Club fight rattles music fans

By Farah

THE BOTTLE fight between R&B singer Chris Brown and rapper Drake at a nightclub last week have left fans of both artists stunned.

The fight occurred at the New York Night Club W.i.P last Wednesday. According to Fox News, the two crews got into a fight after Brown sent a bottle of champagne to Drake's table, and Drake returned the favour with a note containing expletives.

The two had been taking subliminal shots and jeers at each other months leading up to the fight at the club. People who were at the club claim the fight was over the shared affection of pop singer Rihanna.

There has been much speculation recently that Chris Brown and Rihanna have reconciled after their violent domestic fight a few years ago.

However, witnesses say it is Drake's current fling with Rihanna that sparked the war.

"I am fking the love of your life," read a note sent from Drake's table to Brown at about 4am after Brown ordered his rival's table a bottle of pricey Armand de Brignac Champagne -- commonly known as Ace of Spades, a witness claimed.

"I saw him tell the waitress to send a bottle to Drake's table. I then saw a waitress come back with a piece of paper and gave it to Chris," Ingrid Gutierrez, 21, a model who was sitting at Brown's table, told The New York Post.

Jerome, a Bahamian hip hop music lover, said news about the fight was extremely disturbing. He also said he is disappointed that the two stars allowed tension over Rihanna to rise to such heights.

"If the two of them were in fact fighting over Rihanna they need to get a grip of themselves. What kind of example or they supposed to be setting. I think it is poor on their behalf. Their music already is not that positive and now they are displaying all sorts of negativity with their actions. Just sad," he said.

The night club fight took another fan by surprise. She said this incident took her back almost two decades ago, when the war between the East and West rappers was going on.

"When any artist beefs with another in the Hip Hop world and things escalate to the level it did at that club it is a sad reflection on what that industry is. Yes you may not get along with another person or you may not like them but to go as far displaying violence in public and other people getting hurt over silliness. It reminded me of the war between Tupac and Biggie Smalls, that ended fatally for both men," she said.

Sandy Thruston said: "This incident right here just shows celebrities are just as normal as the average person. And just like anyone else, they are very ignorant for displaying this level of immaturity. I mean you can't believe everything you see on the blogs, but if the situation is over a female, then it is very unfortunate that they are deciding to tarnish their good reputations for it. Some people just never grow up."

An Australian tourist, who as at the club was caught in the middle of the fight. The woman was rushed to hospital after she was smashed in the head with a flying bottle during the fight.

"I personally think someone should be charged because you can't go around throwing bottles in the club. I also saw where Chris Brown tweeted something that said, if you can't party with the rich people sensibly, then who can you party with. I agree one hundred per cent with him because just when you think you are safe at a five star club or establishment, a bottle gets thrown at you. It is just sad," said Bahamian fan Amanda.


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