FNM ‘stands by’ party leader

Dr Hubert Minnis

Dr Hubert Minnis


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE Free National Movement released a statement on Thursday saying the party stands by its leader, Dr Hubert Minnis, amid questions over his decision to meet with one of the men at the centre of an alleged murder for hire plot involving Peter Nygard.

The FNM said by concentrating on Dr Minnis, the PLP is deflecting attention away from the role Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis allegedly played in the affair.

A series of affidavits filed in the Supreme Court allege that both Mr Davis and recently resigned FNM Chairman Michael Pintard had dealings with two “gang members”, Wisler “Bobo” Davilma and Livingston “Toggie” Bullard, who have made serious allegations about various senior government figures and Mr Nygard.

The FNM’s press statement was not signed.

Given that Dr Minnis is the leader of the party, it’s unclear on whose direction the statement was written. Council members last week expressed concern about Dr Minnis’ admission that he met with Mr Bullard three times at his home, but they have not gone on the record about what they expect to come out of it.

Nonetheless, the FNM’s statement said: “The PLP has attempted shamelessly, recklessly and unabashedly to smear the FNM and our leader. Dr Hubert A Minnis’ name appears nowhere in any of the sworn affidavits – absolutely none! No one said anything under oath or otherwise, against or negative about our party leader.”

“Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Deputy Prime Minister Philip ‘Brave’ Davis who seemingly, according to the various sworn affidavits executed in the Nygard/Bacon dispute, appears to be one of the consistent characters through all of them. We seriously doubt that is inconsequential or mere happenstance. If anyone needs to answer questions or otherwise ‘come clean’ and account for his involvement, if any, in the sordid affair is Deputy Prime Minister Philip ‘Brave’ Davis.”

The statement added: “The Royal Bahamas Police Force has commenced an investigation into the said matter and we entirely and completely support the said investigation – whatever the outcome of the investigation. Those found, if any, to have culpability, without fear or favour, need to face the full effect and consequences of the law.”

“We, the Free National Movement, fully and unequivocally support our Leader Dr Hubert A Minnis in his handling of all matters relevant to the Peter Nygard/Louis Bacon dispute.”

“The party appreciates the selfless and honourable act by Michael Pintard, our former senator and chairman, and while we fervently hope, we do not expect nor anticipate that Deputy Prime Minister Philip ‘Brave’ Davis will act similarly.”

“The Free National Movement has always stood for the highest standards of accountability and transparency in government – it is a hallmark of who we are and have been - since the inception of our great party. We are confident that the party will be vindicated in all of these matters.”

Dr Minnis came under fire last week after he revealed to The Tribune that Bullard contacted him and met him at his home to send a warning to Mr Pintard that he was allegedly about to be “set up” by a high-ranking government official and others.

Dr Minnis was adamant that the two men did not discuss Mr Nygard and that he did not learn of the alleged murder for hire plot involving the Canadian fashion mogul and the two “gang members” until The Tribune published the contents of a March 9 affidavit filed by Save the Bays (STB).

That affidavit alleges that Mr Nygard hired Bullard and Davilma to carry out crimes against those who opposed further development at Nygard Cay, namely his billionaire neighbour Louis Bacon and directors of STB.

Dr Minnis said Mr Bullard met him twice more to drop off fish and even spoke with his wife. His admission to The Tribune came a week after he, while referring to allegations of “murder by assassination of persons who were considered to be inimical to the interests of Peter Nygard”, called for a police investigation into the claims. However, at the time he did not reveal his connection to Bullard.


birdiestrachan 8 years, 3 months ago

The FNM's heads must be spinning. Now they can spin a tale I trust that they themselves do not believe this story. If they do there is no hope for them, .

Economist 8 years, 3 months ago

What the FNM does not realize is that they don't have a leader to stand by. A leader is one who leads. The FNM does not have one who leads. They are leaderless at the moment.

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