Why You Vex?


Why You Vex? 27/7/2013

“Well munkey oncle, Grand Bahamian Port Authority licensees subject to Hawksbill Creek Agreement now to be subjected to VAT taxes. Can’t win for losing, and this when Grand Bahamians were promised better things such as extending the Freeport economic concessions to east and west Grand Bahama, instead we getting neither, plus a tax burden. Vex.”

WHY YOU VEX? 13/7/2013

'How many people organised and how much money was spent on the celebrations at Clifford Park?'

Why you vex? 01/5/12

Bey, I vex last year cause I try so dead hard to be a crony, lackey and stooge to get one job from an MP, but no luck and cannot figure out how come all dem other people get all the jobs.”

Why you vex? 12/29/12

“Oh, oh, not again, I starting to get dis feeling of vexation getting yuckked up again.”

Why you vex? 12/22/12

“Mudda sic dred, vex that all this time Nassau’s finest police have not managed to investigate and put a stop to the illegal weapons coming into the country and into the hands of these wutless, no good murderers who deserve a flogging plus hanging for shooting all the victims who they rob.”

Why you vex? 12/13/12

“Muddoes dred, I vex cause the people who did not clean their yards and broke the nastiness laws gets a second chance and the innocent taxpayer pays for it, bad loan borrowers gets second chance wid taxpayer money (this matter of a private mortgage contract is strictly between the bank and the borrower), the criminals gets second, third, etc chance to be out on bail and still committing crimes, the retired 65-year-old cronies gets second chance an gets job again, some politicians who on other side of law gets second chance, tiefs even gets second chance, the numbers houses gets second chance to be made legit, the roadworks people gets second chance, the illegal shanty town squatters gets second chance to buy land, even the rapist looking for second chance, but the poor suffering who do right has to pay, get shot, cannot wear jewellery on the streets and is jobless..........yinna vex yet ?”

Why You Vex? November 10th

“Vex cause the road works people seems to be slunking an taking so long even though many are hard working Bahamians.”

Why You Vex? November 3rd

I am vex that yet another prisoner has escaped from PMH while in police custody.

Why you Vex? October 27th

Vex that in this North Abaco election for one single constituency that some 600 plus voters, probably the largest group historically to not vote in a Bahamian constituency, did not vote for whichever political party representative, whichin is like 10 Dash 8 plane loads of people.

Saturday, May 5th

“Yinna can't stay vex for long when yinna realise that only in Nassau at election time...”

Saturday, May 12th

“I vex when I hear that some non-elected persons are getting big-time positions in government.”

Saturday, May 19th

“Bey, my vexation so yuck up cause I get hoodwinked and lied to when the bank say they come together and merge to make tings better for the synergies and whatnots, closing plenty branches and now they wants to charge me one dollar for using the ATM that used to be free?”

Saturday, May 26th

"I am vex cause I see on the opening of Parliament some of the finest dressed people and two people with no manners but yet so happy as the man and the woman chewing away like crazy on their chewing gum, getting the last drop of sweetness out of the gum while on national TV.

Saturday March 31st

“Surprise, surprise. This is how I felt when I saw the same telephone unionists in the news again after only a few short months when they raised all kind of corn to dissuade others from working for the new company. I thought these would have been the first people out of the door to work for themselves.”