Sears seeks ‘quiet revolution’ in convention leadership vote


Alfred Sears


Tribune Chief Reporter


PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party leadership contender Alfred Sears, QC, yesterday expressed confidence in his ability to mount a “quiet revolution” at the party’s upcoming convention to unseat incumbent leader and Prime Minister Perry Christie, despite recent “acts of desperation”.

Acknowledging that party optics put him at a disadvantage, Mr Sears explained that while his leadership platform resonated well with many supporters, they were not vocal due to fears of victimisation and reprisal.

He pointed to the mass-ratification exercise staged by the party last week, and said hundreds of stalwart councillors have been appointed just before the three-day event, where he plans to challenge Mr Christie for leadership of the party.

Scores of supporters filled the grounds of the party’s headquarters last Thursday for the ratification of 16 candidates – the majority of whom were senior incumbent MPs, including Mr Christie. On stage, those candidates all expressed their full support of Mr Christie as party leader, and his return as prime minister for another term.

However, Mr Sears insisted that “God is still in control,” adding that he believed in the fairness and sense of justice of PLP delegates, stalwarts and supporters, and their ability to assess tactics critically.

“It is an act of desperation,” he said. “It is an act of desperation which is being witnessed by the entire Commonwealth of the Bahamas. That on the eve of a convention, one which ought to have taken place each year, which has not taken place for eight years, that on the eve of this convention you would have the appointment of stalwart councillors, hundreds of stalwart councillors.

Mr Sears said: “But I believe in the fairness in the sense of justice of the people who comprise this party, that the stalwarts the delegates will see it for what it is and that is why I see myself as David where the opponent appears to have every single advantage, but God is still in control.”

Mr Sears spoke to The Tribune on the sidelines of the party’s prayer breakfast to mark the start of its 52nd national general convention, under the theme “He’ll do it again”.

The PLP has not held a convention since 2009, and Mr Sears has maintained that the party’s best chances of re-election are with him at its helm. He rebuffed previous suggestions that a leadership change would have a destabilising effect on the party so close to a general election.

However, PLP Deputy Leader Philip Davis yesterday said he did not expect to see a change of leadership at the end of this week’s events.

“I don’t see any new leader emerging from this convention,” Mr Davis said. “I think that it is good that we can all gather all together in one place in conclave to chart the course for the next five years because this is not just a convention to elect leaders but also to set the course for the general election and to craft our plans for the next five years.

“I’m satisfied that we have been re-energised at the end of the day . . . this is about the PLP, it’s not about any individual and we will stay together.”

The PLP’s convention begins Tuesday and continues until Thursday, January 26.

Reflecting on his “listening tour” to ten Family Islands over the past two months, Mr Sears also underscored that there was widespread “disquiet” throughout the country over the state of affairs and its unsustainability.

“We cannot and should not continue to do the same thing with the consistent downgrades that we have,” said Mr Sears, who charged that Family Island residents have become internal migrants in their search for a living wage.

“We need to better incentives Bahamians to realise that unfinished portion of the quiet revolution and that is the economic transformation, diversification of our country and most especially where Bahamians own the productive sectors of our country.

“That is not a position that is opposed to foreign investment,” he said. “It is a position which recognises that sustainable development is only possible when there is a strong, robust national capital - which means that Bahamians must own it.

“Bahamians will be here in good times and bad times, the foreign investor is only here for comparative advantage so it is this disquiet that provides us with an opportunity to get back to the core values of the PLP.”

Mr Sears added: “This is an historic convention because the Progressive Liberal Party has an opportunity to reframe itself to be more consistent with its core values, to be more attractive to younger Bahamians and to expand its base which will improve its chances of being re-elected and my leadership will offer that.”


