Giants blast Rockets as NPBA action resumes

AFTER taking a break for the Christmas holiday, the New Providence Basketball Association resumed its 2016/17 season over the weekend at AF Adderley Gymnasium.

On Saturday night, the Commonwealth Bank Giants blasted the Rockets 89-61, the Mail Boat Cybots sunk the Double R Service Cleaners 91-43 and the Pirates knocked off the Legends 109-92. On Friday night, Shockers stunned the Rhythm Rebels 73-57 and Mr Ship It Freight Regulators routed the Legends 100-67.

• Here’s the summary

of the games:

Giants 89, Rockets 61: Michael Bain Jr scored a game high 25 points in 28 minutes and 26 seconds, shooting 9-for-11 from the field and 5-of-7 from the free throw line. He also had 10 rebounds and five assists to lead a balanced scoring attack for Commonwealth Bank, who improved to 7-1 to lead the John Archer Division.

David Taylor, in 24.14 minutes, had 17 points and Corey Walkes added 12 points for the Giants, coached by Perry Thompson.

The Rockets, coached by Moses Johnson, got 14 points and four rebounds from Selwyn McKenzie, 10 points and 10 rebounds from Rashad ‘Gonzo’ Morley and 10 points, nine rebounds and four assists from Henderson Curry.

Cybots 91, Cleaners 91-43: Terrance Brown led the Mail Boat with 18 points.

In a losing effort, Dax Evans had nine points and eight rebounds; Tressant Strachan had eight points and eight rebounds; Rommell Johnson had eight points, six steals and four assists and Tamiko King finished with seven points and five rebounds.

Livingston Munnings and Delvonne Duncombe both had 14 points and Ernest Saunders added nine points

Pirates 109, Legends 92: Kevin Wright Jr had 18 points, six assists and four steals to lead the Pirates.

Marcian Higgins helped out with 13 points and seven rebounds; Audie Kerr also had 13 points; Antonio Hanna had 11 points, five rebounds and four assists; Kronoff Dean had 11 points; Domonique Fernander had 10 points and 10 rebounds; Tevin Hudson also had 10 points with seven rebounds and Donathan Johnson chipped in with nine points.

For the losers, Nipsy Jones came up with a game high 26 points, seven rebounds and four assists; Mario Pickstock had 20 points and five rebounds; Christoph McKenzie had 18 points and 11 rebounds and Kevin ‘Island’ McPhee had 13 points and 10 rebounds.

Shockers 73 Rebels 57: Salathiel Dean came up with a game high 18 points and eight rebounds to lead the Shockers, coached by James Price.

William Rigby had 14 points and four rebounds and Jackson Dalmon had 11 points and nine rebounds.

In a losing effort for Rythm, Rashard Williams canned a game high 19 points; Craig Buchanan had 16 points and five rebounds and Alexander Rolle chipped in with 10 points.

Regulators 100, Legends 67: Gameliel Rose scored 15 points with 11 rebounds for Mr Ship It as they improve to 5-4.

Renaldo Baillou had 13 points and eight rebounds for the Regulators, coached by Don Dorsette. Robert Missick had 12 points and 12 rebounds; Eugene Bain had 11 points, 12 rebounds, four assists and three steals and Cordero Thompson added 11 points and four rebounds.

In a losing effort for the Legends, Mario Pickstock had as game high 21 points; Renardo Benson had 14 points, 10 rebounds and five assists and Christoph McKenzie had 11 points and eight rebounds. Clayton ‘Smiley’ Miller was limited to just nine points.

The league will take another break because of the holiday and will resume play on Wednesday night.

Here’s a look at the schedule for this week:

Wednesday night

7 pm Athletico Bahamas vs Elites Basketball Club (division II).

8:30 pm University of the Bahamas vs Shockers.

Friday’s schedule

7 pm Rythm Rebels vs Island Game Pros.

8:30 pm University of the Bahamas vs Commonwealth Bank Giants (maybe held at the Kendal Isaacs).

Saturday’s schedule

6 pm Bargain Wholesale Kings vs Future Ballers (division II).

7:30 om Athletico Bahamas vs Hype Basketball (division II)

9 pm Mr. Ship It Regulators vs Island Game Pros.

Here’s a look at the team standings

Division One

Vince Ferguson Division

University of the Bahamas 5 0 1,000 -

Shockers 6 3 .666 2

Mail Boat Cybots 5 4 .555 2

Rockets 3 5 .375 21/2

Island Game Pros 1 4 .200 31/2

Legends 1 5 .166 41/2

John Archer Division

Commonwealth Bank Giants 7 1 .875 -

PJ Stingers 6 1 .857 1/2

Mr Ship It Regulators 6 1 .857 1/2

Pirates 3 6 .333 41/2

Double R Services Limited 1 5 .166 5

Rythm Rebels 0 8 .000 7

Charles ‘Chuck’ Mackey Division

Johnson Trucking Panchos 3 1 .750 -

Hype Basketball 3 1 .750 -

Elites Basketball Club 1 2 .333 11/2

Future Ballers 0 4 .000 3

Godfrey McQuay Division

Breezes High Flyers 3 1 .750 -

Athletico Bahamas 2 1 .666 1/2

Triple K Stampers 3 2 .600 1/2

Bargain Wholesale Kings 0 3 .000 21/2


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