigration and Chief of Police would be placed on it. Temp workers on work permits also required to have one. God forbid, one of you posting was to get murdered and found in bushes. But this will also help law enforcement to quickly id you through your fingerprints being in the computer data bank. If I was here illegal I would think twice about staying here. Used in travel , banking and as an id to get a drivers license and for renewal. A perfect time to get this now while the population is at a reasonable level. Peoples, we have to make everyone who are here illegally and those on the run from the law very uncomfortable as it stands they are too comfortable!

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