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IN the lead up to the Bahamas Aquatics’ National Championships in two weeks, the Mako Aquatic Swim Club hosted a successful Mako Third Annual Oak Tree Medical Invite on Saturday at the Betty Kelly Kenning Swim Complex.

The event saw the return of many of the collegiate and high school students competing in the United States of America or in Canada, as well as a team from the Turks & Caicos Islands and Grand Bahama.

Meet organiser Travano McPhee said the event was good for two reasons in that it allowed swimmers who didn’t qualify for the nationals to do so and secondly to provide an opportunity for the swimmers coming home to stay competitive.

“We had an excellent turnout from the senior members all the way down to the age groups. Normally they don’t get to swim in a lot of short course meets. It’s normally long course, so coming home and compete in a short course meet was good for them.

“We had some big from Marvin Johnson, Nigel Forbes, Zaylie-Elizabeth Thompson, Kianna Moss, just to name a few. Overall it was a good meet. We had a lot of swimmers in the younger age groups who had a chance to qualify for the Nationals.”

The Nationals is scheduled for Jun e 15-18 and as the head coach for Mako Aquatic Club, McPhee sent a message to their rivals that they are coming out to continue their winning streak as they go after their fifth straight championship title.”

Thompson, who came home school, said it mind over matter as she used the meet to prepare for the nationals. She took the 18-andpover age group division for girls with a total of 50 points. The Alpha Aquatics’ member out dual Mako’s Kyla Bethell, who had 39 for second place.

“I swum well. I wasn’t looking for any specific times. I just have to look aback at the and where I need to improve on,” said Thompson, who is studying at Howard University. “I am really excited about Nationals.”

Thompson, who is pursing a degree in health science and pre-dental. said she’s been thrilled to see the vibrant youth programme being ran by the association and the clubs.

“I just hope that a lot of the simmers stay focused and committed, especially during their final year (in high school. If they want to go to college, they have to learn to be focused, dedicated and committed.”

One of the competitors Thompson faced was Rhanisha Gibbs, who is preparing to head off to college in August.

“I think the competition was very good. I was glad that I got the chance to compete against some of the collegiate swimmers like Zalie,” Gibbs said. I think this gave me the opportunity to see where I am at going into Nationals. I feel very good bout my performances.”

Forbes, a Grand Bahaman native, also had one of the most outstanding performances on the boys’ side. He was undefeated in all of his events, but finished fifth in the age group division with 50 points.

“I was very pleased with my performances. I thought it was very good,” said Forbes, who is graduating from St George’s High School and is heading to Texas Christian University in August.

“I enjoyed the 200 free the most because I had the most fun.”

Other outstanding performances from the meet came from the following swimmers:

Girls 8-amd-under - Cailyn Dean, Blue Waves, 62 points, Kirsten Rolle, Blue Waves, 58 points.

Boys 8-and-under - Dylan Musgrove, Blue Waves, 53 points; Mason Hanna, Mako Aquatics, 46.50.

Girls 9-10 - Isabella Munroe, Mako Aquatics, 61 points; Taylen Nicholls, Mako Aquatics, 61 points.

Boys 9-10 - Adrian Dean, Mako Aquatics, 58 points; Asher Bastian, Mantas Swim 7 Water Polo Club, 53 points.

Girls 11-12 - Saleste Gibson, Barracuda, 60 points; DF McKenzie, Mako Aquatics, 59 points.

Boys 11-12 - Christon Joseph, Blue Waves, 67 points; Harold Simmons, Mako Aquatics, 61 points.

Girls 13-14 - Alanna Murray, Black Marlins, 67 points; Summer McKinney, Mako Aquatics, 49 points.

Boys 13-14 - Kevin Johnson, Blue Waves, 56.50 points; Malcolm Menzies, Black Marlins, 50 points.

Girls 15-17 - Grace Farrington, unattached, 57 points; Elle Theberge, Mako, 52 points.

Boys 15-17 - Caden Wells, Black Mantas, 58 points; Marvin Johnson, Mako Aquatics, 57 points.


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