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shortpants 9 years, 9 months ago on It is now that the Bahamas needs wise leaders

Key word-They work together and buy goods by the container.Bahamians never they don't trust one another .If they get together to do the same thing ,someone will believe someone is stealing so they end up with high prices and the Bahamians flock to the Chinese.Cant blame them for making things happen .Bahamians hate to see their own make it,and than they want to blame someone for there downfall.

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GrassRoot 9 years, 2 months ago on Man fired from BAMSI may sue for $100,000

Sorry my friend DreamerX, I am having an honest moment. here we have a man that has know how, knowledge and is educated in the trade he is doing. and he gets fd over his views? our islands are too small, the talent pool to restricted to play these games. A good man is a good man, irrespective of his views. Now do me and yourself a favor DreamerX, write to Perry G. and tell him this is wrong. We need every hard working Bahamian and Bahamian-Haitian that brings our country forward to be given a chance to redeem himself. F politics. I love people that have a trade and are proud of it. we love the Bahamas. and all the people that work hard. for us, our children, our beautiful country. That is what matters.

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asiseeit 9 years, 3 months ago on FNM delegation turned away from BAMSI and told farm is closed

No right thinking Bahamian wants BAMSI or for that matter Junkanoo Crnival to fail. OUR money is being spent on these projects and I for one want a return on that investment. The problem people have is the manner these projects are being handled. There is no accountability, oversight, or proper management of these projects. Our money just does not seem to matter to the ministers in charge of these projects. 100 million and 9.5 million dollars are vast amounts to a country that is BROKE. Bahamians have cut back because they are broke, yet we see a broke government spend like there is no tomorrow. Birdie, the simple fact is government has a track record of wasting, mismanaging, and yes, stealing the peoples money, we are just getting very fed up with the status quo, or in lay mans terms, getting ripped off constantly. The country is pretty much at a tipping point, we shall see if the powers that be understand that.