Do you think the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was right to put out an advisory on travel to the US?

Yes, it was right to put out the advisory. 143 votes


No, it was not. 169 votes


312 total votes


birdiestrachan 8 years ago

The Bahamas was correct, they were putting their citizens on the alert. When the US cops stop Black men they do not care where they are from. How can it be so right for the USA to put out alertsand so wrong for the Bahamas??Are we not all human beings?? I was robbed in Florida I never reported it. I caught the plane and come back to the Bahamas. Why should Bahamians entertain the idea that they are some how less or a little lower than Americans. Not so, Not where I come from.. Some would like you to believe that , especially if you are black and there are some who believe just that. to bad and to sad.

killemwitdakno 8 years ago

So when another Bahamian doctor gets killed for hearing voices and jumping out the window on the high way when they should have been take to the hospital , what?

MonkeeDoo 8 years ago

birdiestrachan: you are such a twat. Any ass can pick a fight but it is the JackAss who picks a fight with someone 100 times his size. Is the USA dependent on us ? Are we dependent on the USA ? You just don't get it unfortunately. Just like all the PLP twats.

BaronInvest 8 years ago

This happens when you throw little stones while sitting in a glass house at someone who has a pile of large rocks... It only shows how you don't give a shit about the glass house you are in charge of.

licks2 8 years ago

Our government knew about the US warning about 2 weeks before our warning went out. . .our warning was the one who was done as tit-for-tat and therefore a petty response . . .long after the US warning was sent out. . .to us first before letting it go public! There is no way we can justify our MOFA response. . .it would have been another thing if we placed our warning out public first. . .the big uncle to the north followed suite! Now the information shows that our government was the one "tailgating" with its warning coming more than one week behind the big government to the north! This warning was and still is so silly and childish. . .

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