totherisingsun 11 years ago

Sorry to disappoint, but he is a Bahamian. We should not hold it against someone for going abroad to gain in knowledge, experience and education and to return to the Bahamas to share that expertise.

superUser 11 years ago

That would not be disappointing, if in fact that is the truth - every post I make is about skilled and experienced Bahamians being mistreated by their own people, so I am on that side of the court.

But I cannot find the name "Holdom" anywhere linked to the Bahamas - what I did find was a history of him living and working in the US, and others that I talked to suggest he is not Bahamian - although the fact that he lives here and is adding to the economy is at least a plus, even if he is a foreigner. My point is though, regardless of whether this particular case is true or not, Bahamians on a whole - especially the government (FNM or PLP) - will listen to a foreigner over a Bahamian any day of the week.

If you have more info on this fellow, that proves he is a Bahamian, I will happily retract all my statements on that thread, with pleasure. :-)

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