Long Island FNMs call Minnis a 'liar'

Dr Hubert Minnis

Dr Hubert Minnis

THE problems facing Dr Hubert Minnis, the embattled leader of the Free National Movement, continue to mount with the Long Island Constituency Association accusing him of dishonesty and untrustworthiness over the revoking of Loretta Butler-Turner’s candidacy for the next general election.

In an open letter to the party leader signed by the entire executive of the Constituency Association, Dr Minnis is accused of falsely representing the views of the association in allegedly telling the party’s General Council last week that it had voted to withdraw the nomination from Mrs Butler-Turner, the island’s MP.

In the letter, dated December 15, the association claimed Dr Minnis had “done nothing but sow seeds of division, discord and distrust” since becoming party leader and that he is “desperate to the point of telling larger and bolder untruths”.

Mrs Butler-Turner was appointed leader of the Official Opposition earlier this month after she and six other FNM MPs wrote to Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling expressing they had no confidence in Dr Minnis. Last week, Mrs Butler-Turner’s ratification for the Long Island constituency was revoked. She has twice challenged Dr Minnis for the party leadership without success.

In the letter seen by The Tribune - which is signed by the chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer and five trustees - the local association confirmed its continuing support for their MP and accused Dr Minnis of refusing to listen to the constituencies over choice of election candidates.

The Long Island association said it had run out of patience with the party leader.

“The people of Long Island are hardworking independent people,” the letter said. “Long Island has for many years supported the FNM, which we have done that by choice!

“Long Island does not bow to the wishes or orders of any political leader. We are Long Island strong and we can think and speak for ourselves.

“Our patience as a people is as long as our island, and our patience with Dr Minnis has run out. Since he became leader of the FNM Dr Minnis has done nothing but sow seeds of division, discord and distrust. His guiding principle is to divide and conquer, but it is clear that he is desperate to the point of telling larger and bolder untruths.

“It is reported that Dr Minnis told the Central Council of the FNM that he received a communication from the Constituency Association of Long Island and in that communication the members voted in favour of withdrawing the nomination from the Hon Loretta Butler-Turner.

“Firstly, that statement by Dr Minnis is a huge untruth; the Constituency Association of Long Island continues to support Mrs Butler-Turner.

“Secondly, we urge Dr Minnis to stop being vindictive to the Long Island Constituency Association and residents. He needs to man up and fight his fight at that level before behaving immature.

“Why is Dr Minnis so compelled to listen to random people versus the constituency association of Long Island, but he refuses to listen to the associations in Ft Charlotte, St Anne’s, Montagu, North Eleuthera, Exuma, South Beach, Marathon, Yamacraw, North Abaco and Pinewood ... just to name a few. It is now clear what Dr Minnis’ parliamentary team has been saying about him is true; he’s not honest and cannot be trusted.

“That is not the type of leader Long Island wants or needs, we need and want a leader like Loretta Butler-Turner who is a real leader who cares about Long Island and is prepared to work for and fight for us. Dr Minnis has never done that.”

Last Monday, Dr Minnis confirmed that the party started its search for a new candidate in Long Island and FNM Chairman Sidney Collie added that the party had received a petition from voters there who say they do not want Mrs Butler-Turner to represent them in 2017.

Meanwhile, Dillis Smith, former FNM Long Island Constituency Association chairperson, said the petition was formal notice that “Long Island don’t want lazy Loretta”. According to Ms Smith, contention between certain constituents and the MP has been building since 2012. However, she said the “stunt” the MP had pulled in deposing Dr Minnis in Parliament was all they could take.

Mrs Butler-Turner, Central Grand Bahama MP Neko Grant, St Anne’s MP Hubert Chipman, Montagu MP Richard Lightbourn, North Eleuthera MP Theo Neilly, Central and South Abaco MP Edison Key and Ft Charlotte MP Dr Andre Rollins each signed the letter of no confidence in Dr Minnis. The party has launched disciplinary proceedings against the seven rebel MPs.

Mr Collie said the party was about to begin the formal process of finding a new nominee for the Long Island constituency and that the party is still accepting applications. Tribune columnist Adrian Gibson has been floated as a possible replacement for Mrs Butler-Turner; last week he wrote: “I affirm that the people of Long Island, my home town, have been calling … and I intend to answer their call.”


pingmydling 7 years, 7 months ago

Our young, recently graduated friend from the prestigious " Joseph Goebbels School of Journalism", namely the Long Island saviour, the one and only, I give you Adrian-I maybe wet behind the ears- Gibson. If you had learned journalism properly the first lesson taught is :- NEVER BECOME THE STORY YOURSELF. Have a great day JS.

