Were you satisfied with the electoral process in the general election?

Yes 140 votes


No 32 votes


172 total votes


MassExodus 7 years, 1 month ago

Still waiting to here the official results for Centerville and Fox Hill......

hnhanna 7 years, 1 month ago

Fox Hill is FNM by 150 votes

Alex_Charles 7 years ago

it hasn't changed much. Our dire and absolutely atrocious fiscal situation is still here. we needa bloody miracle.

killemwitdakno 7 years ago

Too many irregularities.

Advanced poll should not be at one location.

There’s no official poll results out, only constituency totals.

Although there’s more risk with electronic scans, consider it or biometric voting. With Biometric, the voter can probably know when their vote was counted. This method can’t sustain a population that ever reaches 1 million.

Have pollers enter the data as they count and news stations api the data if this isn’t done so already.

Readers should adopt Miller’s protocol of stating the constituency first, independents, 3rd party, incumbent, opposition, constituency, “Moving on to”. Couldn’t tell when they were repeating or not. I never looked up so don’t know if ZNS had a screen showing like Our News. If ZNS is going to be for the radio audience, that should clean up.

News and party sites did not provide poll locations. Put a PSA out with voting instructions.

Some polls reported more voters than registered voters.

There was no separate indicator mentioned for count of those who went into the voting booth to distinguish abstainers from either spoiled or potentially missing votes.

i think your poll just let me vote twice even though I'm logged in.

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