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asiseeit 9 years, 9 months ago on Power out yet again - and BEC blames a thunderstorm

This is what happens when your country is run by corrupt people. Both governments and the civil service are to blame as are the Bahamian people. We allow this crap to continue, we do not demand better. If we were really serious about OUR country, Rawson Square would be packed with protesters. This country is in it's death throws and Bahamians just do not care and those that do are leaving. These so called leaders have destroyed a country in less than 50 years, the old Bay St. boys are laughing in their graves as they say, "told you so"! What a sad state of affair's, god help us if we get a hurricane.

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Sickened 9 years, 9 months ago on Bahamas is warned: Don't let sovereign investors 'own us'

It may not be so bad being owned by the most powerful country in the world. China will be the next super power for 100's of years I suspect so getting into bed with them now may not be such a bad thing. We could certainly use their ideals of long-term planning.

I would certainly prefer to live in, and be a citizen of, a truly independent and prosperous country but unfortunately successive governments have all but forced our people into economic slavery. Thanks Ingraham. Thanks Christie.

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Well_mudda_take_sic 8 years, 11 months ago on Baha Mar workers march in support of project developer Sarkis Izmirlian

Christie and his fellow PLP cabinet members have always suffered from a most horribly flawed line of self-serving thinking: They truly believe they are the political elite and as such it is their privilege to convince the Bahamian people that they, and only they alone, know what's in the best interest of the Bahamian people. This very flawed and condescending "Moses complex" typically afflicts political animals like Christie who are very much predisposed to self-infatuation and delusional thinking. Maynard-Gibson aka Wicked Witch of the West is similarly afflicted, but with a much more evil bent routed in the nepotism that launched her life in politics. Thankfully Bahamian people like the Baha Mar employees are waking up to the fact that most members of the PLP cabinet, Christie and Maynard-Gibson in particular, are only ever interested in their own selfish short-term political survival needs and do not give a damn about the long-term needs of the Bahamian people. Increasing numbers of Bahamians now appreciate that their long-term interests (and the longer-term interests of their children and their children's children) can only be best served by a caring government whose social and economic policies create well-paying productive jobs for skilled Bahamians equipped with more than a D- public education. The old political dinosaurs in the PLP, like Christie and Maynard-Gibson, have demonstrated time and time again that their political careers and interests are all about the enrichment of themselves and their political friends and business cronies at the expense of the Bahamian people, in particular the honest, hardworking Bahamian taxpayers. The sooner politicians like Christie and Maynard-Gibson are made to account for all of the hardships they have inflicted on the Bahamian people, the better!

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Well_mudda_take_sic 8 years, 11 months ago on Baha Mar workers march in support of project developer Sarkis Izmirlian

Right you are! Our government has very deliberately implemented devious and hideous import duty policies aimed at keeping the Bahamian people unhealthy, weak and vulnerable. The political elite and their business cronies who drink heavily from the trough of taxes paid by honest, hardworking taxpayers are the only ones who can afford the outrageously high duties that they themselves are responsible for having levied on both nutritional foods (fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.) and medicines and medical supplies. When their time comes, you can be rest assured that the souls of Christie, Halkitis, Maynard-Gibson, and so on, will burn in hell for all eternity for all the misery they have very deliberately inflicted for political self-gain on so many Bahamians. Satan loves fellow demons and looks forward to greeting Christie, Maynard-Gibson and their equally despicable elitist group of evil political friends and business cronies!

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banker 8 years, 11 months ago on Baha Mar deal details revealed

If the Chinese were interested as partners in finishing, they would not have slowed down the work. They were the ones that caused this mess by playing chess in trying to take it over.

The statement by Mayonnaise-Gibson stating that the bankruptcy must be adjudicated in the Bahamas is pure bull. A Delaware company applied for bankruptcy protection in the US where it is domiciled. Because it operates in the Bahamas, is secondary in terms of legal status. The Bahamian bankruptcy laws are archaic, the justice system is corrupt and the government has already subjugated the sovereignty issue to the Chinese. We are their puppets and they control the purse strings that control Christie's policies.

There is nothing in the Baha Mar deal that affects the sovereignty of the Bahamas, other than the fact that the government's policy was subsumed by their Chinese taskmasters. This is purely a business deal that will create a lot of jobs. It has nothing to do with the government, other than the corrupt PLP government has a horse in this race and they are trying to fix the result.

The government is a pawn in an attempt at another Chinese atrocity of cheating, lying and stealing to further their objectives.…

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newcitizen 8 years, 11 months ago on Symonette says Mitchell’s Baha Mar comments not appropriate for a Cabinet minister

Maybe you and Tal can just start commenting together under birdieRussell or Talstrachan so that way I can scroll down the comments quicker.

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pablojay 8 years, 11 months ago on Symonette says Mitchell’s Baha Mar comments not appropriate for a Cabinet minister

Birdiestrachan and TalRussell , this is what continues to keep our nation back; people who see things solely through biased eyes. The issue here is Fred Mitchell's response as foreign minister . In most 'first world' countries, he would be given the choice to resign or be fired for his comments.You are not unlike African Americans, making excuses for all the negativity in their communities.

