Are fifty somethings “obsolete”?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

“This is a sore point for many older adults. As we age medical science and healthcare mean we are well and able far longer than in the past - but are viewed as needing to move on and out of the workplace even when we could offer some wisdom and mentoring to the newer workforce.” (Linda Nicholls).

I have been looking for a job that would allow me to locate closer to my hometown, thereby spending less gas on travel, with less wear and tear on the family vehicle. Resume upon resume sent out. No responses of value yet. My son, who has a university degree, also sends out resumes only to be waiting for some response. Is it because I am 50 plus years young? Have many years education and work experience behind me to back up my claims. My son is well educated, super smart, yet nothing after a second meeting.

I have had many responses, all centred upon what my salary expectations maybe. With the experience I have one can expect to demand a signing bonus like some professional sports person may get. Employers want young, low wage earners willing to do not just their job, but the job of two-three other people. Employers’ expectations vary, but their fear of hiring a young woman they will train only to get pregnant some day, or an elderly individual who may have existing or up and coming illnesses make their decision-making even more difficult. The sooner they realise that the population is getting older, with fewer youngsters to fill the employment opportunities available, the better.

Being old sucks! That is a fact, unless you have an endless supply of money to cushion your financial existence and take care of your needs on that up and coming rainy day. Seems your education, work experience all mean very little to the employers of the day. If you are a looker and are willing to accept an income package offered, there is a job for you somewhere, but if you are deemed over qualified, too old, too young, too inexperienced, not educated enough, a high school drop out or graduate, overly religious, the wrong culture, the wrong colour, the wrong sex there will be problems you’ll certainly face. And sure the government protects us from undue prejudice and racism, but all we need is a good paying job, and getting involved in legal procedures and costs we mostly cannot handle now or ever.

Ageism is a thing, just as sexism, racism and being disabled can measure your lifestyle as inadequate and unacceptable to some. We all are getting older, and those who feel themselves to be untouchable and exempt from challenges will face these in time. Problem is many of us don’t have a lot of time like the youngsters do. Like an aged vehicle our original parts need more maintenance or even replacement, and that brings with it excessive costs to our time and pocketbooks. 50 somethings know they will face these challenges, and also realise that the costs of maintaining our life styles into the sixties and beyond are excessive, often not planned for, and certainly bring with it an element of fear. If you are in your fifties young people consider you old, the government considers you a future cost to the healthcare and social systems and their families consider them a source of future inheritance. A fifty something also needs to think about the unthinkable, their lasting legacy, their deaths and distribution of their precious possessions some day. Wills, retirement funds, taking care of the kids, funeral costs and, if you are a male the fifties introduce you to the “mid-life crisis”(who can live to a hundred anyways?)

Politicians and their political parties will take your money, but all their efforts, propaganda are centred upon those who are younger than you. Free dental and medication for 75-80 somethings? What a bunch of bull sh*t

By the time you are that age your teeth, heart, lungs and libido are shot, after all we are not Scandinavians here.

Government promises us a bright future, but only if they can build the needed housing and hospitals of the future. Fifty somethings are obsolete to the present day economy, a future cost to our families and the government.

Our school system should involve fifty somethings to their party, after all “soon to be seniors” have more work experience, along with an understanding of the human condition than most. Fifty somethings and seniors should be highly prized employees, instructors, advisors, but are often seen as potential costs, nuisance and cash cow to be financially taped. Many fifty somethings have cash, but the question is will it be enough for their future needs?

“There is nothing stressful about turning 50, except when people remind you that you’re 50.” (M. Ali)

“Looking 50 is great, if you’re actually 60 plus. “(Joan Rivers).

“Turning fifty is like flying, hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.”(Erica Jong).



Ontario, Canada.

February 7, 2024.


ohdrap4 4 months, 1 week ago

Yes. The situation is even worse for women over 50. Once you lose that job, you cannot find another.

I sent many resumes and only two employers acknowledged Receipt and then did not call me.

In the Bahamas the only way for an older person to find a job is to know someone to bring them into the company.

Or you end up underemployed , working part time.

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