Girls take centre court on Father Marcian Day 3


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The 31st Father Marcian Peters Basketball Classic moved into day three at the Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium yesterday as the girls’ division took centre stage.

Scooter Reid, the tournament director, said showcasing the young aspiring female players is one of the major benefits of the tournament and one of the reasons why its reinstatement is vital to the growth of girls’ basketball.

“This was a day dominated by the girls except for a few primary boys’ games we were slightly behind on, but we like for day three to showcase everything there is to show from the girls,” he said.

“The girls are progressing and you see some amazing talent. We had one game in the Primary Girls division where one girl scored all of her team’s 22 points. Tournaments like this, giving them this stage, this is the way to improve the ladies’ basketball programme from the ground up. The ladies’ programme is very lacking but providing the opportunities for the girls is a great thing and a step in the right direction.”

The tournament traditionally features scores of teams from the primary girls and boys, junior girls and boys, intermediate boys and senior girls. The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture’s staff facilitates the event.

After a year off in 2015, the tournament returned this winter with some welcomed changes, most notably to its efficiency and scheduling.

“Having the tournament back has been an extremely exciting experience. You can see it by the amount of people we have had every night and the amount of teams participating,” Reid said

“We have adjusted ourselves well and changed some things. One of the complaints we have had with scheduling, everything has been running smooth, the coaches can have their teams prepared and we are running on time and on schedule. We have been having quick turnaround and many teams have been eliminated so far. We have better communication with the coaches and administrators and that has made things better in terms of being able to communicate.”

Play continues 4pm today at the Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium and continues everyday through Saturday, December 17.

Many of the schools that have stood out thus far have been ones that play regularly throughout their respective seasons and have come into the tournament with an elevated level of preparation.

“The talent level has been impressive, especially with the Catholic schools who have their league and also with the Bahamas Scholastic Association leagues who are proficient playing in the primary schools,” Reid said. “As far as the GSSSA and BAISS schools they are lacking in the primary school divisions for the most part, but hats off to the coaches who have been practicing hard to prepare these teams.”

• Scores from yesterday’s session:

Primary Girls

St Francis and Joseph – 21 def.

Carlton Francis – 0

Woodcock Primary – 8 def.

Temple Christian – 7

St Cecilia’s – 24 def.

Kingsway – 22

Freedom Academy - 20 def.

St Thomas Moore – 0

Primary Boys

St. Cecilia’s – 20 def. Palmdale Primary - 0

Temple Christian – 20 def. Hillcrest - 0

Junior Girls

Freedom Academy – 20 def. Galilee - 0

Queen’s College – 20 def. HO Nash - 0

SC McPherson – 22 def. NCA – 11

Jordan Prince William – 20 def. Anatol Rodgers – 0

Queen’s College – 20 def. Freedom Academy – 10

Several scores in the senior division were unavailable to press time

Tuesday, December 13

Primary Girls

3pm - Carlton Francis vs. Temple Christian

St Francis and Joseph vs. Woodcock

Carlton Francis vs. Temple Christian

3:30pm - St. Cecilia vs. Freedom Academy

Kingsway vs. St. Thomas Moore

Primary Boys

4pm - EP Roberts vs. W Gm 17

Kingsway vs. St. Cecilia

4:30pm - Freedom Academy vs. Teleos

St. Francis and Joseph vs. Teleos

Junior Girls.

5pm – HO Nash vs. Freedom Academy

W Gm 7 vs. Gm 8

Queen’s College vs Freedom Academy

W Gm 6 vs W Gm 10


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