PLP defiant over cut in Urban Renewal employees


The FNM has provided photographs showing police allegedly carrying out delivery tasks.

THE governing Progressive Liberal Party has responded to the outrage over its decision not to renew the contracts of 80 Urban Renewal employees, by declaring the party has a mandate to organise the scheme as it sees fit.

Following criticism of the move by FNM leader Dr Hubert Minnis and Senator Dion Foulkes, who wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister yesterday, the PLP rejected the opposition's right to complain, considering its own handling of Urban Renewal while in office.

A party statement said: "The people of the Bahamas gave the PLP a mandate to create Urban Renewal 2.0 in the fight against this insidious scourge of crime.

"It is the legal right and responsibility of the government to review available manpower resources and allocate the same as it sees fit to ensure the success of its policy objectives.

"The PLP is intolerant of lectures from the FNM who stopped, watered down and politicised Urban Renewal, rendering it virtually ineffective in the fight against crime."

Declining to say whether it will reconsider its position on the workers, the PLP said senior FNMs are "most confused" if they believe that they can tell the government how to execute its policies.

Speaking on Sunday, Dr Minnis pointed out that half-way into its self-imposed checklist for the first 100 days in office, the PLP is failing to deliver on its promises - including a promise not to increase unemployment.

The government has claimed the state of the economy is complicating its efforts, but this is no excuse, the FNM leader said - as the PLP knew the situation when the promises were being made.

In response, the governing party both criticised the FNM for ruining the country's finances, and claimed the global economy did not hit the Bahamas as bad as has been suggested.

The statement said: "It is unfortunate that Dr Minnis has not come to accept the fact that the FNM lost the last general elections and is no longer the government. His party will fail in their attempt to distract the PLP government from its overwhelming mandate to restore this weak and stagnant economy and fundamentally make Bahamians safe.

"It was the failed policies of the FNM that significantly contributed to the sorry state of this economy and the high rate of crime. The simple fact is that the FNM lied to the Bahamian people about the severity of the local economic crisis and the PLP will not allow them to get away with deflecting from this fact."

The PLP also addressed Dr Minnis' other accusations, claiming he was "wrong" to say the Constitution mandates the immediate appointment of the Attorney General on the same day as the Prime Minister.

It said: Since Dr Minnis' position is a Constitutional one, we suggest that he reads the constitution to assist him in making more informed interventions instead of embarrassing himself and his party.

"Regarding the appointment of boards and statutory bodies, Dr Minnis is again reminded that his government was late in appointing boards as it was not until July 8, 2007 that the FNM saw its way to appoint boards and statutory bodies.

"Prime Minister Christie was clear when he said that the existing boards expire at the end of June 2012 and the new boards will be in place by July 1st 2012. This policy still stands."


Concerned 12 years ago

So....... in other words...... the PLP has the legal right to victimize whomever they choose. To fire everyone who is not a known PLP supporter and replace them with PLPs. Point noted.

What could be so important in the actions of Urban Renewal within the community that the government needs to be so concerned about political alliance for its success?

positiveinput 12 years ago

Didn't the PLP started out urban renewal. So for 80 so called FNM supporters to have contracts that needed to be renewed, wouldn't that mean during the FNM term of governing a percentage of PLP supporters were terminated. Both parties playing ring-around-the-rosie in this matter which should not have been, and its sad that persons means of providing for their families are involved and affected. My point of view is that if this is a persons sole means of providing for their families, as a Government, that means should not be touched unless the individual was unfit for the job (got fired). When powerful - be merciful. You're put there to govern and look out for the Bahamian people, not just the PLP people. I voted PLP so don't think I'm just another unhappy FNM supporter. Election time done over anyway and one promise I sure can remember is that more jobs would be CREATED, not shuffled. It was mentioned that Dr. Minnis government was late in appointing boards, so clear this up, did the PLP appointed a board prior or because they're in power their board is just placed. I'm sure if Peter saw Paul doing something, for security, he would do likewise. We are all Bahamians, so stay true to your promise in providing for a better Bahamas which includes ALL BAHAMIANS.

And as for the FNM who took the time to follow the police around, it shows you had nothing to do so why didn't you assist the police by taking the (look like grocery) bags to its destination. That picture could easily assist the public in seeing how the officers went beyond their call of duty to supply some members of a community with much need essentials. Both parties need to stop playing games and trying to find fault. Bunch of lil children dread.

proudloudandfnm 12 years ago

The plp won with 46% of the vote. THIS DOES NOT IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM GIVE THEM A MANDATE!!! Other than to do it right this time.... Bottom line the Bahams does not trust the PLP. You want our trust? EARN IT!! Prove to us your not as corrupt as you appear to be, give us some concrete results this time. No more Pegasus, or IDB type flams anymore. No more victimization, after this one of course, too latye to go back now. You fired all the FNM urban renewal folks and put in your cronies. We the 70% or so that did not vote for you do not approve...

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