Street Legends basketball in its 3rd edition

THE STREET Legends Basketball organisation has some noble but lofty goals for 2012.

Street Legends Basketball founder and president Wilton Russell intends to use his league to fight crime this summer in its third edition.

“For one - ‘Bridging the Gap’ is our theme. And I think the theme itself sets the tone for what our purpose is,” Russell said. “The reason I say this is because we unite these different communities... we get them together. And these are men we’re talking about. Bringing them together for one common goal.”

The Street Legends and Vitamalt Community Basketball Tournament’s third season continued at the Anatol Rodgers Gymnasium this weekend.

Highlights of August 21

Game one featured defending Street Legends champions Debbie Bartlett Gems 105.9FM with a 42-28 win over Hope Strachan’s Seabreeze Blowers.

Leading 105.9FM was Jamal Bain with 15 points and six assists, and for the Blowers Renoy Williams had a side high 12 points.

In game two, Bain Town Boys defeated Southwest Plaza Gladiators 33-20.

Leading the Bain Town Boys, Devaughn Munroe had a game high 11 points, while Alex Bullard chipped in with 10 points.

Southwest Plaza Gladiators were led by Anthony Whylly with a game high 18 points and nine rebounds.

In our game three, Jerome Fitzgerald’s Ballers won 36-29 over Richard Lightbourne’s Montagu Beach Boys.

Delroy Granison finished with a game high 15 points and in a losing effort Micheal Davis led his team with a game high 12 points.

Remaining Schedule:

Thursday, August 23

7pm - Southwest Plaza Gladiators vs Bain Town

8pm - Hope Strachan Seabreeze Blowers vs Richard Lightbourne Montagu Beach Boys

Friday, August 24

7pm - Southern Shores vs Hope Strachan Blowers

8pm - Richard Lightbourne Montagu Beach Boys vs Street Legends Golden Gates Legends

9pm - Southwest Plaza Gladiators vs Hope Strachan Seabreeze Blowers

Saturday, August 25

6pm - Furniture Plus St Cecelia Show Rockers vs St Annes Kingsway Academy

7pm - Furniture Plus St Cecelia Mavericks vs Jerome Fitzgerald Marathon Ballers

8pm - Defending Champions Debbie Bartlette Gems 105.9FM vs Hope Strachan Seabreeze Blowers

9pm - Southern Shores vs Southwest Plaza Gladiators

Monday, August 27

Elimination Round 1st Round of Playoffs

6pm - Jr Boys Hope Strachan Seabreeze Breezerz vs Furniture Plus Show Stoppers

7pm - Men Div. Southeastern District 1 vs 4

8pm - Southeastern 2 vs 3

9pm - Northwestern 1 vs 4

10pm - Northwestern 2 vs 3

Tuesday, August 28

2012 District Championship

6pm - Southeastern Winner of 1 vs 4

7pm - Southeastern Winner of 2 vs 3

8pm - Northeastern Winner 1 vs 4

9pm - Northeastern Winner 2 vs 3

Wednesday August 29

Overall Championship Games, Best of Three Series

6pm - Jr Girls Furniture Plus Show Rockers vs St Annes Kingsway Academy

7pm - Jr Boys Bahamas Waste Recyclers vs Winners out of St Cecelias & Seabreeze

8pm - Southeastern District Winner vs Northwestern District Winner


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