Should the government reclaim majority ownership of BTC?

Yes 27 votes


No 130 votes


157 total votes


B_I_D___ 12 years ago

No way no how!! Even the threat of trying to renegotiate the contract, as a result of a government change, is making us the laughing stock of the international business community. If they renig and forcefully change that contract, you can wipe out any external investments from entering this country...THEN we'll see what happens with unemployment, economy and crime. Better regulate the gambling houses and drug trafficking, as that will be some of the only money rolling in.

tiredofhypocrisy 12 years ago

The government should not be involved in the utilities business! Period! I clearly understand the need in a small country to ensure that you maintain a strong Bahamian workforce, but things like that can be woked into any contract or labour law. Nepotism is a problem not only government but in private sectors of the Bahamas and it retards business development.

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