Minnis 'failed' to reach the voters: Lightbourn backs Butler-Turner and Sands

FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis and Loretta Butler-Turner at the FNM rally that saw him see off her challenge to his leadership in 2014.

FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis and Loretta Butler-Turner at the FNM rally that saw him see off her challenge to his leadership in 2014.


Tribune Staff Reporter


MONTAGU MP Richard Lightbourn yesterday said that FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis has failed to connect with the Bahamian electorate as he endorsed Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner and Senator Dr Duane Sands as his choices for the party’s two top posts.

Mr Lightbourn said it did not appear to him that Dr Minnis had sufficient support to lead the organisation to victory in the 2017 general election.

With that, he branded Mrs Butler-Turner and Dr Sands as “the best team” to lead the party into next year’s election, saying they will bring a new dimension to the organisation and Bahamian politics.

His statement came the day after another parliamentarian, Central Grand Bahama MP Neko Grant, said it was no secret that he “absolutely” supports Mrs Butler-Turner and Dr Sands as the two move to challenge the Killarney MP and his Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest.

The two teams will go head to head during the party’s convention on July 27 to 29.

“I think they will be the best team to lead the party into the next election,” Mr Lightbourn said when contacted yesterday. “On the positive side, from my discussions with Mrs Turner and Dr Sands I think they will garner support.

“Dr Minnis is a fine person and is a good representative of his constituency. However, unfortunately he does not appear to connect with the general electorate and the electorate who will choose the next government of the Bahamas. And so it doesn’t appear to me that he has sufficient support in the country to carry the party to victory.”

Regarding reported issues with funding for the convention, Mr Lightbourn said he was of the position that this should fall at the feet of the leader of the party.

“I am not directly involved with the funding, (but) I would’ve thought that it’s the primary responsibility of the leader to arrange the funding for convention whether there was one in November or July, it shouldn’t change the position.

“So presumably if he was intent on funding one in November he should fund one in July. I trust the party is able to raise the requisite funds for the convention.”

On Monday, insiders told The Tribune that the party was struggling to find the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to host the convention amid debate over who is responsible for finding the funds.

Sources told The Tribune that the FNM’s big financial backers have refrained from providing money because of discontent with Dr Minnis.

Some, like former FNM Cabinet minister Tennyson Wells, have argued that those who fought for an early convention should find the funds to host it. While others, like former Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette, said that the responsibility lies with the party’s leader. A convention was estimated to cost around $300,000.

On Wednesday, Mrs Butler-Turner confirmed her intent to challenge the leadership position of the FNM.

While formally announcing this, Mrs Butler-Turner said the party, now more than ever, needs to be driven by leaders and doers.

She appeared confident and measured in her responses, maintaining that for the FNM, which is fractured and wrought with infighting, she and Dr Sands are “healers” with the ability to unify the opposition party.

She said it is important that as the party comes out of a convention that the two are able to embrace fellow FNMs who might be hurting over the results and to stress that the matter is bigger than the election of party officials, but it is one for this country.

To celebrate the official launch of this campaign and make public their plan for national development, she and Dr Sands called on all Bahamians to join them at Rawson Square on Wednesday, July 6.

For his part, Dr Sands said given his 22 years of experience in healthcare, he would be a very capable complement to Mrs Butler-Turner.

Asked if the two had received the endorsement of former Prime Minister and party Leader Hubert Ingraham, Mrs Butler-Turner responded that they had not. However, she added that they planned to work over the next four weeks to get the endorsement of every FNM.

Dr Minnis has told reporters that he will enter the convention as leader and emerge as the FNM chief.


licks2 8 years ago

Who is Mr Lightbourn? Does he means the white people he hangs around with? When did he come into the bush to hear what the bush people are saying? Hehehhehehehehehehehehe. . .his endorsement is a good as mine. Try this. . .how about LBT just doing her own thing. . .regardless to who endorse her or not. . .A GOOD LEADER MUST KNOW HOW TO STAND ALONE. . .SHE NEEDS TO STOP BEGGING HI OR ANYBODY ELSE FOR ENDORSEMENTS. . .ONLY ENDOSEMENTS SHE NEEDS IN THE ENDOSEMENTS FROM THE DELEGATES. . .

tonymontana 8 years ago

long island is not endorsing her , how come lightburn een talkin dat .

Greentea 8 years ago

As a long island descendant - I say that if Long Island fails to endorse the only politician I saw on the ground after the devastating hurricane- trying to do her job- they are not the people I thought they were.

PastorTroy 8 years ago

Majority rule is failing, simply because the very effective weapon our government (both FNM & PLP) have been and still is using against their own citizens is POVERTY! a vicious, predatory, keep them uneducated, keep them poor, divide them by party/colors and rule them strategy. This is our Bahamas people and we CAN take it back! WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS! #PLP&FNMexit2017 aka #TheBahexit

