Do you think FNM leader Hubert Minnis should apologise for comparing the government to the missing Malaysian airline?

Yes, he SHOULD have to apologise 20 votes


No, he should NOT have to apologise 74 votes


94 total votes


URD 10 years, 2 months ago

Apologies for what? The PLP headed by PGC are a lost bunch.

pat242 10 years, 2 months ago

Hubert Minnis should apologize. It is one thing to play petty politics for your advantage, but it is another thing to use a situation where a plane goes missing and people lost their lives as a means of bashing the ruling government. What if your family was on the missing plane would you have the same view. Hundreds or persons and many nations are pooling together their resources to assist in located the plane and the missing persons. So obviously this is a serious matter, besides planes travel through out The Bahamas and i grantee if one goes missing or crashed the citizens and tourist alike will feel uncomfortable. So please do not use a horrible situation as a means of political advantage. Hubert Minnis is dead wrong. What if your family was on that plane. What would it be funny then. Wrong is wrong regardless who says it.

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