Letters to the Editor


'New Day' govt is worst day

Now Insurance Association admits 40 percent of all vehicles are probably uninsured.

Pintard will be PLP's nightmare

Election - re-election and confirmation of Michael Pintard as leader of the FNM Party and also holds the support of the majority of non-Government MP’s is a nightmare for the PLP.

Bazaar purchase positive but must be piece of wider plans

The Government’s recent decision to acquire the International Bazaar, a significant asset, is a testament to the Prime Minister’s commitment to reviving Grand Bahama.

FNM still the party of the elites

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for the newly reelected leader of the rump FNM and its Convention Committee on hosting what appears to have been a glittery convention.

Reporter ban a threat to free press

Freedom of the Press in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is threatened when a journalist, because of how he questioned a government official, is banned from attending press conferences at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Our national pride on the decline

Great was it in that Dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven.

Time for Pintard to grow up

"POLITICS make strange bedfellows" was played out in real-time recently. Picture this, jumping in and out from bed to bed, seeking rest finding none. The many angles of shenanigans became evident.

Error in law on murder charges

A FEW months ago when it seemed like we were having a murder every day, the Bahamian people were apoplectic, perplexed and the government appeared clueless as to how to tackle the problems, there was great anxiety amongst the citizenry which led to the obligatory renewed call for the implementation of the death penalty.

Pintard healing old wounds

Free National Movement leader Michael Pintard has done something that former Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis was unable to do during his tumultuous tenure in office: heal old wounds - many of which were inflicted between 2012 and 2021.

Ceasefire is wishful thinking

Over the past week two columnists, Alicia Wallace and Peter Young have written about the war in Gaza.

National service is not a new thing

Haven’t gone through most of this day’s daily and something got my attention on page nine, under the theme “General election in Britain in July”.

Bushfire claim is not accurate

All Coral Harbour residents, including some Ministers, who he could have consulted and long-time residents will vouch year in year out the pine forest along the Coral Harbour Road catches afire

Need for harsher penalties

TO begin, I would like to express my complete agreement with the Bahamian people who advocate for stronger measures to combat the importation and possession of illegal weapons.

Criticism on hospital is selfish

THE recent announcement of the proposed Hospital in the Perpall Tract, Rock Crusher, Stapledon Gardens area brought out the most unimaginable silliest commentary and selfishness.

Harbour traffic needs monitoring

Once again I am concerned about the state of the Nassau Harbour.