TalRussell 8 years ago

Ahh! Tribune, like all your paper's stories about Loretta, it doesn't appears that reporters ever does give readers the whole unedited Loretta picture?
Comrade Richard, I know it has sucks these days as the House member for Montagu, leading to the July 27-29, 2016 snappily summoning of convention attendees, not to be thinking about the 300 of the 400 delegates who will be demanding an full explanation yall’s involvement as the gang of six red MP’s letter writing campaign to Her Excellency?
And....just look at that big, big slapper of a hand palm. Yep, its gotta be's thrice the size Comrade Trump's slapper.... what a reallyyyyyy big palm designed more as a slapper than clapper, and you’re best to stay clear out its reach - unless y'a ready to experience a Dr. Andre’s moment of thinking he was about come face to face with his Jesus.
P.S. Guess what Comrade Richard, as a “follower of political convenience” to your “Dear Leader” Loretta, if you really does wants see what the people looks likes who “does not connect with the general electorate,” try looking in the mirror and focus at the gang of six steering back at you.
What will you do when a motion is put to the 400 convention delegates to deal harshly with the gang of six? Comrade Richard, you is much too school intelligent, not to know that you can expect an all-out war break loose on that convention floor and she’s goin get’s so ugly, including "all about how Minnis took a PLP Pot cake in, feed it, kept it warm, and took good care of it, not expecting have it bite him in he back?"
So much for Comrade Mark Twain’s, perceived principal between a man and his Pot cake? Little did Mark knows about the history we Pot cakes?
Comrade Gang of Six, the red pastry’s waste of $500,000 convention will only be for but 3 days and nights. One doc’s prognosis for the other doc’s, will not move along as fast as you’re praying for. There will be much to unfold, see and hear by the six to be most targeted by 300 of the 400 delegates come July 27-29, 2016.


SP 8 years ago

What Has Richard Lightbourn Contributed To The Development Our People & Country?

Lightbourn is unquestionably another useless "elite" talking head that has done nothing of significance for the country other than cut deals to enrich his own cartel of corrupt real estate pirates and special interests grouping!

We have a laundry list of interesting questions for Richard Lightbourn requiring his immediate response:

How long has he been in front line politics? What policies, initiatives and lobbies has he brought to the floor of the House in all those years that he can refer that has improved the lives of his constitutes and Bahamians at large? Why is he always totally void and silent on issues of corruption, crime, graft and political malfeasance? What has he ever championed?What distinguishes and makes Richard Lightbourn any different or better than Perry Christie or Hubert Ingraham?

The Bahamas political arena is absolutely inundated with "Richard Lightbourns" silently profiteering on the backs of Bahamians, hiding in the shadows, masquerading as "Honorable Members Of Parliament" and selfishly sucking the life blood out or country and people!

We have had more than our fill of these useless political "snipers"!

Greentea 8 years ago

What has Minnis done? Name me three initiatives you can point to that has made a difference in this nation that is all his to own? If that has you scratching your head- name two. If that has you scratching your behind, name one. If you cant name anything then..

SP 8 years ago

Dr. Minnis stepped forward and held the party together after Hubert jumped ship in 2012!

Where was political opportunist Richard Lightbourn? Hiding in the darkest shadows he could find?

licks2 8 years ago

Beat the heck outta the six. . .twice! He oversee the building of the new hospital wing. . .he organized Killarney into one of the most organized and efficient constituency this country has ever seen! And as the discussion at our breakfast spot. . .HE IS CHANGING THE WAY WE DO GOVERNMENT IN THIS NATION. . .HE IS FOR ALL PEOPLE. . .UNLIKE THE GANG OF SIX. By the same token. . .the people have no to little idea of who is Richard Lightbourn!

Greentea 8 years ago

SP and Licks2 Ya'll gat to be kidding! That's the best you could do? That is total SPIN and a whole lotta of BS- but you already knew that heh? I guess if you say it enough you will believe anything. Killarney is organized because the majority of people living in it don't need fridge and stove and job and have no reason to use his offices- or him. He is LOUSY. Why don't he run in Elizabeth or against Glynis Hanna in the Grove- since he is so FOR da PEOPLE! I keep wondering why he keeps getting such a cushy seat- and I am willing to bet its money. Cant prove it, I am sure doc bought his seat- one way or another.

The_Oracle 8 years ago

Awkward, being the "token white" in the "white peoples" party. local Money is tugging at the FNM, while the PLP have Numbers Money and Chinese money. No contest. Meanwhile they play a game of poker with their own party, bluffing til the hatred of the PLP outweighs the disdain of losing control of the party to Doc. If they had a plan for the country it could be forgiven, but they only want self preservation. Cowards to a man. They as much as the PLP, Pindling, Ingraham and Christie have created this abortion we call home, Albeit a barely recognizable home.

TalRussell 8 years ago

Comrades the most important steps for Loretta, Richard, Chippie and Neko is to be forced at the July 27-29, 2016 red party's $500,0000 convention venue to kneel before each and ever constituency delegate assembled to seek forgiveness.
These red MP's does prefer to carryout mutiny against the will of the party's voting delegates instead of respecting the 300 to 1 vote against Loretta - and they have the bullocks to demand the red party's membership does foot the $500,000 bill?
It sure does makes you wonder aloud as to what manner of people are Loretta, Richard, Chippie and Neko?
These four red MP's should be made to brungs their own padded prayer stools to kneel down on as they beg why they should avoid a collective $500,000 fine and expulsion from the red party's forgiveness?

gofigure 8 years ago

Way I see it is, Loretta wants the post, so she will fight for it, even if she loses. In the PLP, we know the men that want the post, but dont have the balls Loretta has to go fight for what they want, too scared. Bahamian wonen dont play.

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