EDITORIAL: BMW purchase bad optics as many struggle

A photograph of a receipt caused a stir on social media at the weekend – a receipt for a car for the Prime Minister.

EDITORIAL: Sustainable peace needed in Gaza conflict

A MESSAGE was sent to The Tribune’s managing editor recently, asking just one question – what is The Tribune’s position on Gaza?

EDITORIAL: Be cautious not to take away rights

TWO different paths towards justice strike very different notes in today’s Tribune.

EDITORIAL: Questions on Sears amd NIB confusion

NATIONAL Insurance Board Minister Alfred Sears stood up in Parliament and announced a plan to save NIB that within hours his own Prime Minister’s office had disowned.

EDITORIAL: Time to revisit plans for Haiti help

IF there was a plan to restore order to Haiti, then it is time to go back to the drawing board.

EDITORIAL: More action needed in fight for equality

ON Friday, The Bahamas joined the world in celebrating International Women’s Day.

EDITORIAL: Remembering a hero and guardian angel

PAUL Thompson was a guardian angel.

EDITORIAL: Still in the dark on new BPL deal

IF Bahamians were hopeful of more details being revealed about the proposed deal involving the future of Bahamas Power and Light when they tuned into the mid-year Budget debate yesterday, they were soon disappointed.

EDITORIAL: Haiti on the brink of being a failed state

THE telephone at The Tribune has been buzzing this week with readers wanting to discuss one topic more than any other – Haiti.

EDITORIAL: More details needed for proposed PPP with BPL

IT did not take long for the word BaTelCo to come up after word began to spread of a shake-up of Bahamas Power and Light.

EDITORIAL: Public funds for party travel rightly queried

PUBLIC use of funds has come under the spotlight recently – and the Office of the Prime Minister did itself no favours yesterday with a statement that sounded petulant at best.

EDITORIAL: Women who have inspired us

WOMEN’S Month is almost upon us – and with it International Women’s Day on March 8.

EDITORIAL: Enforce the laws to reduce stray dog numbers

THE sight of dogs roaming our streets is a familiar one to us. For Bahamians, we have long been used to seeing potcakes – and other breeds – travelling alone or in packs around our islands. Just because it is familiar does not make it right.

EDITORIAL: Corporate income tax - pain or gain to come?

GLOBAL pressure has told – The Bahamas is going to comply with an international push to charge a corporate income tax of 15 percent.

EDITORIAL: Jury rules manslaughter in inquest - what now?

“Justice is served.” That was the cry of a mother as a jury at Coroner’s Court ruled that a police shooting was homicide by manslaughter.