goodbyebahamas 7 years, 7 months ago

http://www.thenassauguardian.com/news/6… I tell you my Bahamian friends, this is all the proof you need to know that the PLP scumbags and Minnis are one; woman slapper a$$hole Leslie Miller backing Minnis....LOL! But the PLP is pro material, those MF-ers are playing Minnis like a new inmate to hardcore criminals in jail; bend over rover, I'm going to grease you all over.....LOL! I would pay any amount of money, from $1.00 dollar to $3,000, 000 dollars if skin and bones Miller would get into a ring with Loretta, and this is no joke folks, $3 MF-ing big ones! But on three conditions, since Loretta is a woman, Miller has to have one arm tied back so can only use one arm and two legs. Second condition, if she beats the F-ing living $hit out of him in the first round, than he will be allowed to use both arms for the second round. If he beats her badly in the second round with one arm, than they bother have to end it with one arm each tied behind their backs. I know she will break his F-ing bones in half, and the fight should not be stopped until he is almost dead. Why, so that worthless piece of $hit (Cause any man who beats on a woman or child should be beaten until he's half F-ing dead; it's called Rome Law in my eyes) and I don't give a F what you think about it either, an eye for an eye, God wrote that , not F-ing me. All you PLP piece of Shit and all you FNM PLP wanta be FM-ers don't fool no one. Where the F is our $800,000,000.00 dollars in VAT taxed collected you FM-ing crooks!

goodbyebahamas 7 years, 7 months ago

Ten more F-ing days and I'll be on the first out of three planes headed for Hawaii, thank you Jesus! I hope the best for the Bahamian people, one of the nicest people I've ever met. It's just so sad that the government has been taking advantage of them for so many years, but now it's real noticeable, everything is in decay and the people are angry. My Bahamian friend in Hawaii told me to not let the politics of his homeland stress me out, but it's hard too when I've made so many friends I will miss dearly. My Bahamian friend says that nothing will ever change, he says the PLP's power on corruption is greater than all Bahamians; I don't believe it, I don't want to believe it. He says once I arrive in Hawaii I will forget all about the problems in the Bahamas, God I hope not, I love the Bahamas and it's people.

kaytaz 7 years, 7 months ago

How stupid can these people be....your either supporting The FNM or Loretta and her crew.I guess the council choose Loretta but the voters that really matter and count choice is The FNM

Emac 7 years, 7 months ago

Meanwhile, Dillis Smith, former FNM Long Island Constituency Association chairperson, said the petition was formal notice that “Long Island don’t want lazy Loretta”.

Former means that your dumb ass does not call the shots any more, Smith. Since you are not the current chairman, you cannot speak for the Association and for good reason I'll bet. And you call Loretta lazy???? Wasn't she the first representative to hit the ground on during the hurricane disaster? Was she not the one who raised money to help victims of Joaquin??? Dunno,but this sounds personal to me. If you wanna call someone lazy, see V.A Gray...Ask him what has he done for his constituents after this disaster!

jackbnimble 7 years, 7 months ago

Thought I was the only one who noticed the word "former" before all the persons who say they don't want LBT. 17 "former" members of the Association or strong Long Island FNM's do not constitute the whole of Long Island not wanting her to run. I mean if you want her out for "betraying" you say that, but don't lie to get it done!

licks2 7 years, 7 months ago

Homes. . .LBT wrote that letter it seems. . .read all of her other letters. . .same style, use of metaphors, over use of superlatives, the victim positioning and a childish venting about the character of the doc!! Now don't tell me those 6 persons on the association signed the letter. . .LBT presented a letter before that was signed by Dr. Rollins. . .Dr. Rollins said that he never signed that letter. . .in fact he found out about the letter when it went public!! How many persons on that island association any way? I see 6 signature on LBT letter to. . .oooooooops. . .I mean the association ,letter to press! LBT seem to be in free fall. . .looking for pity from the public. . .we don't like that in our leaders. . .she done "pushed" doc from off his leaders chair. . .take he car. . .so what's the reason fer her ongoing erratic behavior. . .she is the FNM big dog in the house! Lol!

Space 7 years, 7 months ago

You're funny. Funny like a clown. A drunk rambling clown.

licks2 7 years, 7 months ago

Thank you Sir knight. . .I see the "point" sticking right out of your "breen". . .once you get the point. . .say on man!!

banker 7 years, 7 months ago

This is more Loretta-Tub-of-Excrement machinations not even worthy of the Tribune newspaper coverage. It blows me away as to how far away the Tribune reporters have gotten away from real news.

proudloudandfnm 7 years, 7 months ago

Actually its in the Guardian too.

Minnis needs to resign enough is enough...

licks2 7 years, 7 months ago

Tribune: Long Island FNMs call Minnis a "LIAR" rambled on and did not published the letter. . .however, it said president, vice chair and treasurer. . .with other members (leaving the number of mad persons unclear). . .with the possible vailed intent to allow readers to think that the number could huge when there are only 6 persons!