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asiseeit 8 years, 11 months ago on Symonette says Mitchell’s Baha Mar comments not appropriate for a Cabinet minister

Cut off your nose to save face. Stupid is as stupid does. This is not the 1900's any longer, the world is a much smaller place, No sane diplomat whose country lives and die's by Foreign Direct Investment should be so 1) insecure, 2) bite the hand that feeds him, 3) plain un-diplomatic. Take all the FOREIGN money out of this country and what will you have? Think hard on that.........

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banker 8 years, 11 months ago on Mitchell hits back at Symonette over Izmirlian comments

"go and hide under the rock from whence you came"

This is our chief diplomatic presence to the world? How schoolyard? These toilet-seat yellow PLPs are getting bolder in their disregard for decency, moral rectitude and yea, democracy.

Doesn't he know that Baha Mar made the Wall Street journal, and that hundreds of thousands are using Google to get the full story and will pick this up in a search?

It is a sign that the piss-yellow PLPs are desperate, and they know that Baha Mar is a the final nail in their coffin.

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Bahamian_in_London 8 years, 10 months ago on Mitchell to Sarkis: Conform or leave

What a disgrace.

The Foreign Minister wants to talk about evicting someone who has invested 13 years and $900m into the Bahamas, because he disagrees with the Christie's attempt to nationalise Baha Mar? Can he explain how Sarkis is not acting "in the public interest". What he means is he is not acting in the PLP's interest.

Apparently expatriates should also be sent home as “They criticise the politics of the country."

The leader of the free world, President Obama, is criticized constantly, but somehow Christie is above criticism to the extent someone is threatened with deportation?

Apparently “money does not buy our silence and our subservience.”, unless it comes from the Chinese I guess. I haven't heard a single PLP minister complain about CCA, the sole reason why the resort is not open.

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newcitizen 8 years, 10 months ago on Mitchell to Sarkis: Conform or leave

Tal is just a troll who sees only yellow and red and does not care about bettering Bahamians. We have to stop feeding the troll.

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Gladiator 8 years, 10 months ago on Mitchell to Sarkis: Conform or leave

I don't expect having a racist xenophobe as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration is going to add much value to this country, especially one that can only use an abnormally small percentage of his brain capacity.

"Baha Mar is a commercial entity, designed purely for the profit of the developer.” Ummmm.... no actually it is an entity designed to add hundreds of millions of dollars to the economy, although the Bahamian economy will likely see a small percentage of that, as the majority will no doubt go into the pockets of the politicians such as Mitchell.

I have a feeling that these "politicians" are in the process of digging their own graves yet are too naive to know it. By attracting this much global attention, surely it's a matter of time before the truth get's revealed and they all get exposed. Maybe in a few months they will have wished they spent some money carrying out a refurb her Majesty's Prison.......

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banker 8 years, 10 months ago on Mitchell to Sarkis: Conform or leave

You really are grasping at straws. The workers were cleaning up Goodman's Bay at the point they took time off and held a love-in for Sarkis. Perhaps in your cold, cynical, cash-driven, heart, where rational thought and truth doesn't exist, you cannot understand anything else like altruism, because of the vomit mush injected into your brain, and the PLP money in your pockets.

It's hilarious that when anyone points out the egregious retardation, corruption, kleptocracy and criminal behaviour of the PLP, you always bring up the FNM. Are you that cognitively impaired to see that we are talking solely about the performance of the current PLP government? Are you that rationally obtuse that you cannot stick to the issues? What the FNM has done in past, or the Vanguard party or the UBP or anyone, is not cogent to the excessive moral and political failures of what is happening today. You don't realise that you are making a fool of yourself, like your beloved PLP on a world stage. Everyone who has the slightest interest in the Bahamas reads these pages and comments.

If this is all you have to contribute, then I will get my believer mother to pray for you, and hope against hope that a miracle occurs and you are healed from the blindness in your heart.

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Bahamian_in_London 8 years, 7 months ago on 2,000 redundancies at Baha Mar after Supreme Court ruling

Sadly, as many of us worked out at the time, Christie blocking the Chapter 11 filing was the end of this project as we all know it. The end was just a matter of time and idotic process to convince themselves they were doing something useful.

This is what happens when the entire cabinet of a country is run my career politicians driven by ego alone.

The fact that the following didn't cross the mind of anyone in power is just so disheartening (if not unsurprising):

'hey, this thing is a mess but the main guy is willing to put in another $70m to pay employees with no terms and conditions, maybe we shouldn't block him from doing so..."

The last thing filed in Delaware was the plan from Baha Mar that stated no Bahamians owed money would be affected by the chapter 11 process - only the Chinese.

And now we have a situation where if the company is wound up, the entire development needs to be sold for more than the $2.6bn debt for anyone else to get a penny - including the Government and CCA. If that isn't an indication of collusion I don't know what is....

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lkalikl 8 years, 2 months ago on Email release ‘threatens finance industry’

All PLPs are racist. They are just not honest about that fact. To be PLP is to see the world as a racist black Bahamian. Once upon a time, being UBP, meant seeing the world as a racist white Bahamian. The UBP is no more. The PLP is still very much here and proud of it. Therein lies the greatest dilemma for the development of the Bahamas.