PM leads delegation from Bahamas to visit Botswana

FIVE members of the executive branch of government are joining Prime Minister Philip "Brave" Davis as part of a delegation visiting Botswana from today until Friday.

Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell, Minister of Education and Technical and Vocational Training Glenys Hanna-Martin, Minister of Economic Affairs Michael Halkitis, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Mario Bowleg and the Parliamentary Secretary of Tourism, Investment and Aviation John Pinder are accompanying Mr Davis.

The Office of the Prime Minister said in a press statement yesterday: "Botswana is widely considered one of Africa’s greatest success stories. Botswana is an upper-middle-income country with one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and is known globally as a leader in eco-tourism.

"The prime minister and his team seek to reinforce strong diplomatic ties between The Bahamas and Botswana and to explore new educational, economic, and trade opportunities for Bahamians.

"Both countries have national development strategies which require significant advances in food security, energy transition, digitalization, climate adaptation, education, and sustainable development. Botswana has had notable achievements in value chain development in tourism and agriculture. It has a longstanding programme which offers local communities the opportunity to participate meaningfully in tourism development and sustainable resource management.

"Both nations are vulnerable to climate change and are working to build alliances internationally to leverage fairer climate finance."

The visit aims to unlock new economic ventures and educational exchanges and explore avenues for collaborative projects and trade opportunities.

The statement added: "The visit to Botswana reflects the administration’s recognition that small nations can benefit greatly from building meaningful partnerships and that international cooperation will be critical to strengthening and diversifying our country’s economy in the 21st century."


themessenger 4 months ago

While Botswana may be considered one of the greatest African success stories, the Davis, Mitchell led government will go down as one the Bahamas greatest degradation stories! Perhaps President Masisi can give Davis and Co some pointers on how to turn a clusterf..k into a success story................

concernedcitizen 4 months ago

Good Lord these people have no conscience , they have already blown through the money from our record nine million visitors last year , and are basically flying here ,there and everywhere on borrowed money .

ThisIsOurs 4 months ago

The statement this morning says "they were invited". So in a casual conversation and suddenly 5 ministers travelling around the world at who knows what unplanned unbudgeted cost. They dont seem to care about their budget or how theyve increased our taxes to support this frivolous travel

BONEFISH 4 months ago

The Bahamas should benefit in some visible way from these travels.Increased investments. more technical cooperations and developments should be the results. However nothing seems to materialize from these trips.

ThisIsOurs 4 months ago

I listened to the President of Botswana, he said he wants to find out how we got to 9million visitors. I find both this and the last Tourism Minister are overly arrogant about what they did to accomplish this. I have a short answer for the President of Botswana, find a way to move your country within a 30 minute plan ride of one of the largest consumer economlies in the world and you too can have 9million tourists. In fact because you also have an ecotourism base with interesting things for people to do and see, you might make it 18million

themessenger 4 months ago

@Thisisours, all the President of Botswana needs to do to get 9 million visitors is find a way to park a half dozen cruise ships in the Okavango delta, no brainer really. Not to mention all of the papyrus cutting and hippo culling jobs that would be available to the natives, you know the Botswanan equivalent to raking beaches and stacking beach furniture. A little Davis/ Mitchell voodoo economic knowhow goes a long way, ain't ya know.

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