Guardian: FNM fallout Deepens. . . it said president, vice chair, treasurer and three trustees. . .However, published the letter but did not allow the readers to see who or how many signed!!

Clearly the tribune een like doc...in the LBT/DOC saga. Even that woman who write in the punch has "gone off the deep end" with her ramblings!

jackbnimble 7 years, 7 months ago

Could there be a rhyme to the reason? Everyone hates precious doc. He is sooo innocent and he hasn't done ANYTHING they accuse him of. He just wants to help those poor black people over the hill - even when there's no evidence of his helping them when he was last in power - and that's why the whites hate him and want him out.... yada yada yada. Poor Doc!

242in404 7 years, 7 months ago

The walls are crumbling down around Minnis. He needs to resign or fall back. Trying to remain LEADER of a party where so many have shown that they don't see him as the right fit, is pure ego driven and shows he does not have the Bahamian ppl in mind. If the FNM lose this next election (which is very likely if the party continues to be split), he will surely no longer be the leader after. He may as well, stop playing checkers and start playing chess like LBT and her crew, so that he can at least remain a viable figure in the party. It ova for him!

TalRussell 7 years, 7 months ago

Comrades! Granted, this letter out Long Island might not rise to the level of curiosity about if it was Matthew, Mark, Luke or John that wrote their namesakes Gospels, but how good are you at spotting at the most telltale "27" words that are a sure giveaway as to the "real" identity of the "female" wordsmiths influencing the authoring letter of the 9 red shirts, whose names appear on the letter from the Long Island Constituency Association.

licks2 7 years, 7 months ago

It sure looks like LBT writing and rowing style. . .or unless that association president wrote all the letters LBT ever sent out to public. . .I guess they really do think that Bahamians don't read aye? Lol!

thomas 7 years, 7 months ago

All of this in-fighting is only helping the plp. They are fighting over the votes that wasn't enough to win the last election. Divide the votes you have and expect to win.

TalRussell 7 years, 7 months ago

What's going on with the before doubting Comrade Thomas...A coming Jesus' moment for our once doubting Thomas.... or did Thomas have first see evidence da nails.... And all the people said, "Amen!"

TalRussell 7 years, 7 months ago

Executive Comrades of the Long Island Constituency Association seem have no problem with their elected as a red MP's alliance over to the Bran and his fringe green party without consulting them before she jumped off red tent, or did she?
Their MP is no more of a red shirt than they are starting to sound be no longer speaking for the red shirts.....so they should do right thing to resign... and if not prepared be acting like honourables, all should be removed from representing the good people Long Island's constituency business. Bran's new slogan..."The Big Green Tent!

Emac 7 years, 7 months ago

licks2,please give up the Hubert Minnis ghost. You can't be objective even if you try. All of your posts are pro HM. You supported him in times when even the blind could have seen his major mistakes. What are your real motives??? Are you someone working behind the scenes for HM??? Huh??? Are you his publicists, who peruses every article related to HM and respond with some form of twist, that makes him look like the real victim in this quest for power??? Please try NOT be so biased in your views. While I am not a big fan of Loretta's latest political maneuvers, I think constitutionally, that she had a right to do what she did , and that's all that matters to me. We as the voting public need to stop being so clingy to politicians for the wrong reasons. We need to hold their feet to the coal whether we support their party of not. These politicians are merely servants of the people, not celebrities to be revered!

licks2 7 years, 7 months ago

I don't talk fool. . .you and others around here know what I say is one of the most balanced around here!. . .yall told me that yinna doc een no good as yinna leader. . . and LBT is yall better leader in ya party. . .but all we see is one who can't talk good, but crafty as the road runner against wile coyote and another who is childish, vindictive, immature, poor reality testing and just don't get it. . .the people just don't like her!! I know that you support the National Review. . .yall all in one bunch of friends with LBT. . .read what the NR says about LBT and Bran today. . .then read my assessment up there. . .Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Now for making doc look like the victim. . .why I need to do that. . .LBT and she friends seem to be the one getting "jook in they boongy" all times. . .now I do know that plenty peoples out here see him as the victim. . .I don't he beating yinna peoples dem just fine!

As for my real motives. . .chile lickcs2 been around long before there was a doc. . .commenting on just about errything. . .was one of papa biggest fans. . .even though I did not like he tail. . .peoples dem were just talking stupid about him.. .not being real! Yall will never defeat him by lying to yinna selves. . .and trying to get us to believe yall. . .when we can see ya talking fool. . . we can see he can't talk good. . .Lol! Now yall causing the people out here to think that doc got the old UBP in the FNM SHAKING IN THEY BOOTS! That may not be the case. . .but LBT has become the poster girl for "the white man" and doc for the "lil man". . . and you and I know that is not truly the case. . . but attacking one of the other using untrue statements only serves to solidifies those "political" views in the minds of those who depends of the "learned" to provide accurate information for them!

