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PBizzell 10 years, 7 months ago on Operation Potcake cancelled after local vet opposition

For the record, Bahamian vets have always done cost price spays and large amounts of pro bono work for clients unable to pay normal fees. They also participate in many spay and neuter projects in New Providence and the Family Islands. Proud Paws in the past 10 years has spayed/neutered more than 7,000 dogs and cats in New Providence and has contributed to spay and neuter projects in several Family Islands. All of this good work was performed by Bahamian vets and their staff with funds raised from Bahamian residents. No outside assistance was requested nor needed for what is the most successful spay/neuter project ever in The Bahamas.

The Tribune Survey re Operation Potcake is a "TRICK QUESTION"!!!

The question more accurately should have been framed;

Do you prefer dogs to be be spayed/neutered by volunteer foreign vets using funds raised from animal lovers at a cost of approx $50.00 each OR

Would you prefer dogs to be spayed/neutered by Bahamian vets using their anesthetics ,antibiotics,needles,suture materials, pain meds, which cost them approx $50.00, for they would be re-imbursed by the organizers. Oh by the way, the Bahamian vets bring their Bahamian trained surgical assistants and pay them their usual day's pay!

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rory 10 years, 7 months ago on Operation Potcake cancelled after local vet opposition

who here is willing to give up their salary for foreign workers to come here and do their job for charity? Serious question.

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Zags 10 years, 7 months ago on Operation Potcake cancelled after local vet opposition

B_T_D_, as a transplant to this country, I think it is understandable that, as more and more Bahamian vets qualify, that they want to be responsible for veterinary medicine in their country.

If you are Bahamian, would you want foreigners to come in to do your job? On top of that, is it not insulting to have non-professionals [i.e. animal lovers like myself] dictating what should be done in the realm of animal welfare to the veterinarians. If I were a veterinarian, I would be rather put out.

While there must be co-operation, it should be up to the vets to invite their foreign colleagues in as it is deemed necessary.

Imagine if activists started inviting foreign dentists, physicians, lawyers and architects into The Bahamas to practice their professions? Quite simply, it is not their role!

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Zags 10 years, 7 months ago on Operation Potcake cancelled after local vet opposition

The lack of understanding of animal welfare in The Bahamas has come as a great shock to me. I have made several posts tonight because I am a lay person who is interested in animal welfare in The Bahamas.

I am not originally from this country but, having made it my home, and being an animal lover, I have taken time to learn about the issues. I have donated to several spay/neuter projects, including Operation Potcake and Proud Paws, and know that it is as a result of donations such as mine that these so-called "FREE" projects can take place.

Surgery costs money, even when the medical professionals charge nothing for their time or expertise. Just because people who bring the animals in do not have to pay does not mean that the surgeries are not being paid for.

People have to be educated that there is no such thing as a free spay or neuter. Someone is paying, even if it is not visible. Maybe there should be a rule that all donations made within The Bahamas be used to pay for the cost of surgeries done by Bahamian vets, and any foreign vets coming in should not be allowed to raise money in The Bahamas.

Can you imagine a Bahamian vet going into the United States and raising money there and then being allowed to perform spays and neuters?

Unfortunately, I think that people are reacting without thinking things through. We need a public forum where wise, unemotional people from both sides of the issue can discuss this subject and educate the uninformed.

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asiseeit 8 years, 4 months ago on Moody’s alarm over Bahamas’ ‘rapid debt accumulation’

Our debt continues to grow and we have NOTHING to show for it except some very happy PLP's. At least with the FNM the country benefited from their spending spree. Roads, Harbour dredged, ports moved, Abaco (new airport, roads, and government complex0, Eluthera (three island dock) PMH (critical care block), Montague and the beach out west, and the list goes on. What the hell have Perry and his thieves done with all this money they are borrowing? I see nothing!

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MonkeeDoo 8 years, 4 months ago on Moody’s alarm over Bahamas’ ‘rapid debt accumulation’

And the people don't mind one little bit ! They only get fresh when the private property owners close the road that runs over their own property that they paid handsomely for. Government takes their earnings and pisses it away and nobody says boo-cat. That is because the average Bahamian thinks that the Treasury is somebody else's money and not theirs. They just ain't too bright most of them - sorry to say. Sad.

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asiseeit 8 years, 4 months ago on Moody’s alarm over Bahamas’ ‘rapid debt accumulation’

How can VAT save us if the VAT money is squandered on crap like junkanoo carnival? We as the tax payers need to hold government accountable, they are killing us as a nation. All this spending so they can transfer wealth to THEIR supporters and finacially ruin the rest of the Bahamas is what they are doing. This is the problem with the PLP they will kill the country so that their supporters are taken care of. They know nothing about fair and balanced governing, all they know is how to rape the treasury for their own gain at the expense of the nation.

