23rd Kevin Johnson Summer Basketball Camp in its final week


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THE 23rd Kevin Johnson Summer Basketball Camp is now in its final week at the CI Gibson Gymnasium.

Coach Kevin ‘KJ’ Johnson, the camp coordinator, says that he is always excited to teach kids the fundamentals and basics of basketball.

Following his motto of putting “God, family, education and basketball” first in their lives, Johnson’s coaching has helped boys and girls between the ages of 5-19 as well as those who are older to exceed their own expectations in becoming a better player in every area.

He explains to us that in order for kids to become better players both physically and mentally, they need the proper instructors because, at the end of the day, he wants the kids learning the right way.

About 120-130 kids arrived at this camp, convinced that they will learn the proper techniques, drills and other fundamentals needed to play this sport. With the help of coach Shannon Williams, coach Emanuel Alexander, coach Davin Hannah, and coach Franko Johnson.

Coach Johnson can achieve his goal in turning kids from simply picking up and bouncing a ball to all-round all-star athletes.

Coach Thurman Johnson, who is the brother of coach Johnson, has had well over 10 years of coaching experience where he has had the chance to see these kids grow from rock bottom to the top.

He says that he is impressed with the kids 4-10 on how they are able to learn so quickly with their skill set, dribbling, passing and shooting.

Two kids who are participating in camp decided to talk about what they have learned and how this camp has helped them so far.

Twelve-year-old Christian Joseph is not only in the 8th grade participating in this camp, but is also a 4th level swimmer for the Blue Rays.

When we asked why he joined this camp, he says that as a shooting guard he wanted to get better in shooting and dribbling.

“By coming to this camp I learned how to control the ball more and handle it better,” said Joseph, who attends St Anne’s School where he plays on the basketball team.

His brother Charles Joseph attended CI Gibson and is now enrolled and about to graduate from Northeast Community College.

Another camper, 13-year-old Arinai Rolle, who is in the 9th grade, says that the reason why she came to this camp was to play more and get better physically. This is her second year participating in this camp and she has learned a lot.

On Friday, the camp will have its closing ceremony when all the campers will be featured in a showcase for their parents to see how much their kids have improved over these last few weeks.


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