Do you think the PLP is in a stronger position after the party's convention?

Yes 62 votes


No 209 votes


271 total votes


Alex_Charles 7 years, 4 months ago

The playing field is level and all sides seem to be atrocious choices. Christie is a like being shot in the head with a 12 gauge, Loretta shot herself in the head with a 12gauge, Bran is a bottle of aristocrat and a shotgun (who knows what'll happen), Greg Moss is the equivalent of the Republican tea party ultra right wing nut job, Minnis is a vile of poison that takes a while to kill you... There may be a cure but idk

Each of our choices seem equally as terrible. But that's only my opinion, from the looks of it the PLP may see another 5 years with a super majority.

CYC I want better candidates :(

Publius 7 years, 4 months ago

Among their base yes, absolutely.

jackbnimble 7 years, 4 months ago

The people that hate the PLP still hate them and want them out. If they're a thing like me, I didn't even bother watching.

John 7 years, 4 months ago

Do you think the PLP is in a stronger position after the party's convention? Yes 39 votes 30.23% No 90 votes 69.77% 129 total votes

They say people who throw stones should not live in glass houses. So now that Christie is throwing stones back at Minnis, he should worry about the upcoming election and the fact that he may no longer be prime minister after May 2017. Not only does the above poll show that the PLP is still unpopular, but reports from the central bank shows that up to October 2016, the economy was continuing to shrink and shrivel up under PLP governance. Vat returns are down (obvious indication that businesses are doing less sale activity, the fiscal deficit has grown by 75%, (the VAT money ain't doing what it is suppose to do and this is despite government collecting more taxes, including property taxes, higher business licence fees, web shop licence fees and commissions). Then when you add that murder over the four months totaled around 50 times that by 3 and the country may be headed for another record year of murders. The only project that seems to be on the economic horizon is the long delayed and much trouble filled Bah Mar. (The Pointe is too far off in the distance to have any immediate impact, and definitely none before election because the construction workers will be mostly Chinese. Minnis needs to continue to "goosey" the pm and remind the electorate that despite their bragging an boasting at their own convention.. the country is close to being a failed state. And they government sill cannot tell you where the VAT money gone.

SP 7 years, 4 months ago

........... Unemployed, Homeless, Disenfranchised PLP's Will Still Vote For Them?............

In campaign 2012, gullible Bahamians fell for Perry Christie & PLP promises "We Believe In Bahamians" Bahamians First" "Mortgage Relief Program" "Crown Land & Generation Property for all" "Guaranteed Solution To Crime" "10,000 jobs in 100 days" and "All Kind Of Investors Just Waiting On Christie".

They got their dumb ass's handed to them RAW!

Stupid is as stupid does!

PLP All The Way

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