THE National Art Gallery of The Bahamas just put themselves on the map – of free charging stations now available to electric vehicle drivers, that is!

A leading local art institution that provides access to Bahamian art through exhibitions and programming, the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas (NAGB) is also positioning itself as a leader in reducing carbon emissions by adding an electric vehicle (EV) charging station to its grounds that will be free for anyone to use, says Director of the NAGB Amanda Coulson, who donated the charger as a parting gift as she wraps up her decade in service to the institution at the end of this month.

“Just like the decision to massively reduce our paper usage at the institution, this new charging station fits in to the sustainability goals of the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas to reduce our carbon footprint,” says Coulson.

“Since the NAGB is now free to visit for anybody living in The Bahamas, if someone wants to charge their electric vehicle, maybe as they renew their cars, they’ll pop into the gallery and renew themselves with nourishing, uplifting, beautiful Bahamian art at the same time.”

Installed by Easy Car Sales, this EV charging station is the latest addition to a growing network of public charging points free to use on New Providence, facilitated by businesses to encourage Bahamians to make the switch to cleaner transportation.

Owners of electric vehicles who usually charge their car at home, can top up while shopping or dining at an increasing number of local businesses and institutions who are aligning their brands with green and sustainable values.

Charging an electric car from the BPL grid costs only $1 to go the same distance as a gallon of gas priced at almost $5 —one of the many benefits that Amanda Coulson, who recently made the switch to an electric vehicle herself, loves about her new car, along with powerful, quiet performance and easy maintenance.

Overall however, knowing that she is making the world a better place by driving cleaner is her favourite part about making the switch to electric—and why she encourages Bahamians to do it, too.

“Where I work, the building requires a lot of maintenance due to the exhaust fumes and oil coming off all of the cars that drive around in the environment,” says Coulson. “I love that I’m not damaging the earth – as I drive along the coast and I look out onto the ocean, I know I’m driving clean and supporting our beautiful Bahamaland.”

“I would encourage people to make the switch – it’s clean, it’s easy, and it’s such a joy to drive electric.”

• This article is by Easy Car Sales – check out the map of free EV chargers at www.easy242. com.

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