Well_mudda_take_sic 7 years, 5 months ago

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sheeprunner12 7 years, 5 months ago

Sears has been shut out of the popular media in The Bahamas .......... he is really been kept quiet by the PLP elite machinery .......... He cannot even buy time on ZNS (like back in the SLOP days with the FNM) ........... The vote will probably be 2800 to 200 (for Christie)

TalRussell 7 years, 5 months ago

Comrades! The PM's only declared opponent for the party's leadership - Alfred Sears leadership horse will outdo Loretta's, which couldn't make it pass red party's convention starting line.
Alfred has to prove that he is more than just a Loretta. That his is a voice for change that cannot be ignored, and that he can ride his horse ahead of that of the PM's across the finish line.
Regardless, if the convention results are not victories, Alfred would be foolish to think he can remain a welcomed voice in the PLP.
Loretta is always scouting for another coalition partner - maybe join Bran and Rodney up in the Red Chamber?

banker 7 years, 5 months ago

One invisible strike against him, is that he is a Catholic. Doesn't go over well with the PLP religionists who support the PLP and honour Mammon, and drive Bentleys, and get pranged in private jets when they hit the crane in Freeport.

realfreethinker 7 years, 5 months ago

Sears should know that the fix is in. he might as well do a LBT and quit just before the votes are counted

Publius 7 years, 5 months ago

Sears Seeks ‘Quiet Revolution’ In Convention Leadership Vote

Oh please

Maynergy 7 years, 5 months ago

O.k U avait raison. Je me trompais camarade camarade le discours du PM n'a pas esquissé un programme qui met l'accent sur le développement de l'infrastructure, les propositions d'immobilisations, les projections de transport à l'échelle de l'île, la sécurité nationale ou quoi que ce soit sur cette question: Asie / Union européenne / Afrique / USA / Europe de l'Est. Imaginez Bahamas au-delà de 2017 et au-delà avec un gouvernement patriotique nationaliste qui a mis en place et établit un régime fonctionnel axé sur les personnes avec les suivantes pour l'amélioration du peuple: A) S.O.R.S (réserve stratégique de réserve de pétrole) Pour minimiser le manque de pétrole dans l'ensemble des territoires et l'entretien / la réglementation de la tarification équitable et la stabilité du marché. B) B.M.T.S (Bahamas Maritime Tracking System) C'est à dire. Installé dans tous les bateaux de courrier, etc. qui naviguent dans les eaux nationales moyennant des frais minimes. C) N.C.M (National Cellular market - déréglementation et ouverture des services cellulaires à la concurrence. D) I.I.A.T (Inter Island Air Transportation). E) I.I.T.B (Office du tourisme inter île). F) Nouveaux tarifs postaux pour les envois en masse / annonceurs / expéditeurs en vrac. G) Un service de logement qui aide les résidents à ne pas donner un coup de main. H) B.T.A. (Autorité des transports des Bahamas) Une agence semi-quasi qui administre le mouvement de masse des gens dans l'île de New Providence et dans toute la nation de l'île. De quoi parlait-il camarade camarade?

banker 7 years, 5 months ago

Ok, I like what you said the first time in English, but the cross posting is getting tiresome.

TalRussell 7 years, 5 months ago

Comrade Banker, there's a yet to be filled talkie show host's opening position, over at Guardian Talk Radio. They easy for hiring a speaking in foreigner tongues live-on-air host.

banker 7 years, 5 months ago

I would apply but my qualifications are suspect. I een a disbarred lawyer, my English is to much gooder, I een a church-goer, gats too much broughtupsy (cept fer politicians who so fat dat dems could sell shade -y'all know who), I'm too dark-skinned-ya need a red fer dat, and I really doan give a dam bout tings 'n tings.

Sickened 7 years, 5 months ago

Sears doesn't stand a chance - he's got dozens of dead Stalwarts voting against him and there's no way he can convince them to change their vote!

B_I_D___ 7 years, 5 months ago

Just reading in another news vibe that the PLP have denied Sears the ability to talk at the convention...having deja-vu!!

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