Electric vehicles are a hit with mall crowds

ELECTRIC vehicles returned to the Mall at Marathon for Father’s Day and once again proved to be a big hit with the crowds.

Easy Car Sales displayed their BYD fleet of 100 percent electric vehicles (EVs) in Centre Court and the public was invited to test drive their latest 2021 models. Drivers were amazed by the smooth ride, powerful performance, luxury and latest tech features.

Many EV owners also dropped by and spoke of the savings they are experiencing, plugging in at home for $1 in electricity to go the same distance as a gallon of gas at $5.

Easy Car Sales says EVs are much simpler than gas or hybrid vehicles.

They do not have a combustion engine and about 1,000 fewer parts to service or replace, so EV owners enjoy low maintenance costs and the peace of mind of an eight year warranty on their BYD investment.

If you did not make it to the Mall event, you can visit www.easy242.com for more information and to book your free test drive.

Every person who takes a test drive in July can enter a weekly drawing for a chance to win a Galaxy Tablet. Winners will be announced weekly on the Easy Car Sales Facebook page.



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