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TommySotomayor 8 years, 4 months ago on Schoolgirl, 16, dies after being hit by rock on bus

This is why we need PROPER PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION at least for the school children!

Let the children that act up get caught on the bus camera and stripped of their school bus pass. The good children would then get to ride both free of charge and free of stupidity and free of danger while the idiots are left to continue riding the expensive, ureliable nightmare that is the jitney system.

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Sickened 8 years, 8 months ago on Mystery over postponed Caribbean Muzik Festival

Thankfully the South African group showed up and played at our Caribbean festival. I always thought that South Africa was part of Africa, not the Caribbean. I must try to finish high school so that I would know such things.

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HarryWyckoff 8 years, 8 months ago on UPDATED: Body of victim dumped in canal

Naah, and just like all the hundreds of attempted murders we've had this year due to this incompetent government destroying the economy, this one will be put down to " someone looking in their trunk for a snickers bar, accidentally slipping, and falling in, at the exact moment a seagul landed on it, closing the trunk and locking him in. The bullet holes were incidental and wholly unrelated"

Birdie will come along soon and clarify that this is indeed the case.

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paul_vincent_zecchino 8 years, 8 months ago on UPDATED: Body of victim dumped in canal

Excelllent synopsis, sir. Thank you.

Clearly, this person was negligent in parking their vehicle so close to the canal, knowing full well the dangers seagulls present to people rummaging in car trunks - very dangerous, clearly.

A citation for Reckless Parking seems in order, doesn't it? Case closed.

Nothing to see here, people. Move along please*

    • "Chinatown" c. 1974
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Cobalt 8 years, 8 months ago on ‘This is the worst government we have ever seen’

Listen..... I was a teacher for five years, before going into medicine.

My experience in education forced me to realize that the majority of our young boys and girls are NOT interested in education! It's simply NOT an attractive prospect for them because it requires discipline and hard brain work!! The fact that you guys are failing to acknowledge, is that the majority of Bahamian students are NOT interested in exercising their brains! They have become distracted and consumed by the "something for nothing" mentality.

The drug culture has ruined the value of good, honest, hard work in the minds of our young students. Furthermore, it was my parents that pushed me, admonished me, and reminded me of the importance of a good education! And the only parents I see pushing their children (at least in the public education system) are the Haitian parents. If you don't believe me.... go and check it out for yourself. You'll find that the head boys and head girls for many of the government high school are of Hatian decent. They come here and take advantage of our public school educational system.

I agree with you that our school system can be modified and improved. But the heart of the problem is not the schools! It's the HOMES in which these students are coming from!! POOR PARENTING is the problem! Not the educational system! This is 2015!!! Educational resources are unlimited!! If you want a good education, all you have to do is open a book, and study its contents!! Go to any bookstore in the Bahamas. I bet you that they will tell you that their sales are down.

So why should the government spend tens of millions of dollars on education when they're probably not going to see an return on their investment? Now..... when you find one or two individuals that appear serious about their education...... those are the students that you invest the country's money in. Not the masses who aren't interested in books.

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hurricane 8 years, 8 months ago on Wilchcombe: Murder record is a disgrace

These folks are way over their head and havent a clue how to run a country and solve real problems. You guy were bamboozled in electing them with their sharp suits and slick deserve what you have gotten.

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watcher 8 years, 8 months ago on Wilchcombe: Murder record is a disgrace

Okay Obie. Just so long as the "brand" is not affected, then that's perfectly fine and dandy. Meanwhile in the real world where I live, every day is a worry.....will my car or house be broken into, will a friend or relative be stabbed or shot as part of these turf wars.

But I's the "Brand" that is important, not the lives of Bahamian citizens

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Economist 8 years, 8 months ago on Wilchcombe: Murder record is a disgrace

Have all the politicians filed their Public Disclosures or are some still breaking the law We need to clean up Parliament first.

They are setting a poor example for others to follow.

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Well_mudda_take_sic 8 years, 8 months ago on Gov’t targets $246m BEC reform ‘windfall’

There will be no windfall period! And Philip Davis is an outright liar. The legislation proposed will add another charge to all of our light bills for the interest charges and principal repayments that will need to be paid to the investors in the Rate Reduction Bonds. The very name of the bonds (i.e. Rate Reduction) is laughable! All of this smoke and mirrors financial engineering has only one objective: To make Bahamians think their light bills will be lower when in fact the opposite will be true, especially when oil prices move up again, which is inevitable. Anyone who believes for a moment this financial engineering will resolve the fundamental problems that have resulted in BEC's huge recurring annual operating losses and mammoth debt is delusional to say the least. The unfunded overly generous pension liabilities of BEC need to cancelled outright, the entire Bahamian mismanagement team needs to be sacked (replaced by foreigners under very tight contracts), all of the union leaders need to be removed from the payroll and Franky Wilson aka Snake should have no role whatever in supplying fuel of kind to BEC. That's what it's gonna take as a minimum to restore profitability to BEC or whatever they want to call our monopoly power supplier.

