FNM: WHERE IS SALE OF GRAND LUCAYAN? Pintard blasts Cooper over lack of progress on hotel and airport

The Grand Lucayan resort and (inset) Opposition leader Michael Pintard.

The Grand Lucayan resort and (inset) Opposition leader Michael Pintard.


Tribune Freeport Reporter


MICHAEL Pintard blasted Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Chester Cooper for not yet overseeing the sale of the Grand Lucayan resort and for not getting an airport in Grand Bahama.

While a guest yesterday on the Foundation talk show hosted by Howard Grant on Guardian Radio, he said the Davis administration is big on promises and slow on delivering.

“DPM Cooper had two and a half years to get a sale for Grand Lucayan which he beat us up about,” he said. “Remember, Dorian occurred in the end of 2019. We had 2020 and 2021. Let’s say he had two and a half years and has not been able to successfully sell the hotel.”

 In December 2021, Mr Cooper announced the government had cancelled a deal for the Grand Lucayan the Minnis administration had negotiated with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines(RCCL) and the ITM Group.

 Mr Cooper also announced a new proposal request process related to the Grand Bahama International Airport (GBIA) would begin on March 28, 2022.

 Mr Pintard said the deputy prime minister had given multiple dates for transforming the airport in Grand Bahama.

 “They have moved from a private-public partnership formula for the Grand Bahama airport, with a $400m price tag for the airport and creation of a berm, to $80m, and we still don’t know if it is a true private-public partnership,” he said.

 “So, for all of their talk about their brilliance and willingness to work on our behalf, they have very little to show for it, particularly in places like Grand Bahama.”

 Mr Pintard also stressed that the prime minister and the PLP chairman’s public row with the Grand Bahama Port Authority was “a tremendous disservice” to Grand Bahama.

 He believes it created tremendous uncertainty among present and potential investors and that the port should expand and welcome additional Bahamian shareholders, licensees, and others who can buy shares in physical assets.


TimesUp 3 months, 3 weeks ago

The hotel is not desirable. As interest rates have increased there is less and less desire to invest abroad. The other hard truth is that Grand Bahama is simply no longer a tourist destination. That ship has sailed. Now Port Lucaya is 1 step away from becoming the bazaar 2.0. There needs to be new vision. Perhaps mid range, second home owner condominiums.

The Government needs to be clear and provide more detail on the airpot. From the conceptual drawings it appears that there is nothing serious in the pipe line. Perhaps a junior intern drew them, they do not seem to be conceptually sound (pitched roofs draining into one another), or viability in flood mitigation.

Six senses is the most promising project and I wish them the best of luck. I just hope their financing holds in this economy, and that they haven't aimed to high at 10-20 million per unit. We don't have a hospital, airport, entertainment, or a service industry that caters to people investing 3-5 million let alone 10-20.

DiverBelow 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Funds should be dedicated to a storm-proof airport in High Rock (key word HIGH). Govt already possess the old USAirForce base with more than adequate space for international quality passenger & freight airport. Beautiful beaches for hotels. Existing highway for freight & commuter busses. Future shuttle rail would allow local & GB expansion beyond Freeport/PA. There is even room for agriculture, ask the DEA. ;)

K4C 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Dateline 2025

Cooper announces another announcement

birdiestrachan 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Mr pintard should be ashamed of himself but he has no shame Hutchison could not sell the hotel but they saw the FNM coming the dull ones so they sold it to them they the FnM Could not sell it then they gave them the airport which they should have repaired

realfreethinker 3 months, 3 weeks ago

It was Cooper who said they had sold the hotel for $100mil

TalRussell 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Still, the colony's popoulaces' --- Outnumber those politically elected and appointed, the policemans' and defence forces combined --- And by much greater numbers. --- The Popoulaces' --- Must stand and speak-out as if--- One Popoulaces' --- When being lied to. --- Good Day!

rosiepi 3 months, 3 weeks ago

When Davis & Co got into power they axed the policies and project of the Minnis government, no matter the schedule of completion, the monies invested and worse without regard to the benefits of those they’d ‘pledged’ to serve- their fellow citizens.

At first I thought that like Trump when he obliterated anything and everything that Obama’s administration had accomplished that Davis might be out for the same vengeful spite

By the time Davis & Co axed this deal, the low housing projects well underway (and all those hopeful souls who’d been approved for homes?). it was clear this was just about the money-that would line their pockets and of course the power.

Christie & Davis et al showed Bahamian citizens what they were about the last time they held the reins of power. What’s that old saying about the snake?