TalRussell 7 years, 7 months ago

Comrades, if ever there is a case so sue for plagiarism this is the one if they choose to deny these are NOT the words used without the permission someone well known to the nation. Who knows, maybe a whole bunch Long Islander candidates stepping forward replace the current other wordsmith snatcher president appointed by cabinet to head we University Bahamaland?

licks2 7 years, 7 months ago

Tal LBT wnet down in LI and that letter "a'la' LBT" shows up with her pros and cadences and childish ranting style. . .so what they want us to suspect. . .

banker 7 years, 7 months ago

Oh you armchair quarterbacks. The walls een crumbling around Minnis. If you only knew what the Minnis team was doing now ... They een worried about Blubber Butt or Long Island or shiite like that. They have their heads together creating policy and a plan to get the Bahamas out of trouble.

Y'all say that Minnis failed as a leader. Name the failures. Is it because he was nice to Loretta Blubber Butt when she was backstabbing him? Is it because he knew that spewing fury and fire and brimstone at Prime Minister Crisco Butt is useless. Erry one knows that Crisco Butt is a retard, even the PLP, that's why they let him stay on as leader -- they can do what they want. Minnis knows what he can and can't do. He tried keeping the party together, but Blubber Butt has diarrhea for brains and wants to become leader, but hasn't a clue. She is a lightweight only in the brains department. Her thighs could smother a potcake.

Everyone says that Minnis is a failed leader but can't elucidate a particular of where he failed.

Here's a clue about the market noise here. There is a total of about 50 people or less who post here. Whatever is written here doesn't make one whit's worth of difference. The only politician in the government who reads this, is Fweddie. The rest of them are smart enough to know that it doesn't matter what is said here. Nobody's mind is going to change. People make snap decisions, and all of the rationality in the world cannot get them to change their preconceived notions and prejudices.

Minnis (and more importantly -- his team) knows that there is an appropriate moment for the big reveal. The only thing that motivates Bahamians, is the recognition that whatever is being presented has to be good for the rabble in the here and now -- instantly. Minnis and his team knows that. The overriding mandate is to make life better for Bahamians right now, and that is a tough nut to crack. Their is no difference between the snot-brains of the PLP, lightweight Bran Flakes and the greens, and Loretta Blubber Butt and her merry band of LBT fart catchers. They do not have the intellect to fix the problems of the Bahamas. Notice the FNM candidates. Lloyd, D'Aguilar, even Gibson and company -- what is the overriding common element shared by all -- THEY EEN STUPID. They een stupid like Blubber Butt Loretta, or Edison or Richard the Tube-tyer or Een-Gat-A-Clue Bran.

The current crop of FNM candidates chooses the use of their brains. The rabble are using their mouths. There is a difference.

goodbyebahamas 7 years, 7 months ago

Blubber Butt, Fart Catchers, Flakes and the Greens......Are you a man or a child? Rape capitol of the World because a$$holes like you only know how to disrespect your own women. You have to beat them and rape them for unauthorized sex because they wouldn't give you the time of day otherwise. Your the kind of a$$hole who's own mother tells you everyday she wished she didn't have you, but couldn't affords an abortion.; even tried at home with a wire coat hanger.

banker 7 years, 7 months ago

My birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory.

But while I am here, let me improve your literacy. "Capitol" is the name of the building where the US Congress meets. I think that you meant to say "capital".

And it wasn't a wire coathanger, it was a wooden one. Gives you splinters. I would suggest taking your meds today.

goodbyebahamas 7 years, 7 months ago

F off you scumbag PLP piece of $hit Banker, the only meds I need is for you and your MF-ing a$$hole PLP mob to stop robbing us. I know the difference between Capitol and Capital you F-ing thieving scumbag, my fingers are too big for the keypad and hit the wrong key. My Bahamian friend in Hawaii and I are NYU graduates, you probably only have your D- high school diploma and teachings from you deadbeat father on how to beat up on women .

banker 7 years, 7 months ago

Don't try to outweird me now, you anger management nutbar -- I've seen stranger shiite than you, in the peas 'n rice that the lady sells from her trunk in parking lot of the marina on East Bay Street.

licks2 7 years, 7 months ago

So Luby Georges is Senator. . .this show that she can't get the social support. . .

birdiestrachan 7 years, 7 months ago

every body knows that "Roc with doc" can tell some whoppers

TalRussell 7 years, 7 months ago

Comrade Minnis be patient cause even the mild mannered Long Islanders will within seconds after their Long Island Constituency's Executives does start recognize the familiar faces the rest greens about be added to fill their MP's senate appointments picture album - they be giving both their embattled MP and constituency executives... X-rated hand gestures.

DEDDIE 7 years, 7 months ago

Politics 101. Whenever you become MP, make sure that the local association is fill with those loyal to you. No surprise here.

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