Taxi fare hike officially announced

THE increase of taxi cab fares by 10 percent was officially announced at a press conference held at Baha Mar on Friday.

Last month, Minister of Energy and Transport JoBeth Coleby-Davis revealed that the fare increase was gazetted, which would be followed by a townhall for taxi drivers.

“The fares for New Providence have been gazetted and fares for our family islands is currently being completed. We want to make sure that we got our fare sheets correctly because we’ll also be sharing them with our large hoteliers and other large organizations where taxis operate so they can have them available as well,” Mrs Coleby-Davis said.

Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) President Robert ‘Sandy’ Sands expressed his pleasure at being part of the tripartite effort between his organization, the government, and the taxi cab union in progressing the sector in better accommodating visitors.

Previously, Bahamas Taxi Cab Union (BTCU) President Wesley Ferguson spoke of pushing for a 30 percent increase in taxi cab fares, however, at the press conference he spoke positively of the 10% increase.

“We have been inundated with questions from the stakeholders in this country, the hotels, the airport and so on and so forth that we needed some viable taxi rates because they were inadequate, they were antiquated, and the last increase was not rolled out properly,” he said.

The taxi cab union president applauded Minister Coleby-Davis’s performance in her role, adding that taxi cab drivers are “at the cutting edge of the tourism industry” and making a “good days’ pay”, all of which he credits the minister for due to her partnership with the union.


DillyTree 2 months, 2 weeks ago

It would be helpful if the Tribune would have reported a date these fare hikes take effect. And perhaps publish the new fares once available.

ThisIsOurs 2 months, 2 weeks ago

The issue I find with taxi fares is the argument always sounds like they want you to subsidize their lifestyle. Driving the tourist from the airport to a hotel for 30 dollars per person is easy money and ridiculous. Taxi ferrying is also not an easy job, it's not meant to be. It's a job taken up in most countries by immigrants because of low wages typical of unskilled non technical labour. Here, everything is upside down, the unskilled and non technical want to be paid as if they're highly educated/skilled professionals. What we should be doing rather than encouraging these vote buying adjustments is seeking to raise the educational level of our people and supporting as opposed to stifling/robbing innovators of intellectual property. Notice that whenever govt talks about protecting IP they always refer to singing, dancing and writing, things that not anybody could easily grab and claim I created this or came up with this idea.

We need growth and innovation not more of this subsidization

pt_90 2 months, 2 weeks ago

One correction: Taxi fares are not per person. There flat rate generally includes the first (I think 2) passengers depending on where and then a few dollars extra per additional person. So if Airport PI is 50 and you have three it shouldn't be $150. It should be more like 50 + (a smaller additional passenger fare * the additional passengers over the first two)

You may be thinking tours or special hire services. Those are the rate per person. So if the tour is 50 then its 50 times the three passengers.

AnObserver 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Taxi fares may legally be per ride, but go listen to any taxi driver picking up a group, and they charge per head. There needs to be enforcement. Any driver attempting to charge per head loses their license. Period.

pt_90 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Yes if taxis are doing this it's illegal and needs to be reported to the authoritiee. It stains the destination when persons rip off tourists and in the end everyone suffers.

Dishonesty in part fueled.uber and lyft around the usa and taxis are hurting but largely thier fault

DillyTree 2 months, 2 weeks ago

The current rates are base fares for up to 2 persons. Additional passengers over the age of 2 are $4 each. There's also a charge for bags, which I personally think is absurd.

So let's look at this -- 5 people going from the airport to Atlantis with a suitcase each.

Base fare is $38, the 3 additional passengers are $12 (3 x $4) So now we're up to $50. Add a $2 bridge toll, and we're up to $52.

Then we have additional charges for their suitcases -- Those are $2 each -- for a total of $10. The total fare is now $62.

Just for fun, let's say these 5 passengers have a set of golf clubs too -- that's another 44. Large duffel bags, sports squipment, or boxes are an additional $4 each. So adding the golf clubs in, the total fare is now $66.

And Mr. Taxi Driver will want at least a 20% tip, so add #13.20 to your total.

So now our 5 toursits have arrived at Atlantis and are expected to cough up $79.20 before they've even checked in. And that's assuming the driver hasn't "padded" the fare and added a generous tip!

Does this sound right to you? $80 for a 40 minute ride?

Ask yourselves this -- how many Bahamians would put up with this while travelling abroad? Nickeled and dimed for each person, each bag, and even by bag size? Oh, and I once was told I'd need to pay extra if I wanted the air-condtioning on - by a Bahamian driver.

ThisIsOurs 2 months, 2 weeks ago

No. Not thinking about tours. Talking specifically about taking tourists from the as airport to the hotel. I believe I've seen at least 2 accounts of taxi drivers charging per person rates

Added to that I also believe these mysterious "tours" driving tourists on Eastern Road, maybe Arawak Cay are dubious at best. I wonder how they sell those to the tourist. We just going for a drive, 30 dollars.

pt_90 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Sounds like they swinging the poor guests

Many sites online show the Bahamas taxi rate structure and its not per person. It's unfortunate what people do here for money

DillyTree 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Trouble is, I've had too many drivers misquoting rates and just plain robbing people -- and I've had this happen myself. Out of the 4 taxi rides I took, 2 of the drivers tried to overcharge me. When I told them exactly what the point to point government rate was, they then tried to justify this with excuses - it's a nicer car, it's a weekend, that's a surcharge, etc.

This is ve4yr bad for tourism, and more should be done for the industry to police itself and stop the rogue drivers overcharging visitors (and locals)

Personally, Id' rather see meters used -- then there's no cheating -- unless of court the drivers take the "long route" to get there.

Personally, the rates are already outrageous. And when a drive quotes me $40 for a $28 fare, I'm definitely not tipping -- $28 is all you get! And as for reporting them, hahahhahaa! Been there, done that, and it's pointless.

pt_90 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Short term the govt needs to post the rates at the taxi stands by law.

Long term There needs to be competition.

An airport hopper service like the Heathrow has An Airport public bus (big enough for luggage) An Uber / lyft like ordering system where you know and prepay the rate More Tourists prearranging taxis vis their hotels.

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