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sheeprunner12 8 years, 7 months ago on More than 60 apply to become FNM candidates

BTW .............. the crab sign is an ancient Egyptian symbol that was adopted by the Freemasons ............. if you vote for the PLP "crab" sign you are voting for the devil and all his demons in hell ................ the PLP reflect their symbol TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE................ SATAN

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Islandgirl 8 years, 7 months ago on More than 60 apply to become FNM candidates

"May I suggest that they put Rollins in Long Island, he will not be to dark for them." Are you still seriously going on with this race crap in the twenty-first century? Please do not forget that at least two of the founders of your beloved PLP came from Long Island: Henry Milton Taylor, William Cartwright; can't really speak to Cyril St. John Stevenson. Taylor was so light he could pass for white. Pindling's father in law was of the same hue. A D Hanna's wife, bless her soul, a good woman, was a white English woman who contributed positively to this country. But you don't like to bring stuff like that up, do you? Still trying to incite and divide by raising the race issue. Stop your garbage. I mean, anything to distract from the issues you dim, dumb buffoon. Learn your damn history, give credit where credit is due, and realize that we are all Bahamians currently living in this hell that voters like YOU have sunken us into by putting this inept, clueless crew in power. No matter our colour, we are all Bahamians and MAY I SUGGEST that you get with the program so we can make this place better for us all. Fact is though Pindling was bad and almost destroyed this place with the drug running that he allowed, his horrific brand of victimization and the destruction of the public service by loading it with unqualified persons for votes, Perry has driven us down to the worst we have ever been. I have never seen my country nor its people so low. We need qualified persons with the interest of the betterment of this country for ALL of us to offer themselves and pray to God that persons who cannot be bought by pitiful bribes, or have NO clue as to what this country is going through are not bussed in this time just to mark an X next to the crab sign. You must be one of those University of Wulff Road graduates. Idiot.

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Reality_Check 8 years, 7 months ago on Minnis slams ‘chaotic’ NHI

Remember, Minnis had the nerve to tell all of us that he had no conflict of interest arising from his property holding company receiving very generous monthly rental payments from the Public Hospital Authority....he pointedly said that the lease was with his company and not him personally, so therefore there was no conflict of interest involving himself. What a joke! This man, like Christie, Allyson Maynard-Gibson, Dr Marcus Bethel, Baltron Bethel and so many others, was simply never fit then and is not fit now to hold public office!!

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Reality_Check 8 years, 7 months ago on Minnis slams ‘chaotic’ NHI

The Tribune seems to be worried about all of the advertising dollars it will lose out on when the health insurers are taken out of the picture by a universal single payer healthcare system that will provide affordable quality healthcare to all Bahamians. Some healthcare is better than no healthcare which has been the case for most Bahamians for many years now as a result of the outrageously high premiums charged by the health insurance companies. Right now, only the well-off are being insured by the private healthcare insurers, leaving the poor to suffer the horrid consequences of no healthcare or poor quality healthcare as a result of the significant portion of healthcare insurance premiums siphoned off by the healthcare insurers to pay their lavish administrative costs and generate overly generous profits for their shareholders.

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Honestman 8 years, 7 months ago on Munroe comments on immigrants ‘despicable’

Wayne Munroe is a Queen's Councilor!! I wonder what her Majesty would think of his recent utterances? The title Q.C. has clearly been devalued in The Bahamas. Too many given out as political favours.

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bahamian242 8 years, 7 months ago on Munroe comments ‘could incite violence’

I can't believe that a Black Man in The Bahamas would make such a statement! Especially with all the debates of Slavery past????

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Honestman 8 years, 7 months ago on Women forced to sleep on cell floor: Activists say 11 Jamaicans had to urinate on ground

If this account is true then it is a shocking indictment of this country's attitude towards Human rights. I don't believe that the PLP is any worse than the FNM in this regard. We delude ourselves that we are a Christian Nation yet this week we have this story coupled with Q.C. Wayne Munroe's outrageous suggestion that illegal immigrants should be flogged before being deported!!! How low can this country sink? While all this is going on, Perry Gladstone Christie is in London trying to sell foreign investors how The Bahamas is a wonderful place to invest their millions. I imagine he ignores the part that once the government has your hard currency investment, it reserves the right to acquire your business (as it saw fit with a certain Mr. Izmarilian) or if one of your employees happens to find himself working before he is in possession of a renewed work permit, he might end up being flogged to teach him a lesson (if the aforementioned leading Bahamian QC has his way!) And so we continue with the tired old mantra "It's Better In The Bahamas". Is it really?

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EasternGate 8 years, 7 months ago on Haitian ambassador joins those condemning Munroe’s flogging call

It appears that "hatred" for Haitians" by Bahamians is institutionalized. How sad. It is hot shots like Munroe who has the court system F#cked up on purpose. They are the facilitators of these thugs who murder for hire