In light of Loretta Butler-Turner's suggestion that she is considering running for the FNM leadership, who do you think should lead the party?

Dr Hubert Minnis 172 votes


Loretta Butler-Turner 140 votes


Dr Duane Sands 20 votes


Hubert Ingraham 35 votes


Other 24 votes


391 total votes


Publius 10 years ago

Why is this important right now given all the other major things happening in this country?

Thinker 10 years ago

Does it really matter? They all have plans to increase taxes via your hard earned income.

ThisIsOurs 10 years ago

Oh God, look who theyre choosing now, Gold Rush wasn't enough of a rush to judgement. This is based on "nothing" other than tenure.."I been here long", "look who my family is", "I'm female, is about time we had a female PM", "popularity contest"...suck teeth

sheeprunner12 10 years ago

This is a very important decision by the Opposition.............. its called rebuilding for 2017. The FNM doesnt have the built in advantage of the PLP. All FNMs should get on board and agitate for a Convention this year........... reflect on what happened in the "Tommy T" experiment and how that turned out .............. learn from your mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!

killemwitdakno 10 years ago

This poll isn't at all needed right now

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