‘Kenya troop deployments to begin by month’s end’

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell. Photo: Dante Carrer

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell. Photo: Dante Carrer


Tribune Staff Reporter


FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell said Kenya is expected to begin deploying troops to Haiti on May 26.

The date could put local Defence Force officers expected to join the multi-national force to stabilise Haiti on alert, though Mr Mitchell said he could not give a timeline.

A transitional council installed last week to help bring political stability to Haiti after Prime Minister Ariel Henry resigned, chose Fritz Bélizaire to be prime minister. Mr Bélizaire was Haiti’s sports minister during the second presidency of René Préval.

Mr Mitchell said choosing a prime minister is an important step.

“This is a Haitian-led process, and CARICOM has done all that it can to bring the process to this point,” he said. “It’s not really for us to determine who’s going to lead and who’s going to do what. It’s just, we have to see how the process unfolds. It appears to me that it has the broadest acceptance at this point of the elites in Haiti and that the international community accepts that this is the right direction going forward.”

Mr Mitchell said US officials expect US airlines to return to Haiti on May 16.

Politico reported on Monday that Kenya is expected to begin deploying forces to Haiti in late May.

However, the publication questioned where the troops would stay, saying the US had not finished constructing a base there.

Mr Mitchell emphasised the complexity of Haiti’s political situation.

“For example,” he said, “in The Bahamas, where we argue over policy points, but there’s a broad agreement about the direction in which to go, it’s much more fractious in Haiti. But that’s their political process. And, you know, of course, I think with all human beings, it comes to a point where people say enough of this and we have to strike a consensus, so looks as if they’re at that point.”

The Davis administration has committed to sending 150 Defence Force officers to join a multinational team to help stabilise Haiti. National Security Minister Wayne Munroe has said the officers will help with maritime security.


stillwaters 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Okay, thanks for the information. I hope they are actually allowed to enter Haiti. Their own Prime Minister couldn't enter the other day.

John 2 months, 3 weeks ago

That wasn’t their prime minister. That was a ‘stooley’ sent in by the US. And they were stalling on having a democratically elected leader. Try ‘sending’ someone to be president of the United States.

ExposedU2C 2 months, 3 weeks ago

This self-absorbed, egocentric and pseudo-intellectual arsehole would be only too happy to have his hands stained with the blood of our young defense force officers who needlessly stand to lose their lives by being stationed at his urging in Haiti at the worst possible time. Mitchell knows full well that Haiti is now torn and controlled by violent and dangerous gangs that do not value human life. We have no defense force officers equipped and trained to handle or assist in any way with the tumultuous situation as it exists on the ground in Haiti today.

Sickened 2 months, 3 weeks ago

I'm surprised that he's not signing up to go over - plenty opportunity to resusitate plenty fellas (mouth-to-mouth - wink).

TalRussell 2 months, 3 weeks ago

The Colony's Ministry of Foreign Affairs [doesn't work] when it's about to deploy Bahamians forces alongside Kenyan troops [to do battle against Haitians]. --- Before this month's end reaches, the colony's governor-general must be made to know why, [Haiti is no safe place] to be sending our [mans' and womans'] to do battle against their popoulaces' --- Yes?

rosiepi 2 months, 3 weeks ago

The new PM was chosen by a ‘transitional council’ 2 days ago. Haitian gangs have vowed if they are not given ‘a seat at the table’ to participate in their hoped for change to turn round their economy and human rights issues they’ll not stop the violence.

In Jan of 2024 a Kenyan justice stayed the deployment of troops due to gang violence, one can hardly count on any firm date considering the people of Kenya’ trepidation amid this uncertainty. If only the Bahamas government had the same good sense!

John 2 months, 3 weeks ago

The Haitian people says they will not allow the US to send another puppet to run their country. They want a democratically elected prime minister. Neither do they want the US to occupy Haiti under the guise of an international peace keeping force.The Haitians are tired ofFrance and the US playing games and holding their country hostage whikeiraide the country of resources and labor. Figure on this: The US air marked $93 million in aid to UKraine, Taiwan and Israel, but only $300 million to Haiti.

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