Baha Mar plans to 'modernise taxi industry'


Tribune Staff Reporter


EXECUTIVES at Baha Mar have plans in place to “modernise the taxicab industry” and end the moratorium on taxi plates, sources at the Cable Beach mega resort revealed yesterday.

Baha Mar officials claimed that this initiative will not only modernise the taxicab system but, will work to increase confidence within the industry. The group said: “This push to modernise taxi cabs is a part of a multi-pronged approach that calls for improved efficiency at LPIA, Customs and Immigration and safety and security in beach and watersports activities. This proposal seeks to incentivise taxi cab franchise holders to comply with the Road Traffic laws and regulations. The intent is to improve the visitor experience. It seeks to create a cadre of professional transportation.

“This proposal to modernise the taxi cab service is not Baha Mar-specific. However, the opening of Baha Mar creates an opportunity for change and improving the visitor experience in The Bahamas tourism sector across the board,” added executives.

According to a proposal seen by The Tribune the initiative will foster collaboration between not only government and private agencies, but will structure relationships between financial institutions, insurance companies and resorts, resulting in incentives for present and new taxi-drivers.

The $3.5 bilion resort is on track to open its doors to guests at the end of March.

Officials said their initiative will end the moratorium by allowing the incorporation of 200-250 new licences in the industry. The group believes that these new licences will push a new franchise approach with in the industry. The new system will also have a number of positive features for drivers, including improved rest and recreational facilities at major hotels and resorts in the country.

“With the opening of the Baha Mar resort, in excess of 400,000 more visitors are expected to visit New Providence each year, signalling a new day in The Bahamas’ tourism sector,” executives said. “The new Downtown development project in conjunction with the purchase of the British Colonial Hilton is another project that should generate economic activity that the taxi franchise holders can benefit from.”

They added that the experience visitors to The Bahamas receives begins and ends with service personnel like taxi drivers. “There is an opportunity to improve the visitor’s experience,” they said. “We see the modernisation taking place incrementally. What would be good is to have some early adopters who work from the airport, Downtown, Prince George Dock and Cable Beach. It would really improve the tourism product in key areas. We do believe that franchise holders want to see a transformation of their industry and want to be a part of this movement to improve the tourism product.”

The proposal is to be put to the Road Traffic department for its consideration.


ohdrap4 9 years, 4 months ago

are they going to propose a final solution to jitney drivers and 3rd generation plate owners as well as well?

people do not understand the [sub]culture.

remember they carry tourists back and forth on the cable beach route.

GrassRoot 9 years, 4 months ago

Baha mar should have been asked to set up and pay for a train from airport to cable beach and Atlants for the extention from cable beach to down town. All cab drivers and jitney drivers would have gotten an option to accept a job in project. But what can you expect from Governments that are excellent in displaying their inability to develop any kind of vision for this beautiful country.

ohdrap4 9 years, 4 months ago

oh please they do not even want to pay for the road to facilitate their property!!!!

in a way, they deserve to have to deal with the crony franchise holders and bus drivers lol

GrassRoot 9 years, 4 months ago

yes, correct, these guys pay for nothing until they are told to. forced to. We always think if a Chinese or Canadian investor comes to the island it is like manna falling from heaving. No one has properly negotiated with this big conglomerates out of fear that they would not drop their pennies on our islands. The problem is the corruption and lack of vision on the political stage. No decision is made with the well being of future generations of Bahamians is ever made in Parliament House, Governors House or any where else, where the important people are.

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