BONEFISH 3 months, 3 weeks ago

@Rosepi.The same thing was done under the Minnis administration.A person who was there told me that. Almost all capital projects started under the Christie administration were stopped.Even the garbage contracts were stopped and gIven to FNM supporters.The same thing with school bussing contracts. Former prime minister Hubert Ingraham said the FNM under Hubert Minnis is the same party as the party under Perry Christie and Brave Davis. He said that at the FNM headquarters on Mackey Street .He said that publicly .Those comments were shown on facebook.

The airport redevelopment in Grand Bahama is supposed to be a PPP.The major player behind that is a well known FNM supporter.Included in his group are also some PLPs. They are attempting to do what Vantage Airport Group did with the redevelopment of LPIA. They are in a partnership with a UK airport group.They are attempting to make the GBIA a cargo hub, They are basically trying to take advantage of Grand Bahama being so close to the US.This is an idea that goes back to Wallace Groves,the original founder of Freeport.

birdiestrachan 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Hubert 1 even stop the policey to help the young men of the Bahamas he said it cost to much. They stop and canceled even the world games Hutchison could not sell the hotel why did they buy it remember Hubert 2 said he would sell Bah Mar but it was already sold but he coul not sell Lucayan Beach which belongs to both huberts

birdiestrachan 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Doc Minnis went to the top floor of the our Lucaya with his pink shirt crossed his foot kimber in waist and had a Kodak Moment

hrysippus 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Deputy Prime Monster Something Cooper; Abilities his are somewhat Super; Could predict the sale for a hundred Mill. We waitin 'that for ever still. A PLP Cabinet Minister would never lie, Unless they they tought that lie could fly, Right past an electorate D minus, To give a majority jus like us. Expect everyting to be jus the same. PLP good at playing this game.......sad

birdiestrachan 3 months, 3 weeks ago

It was in the papers the old airport building being taken down poor fellow he miss that but it is all right

John 3 months, 3 weeks ago

The fact is the Port Authority as it is currently operating. As an adversary to the government and also failing and/or refusing to carry out its financial responsibilities, or, at least, some of them, is the biggest stumbling block to the progress and development of Freeport. Although just recently The Port has made some indication that it is willing to get down of its white ( ok high) horse and become a responsible partner again. In the main time government should continue a ‘build out’ of the Freeport airport and should, in earnest consider a second active airport for Grand Bahama. In the event there is another natural destructive disaster, the probability of both airports being destroyed is half that of one. As for the Lucayan hotel, obviously it is a hard sell, despite obvious signs of a rebound on Grand Bahama and already a shortage of hotel rooms. Buyers are probably waiting for government to lower the preice or repair the hotel or both. But government should continue to operate the part of the property it is currently operating and maybe even repair and open an additional portion of the hotel to meet current demands. If confidence and the revival of Freeport continues, tge law of supply and demand says tge hotel will eventually be sold. But government MUST STOP the development of private cruise ports. These ports give tge cruise lines too much control if the tourist product and excludes too much Bahamians from the industry. And the way the cruise lines want to operate these ports deny cruise passengers the true experience of visiting The Bahamas. The now apparently FALSE accusations of two female tourists being raped in FREEPORT is not happen chance. And government must get serious with rogue cruise lines who are trying to kidnap the industry and hold their passengers hostage whilst in Tge Bahamas and preventing the country from benefiting fully from the multi Billion dollar industry. There many, many cruise ships coming on stream annually but there is still only One Bahamas. Start to penalize and or weed out those cruise lines that continue to act greedy and hoggish and especially the one that is continually being reported to be telling its guests not to leave the ship or not to participate in any activities in Tge Bahamas or not to purchase and items from the Straw Markets because they are contaminated with bugs. Kick them to the curb , not unlike they are doing this country and Bahamians and give priority to cruise lines that are more willing to be in an earnest and mutually beneficial partnership. Suspending the most rogue cruise line for six months to a year will mend their dirty, nasty ways overnight.

ExposedU2C 3 months ago

Brain-dead Minnis should never have purchased the Grand Lucayan Property from the ChiComs. Dumbo Minnis personally lifted this huge loss-making albatross off of the neck of the ChiComs and slung it around the neck of the Bahamian taxpayers at a cost of well-over $200 million ($200,000,000+) during the last FNM government, and still counting under the current corrupt Davis led PLP government. It's the gift that keeps on giving to our corrupt politicians through the Hotel Corporation of The Bahamas. Just ask wannabe 'Dr.' Michael Scott.

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