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Well_mudda_take_sic 9 years ago on Baha Mar workers march in support of project developer Sarkis Izmirlian

Christie and his fellow PLP cabinet members have always suffered from a most horribly flawed line of self-serving thinking: They truly believe they are the political elite and as such it is their privilege to convince the Bahamian people that they, and only they alone, know what's in the best interest of the Bahamian people. This very flawed and condescending "Moses complex" typically afflicts political animals like Christie who are very much predisposed to self-infatuation and delusional thinking. Maynard-Gibson aka Wicked Witch of the West is similarly afflicted, but with a much more evil bent routed in the nepotism that launched her life in politics. Thankfully Bahamian people like the Baha Mar employees are waking up to the fact that most members of the PLP cabinet, Christie and Maynard-Gibson in particular, are only ever interested in their own selfish short-term political survival needs and do not give a damn about the long-term needs of the Bahamian people. Increasing numbers of Bahamians now appreciate that their long-term interests (and the longer-term interests of their children and their children's children) can only be best served by a caring government whose social and economic policies create well-paying productive jobs for skilled Bahamians equipped with more than a D- public education. The old political dinosaurs in the PLP, like Christie and Maynard-Gibson, have demonstrated time and time again that their political careers and interests are all about the enrichment of themselves and their political friends and business cronies at the expense of the Bahamian people, in particular the honest, hardworking Bahamian taxpayers. The sooner politicians like Christie and Maynard-Gibson are made to account for all of the hardships they have inflicted on the Bahamian people, the better!

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Reality_Check 9 years ago on Baha Mar workers march in support of project developer Sarkis Izmirlian

The "Moses complex" suffered by Christie has contributed to his even more severe "Robin Hood complex". Both Christie and Maynard-Gibson truly believe they have the absolute right and privilege to take whatever they want from "Bahamian Peter" to pay "Bahamian Paul" while at the same time granting enormous concessions to super wealthy China controlled enterprises in exchange for "favours" and other "goodies" that only benefit themselves and their select elite group of political friends and business cronies.

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Zags 9 years ago on Baha Mar workers march in support of project developer Sarkis Izmirlian

I hope that the Government of The Bahamas makes the right decision by allowing Mr. Izmirlian and his attorneys to proceed under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Cutting off one's nose to spite one's face is senseles...

Go Baha Mar!!!

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ThisIsOurs 9 years ago on YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: The Baha Mar bombshell

Called for his resignation on Monday, Brave Davis needs to go to. This debacle happened under his stint at Ministry of works along with the unresolved BAMSI cluster . They both need to resign. And while the AG was getting Alfred a Gray out of a self made stew and working on an unsolicited opinion on the UR mismanagement..the rug was silently being pulled from under the Bahamas. She needs to go to. And who is responsible for the theft at BNFC take them too. Tired of these people living off the fat of the land but doing nothing to earn their keep.

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ThisIsOurs 9 years ago on UPDATED: 'Door closing' on Izmirlian's opportunity to strike a deal

"but the reality is that Mr Izmirlian did not attend the actual negotiations. He didn't even send his number two man until the middle of it."

But Mr Christie never showed up to the negotiations and he didn't send his number two man either. Saying Mr Izmirilian "is doing what he did before", doesn't say if what Mr Izmirilian is saying THIS time is true or not. It's relying on people to disbelieve Mr Izmirilian because he's Mr Izmirilian.

"He insisted that the government's team did not leave Beijing prematurely"

Of course not! they left on the date printed on their pre-purchased tickets! Exactly when they intended and not one minute before. That doesn't say whether they left before the talks ended...

Somebody is lying. Either the talks ended when the Bahamian delegation left or they didn't, either Mr Izmiralian refused to take chapter 11 off the table or he didn't. Yes or no answers please. Not much experience judging Mr Izmirilian's veracity, on the other hand, this cabinet leaves much to be desired...

I'll name the BEC bribe taker at the end of the month. I couldn't tell you benzene was leaking because I'd lose my job, mrs Reckley is a very good lunch vendor, What gold watch? Carnival costs much less than 9million and had a GDP impact of 50m. I have no horse in this race. I don't remember if I called Mr Newbold or if he called me. When we review the numbers, we created in excess of 10,000 jobs, those internationally recognized jobs formulas restrict our calculations. Kohlrautz? Who's that again? This case can't go to court because there's conflicting evidence. I'll issue an investigation into the 100,000 BEC cash payment immediately. LOI....

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Reality_Check 9 years ago on UPDATED: 'Door closing' on Izmirlian's opportunity to strike a deal

None other than our State Minister for Legal Affairs, Damian Gomez aka the Minion, states to the Tribune: "We're moving forward to secure a liquidator,....once that's done it's in his {Sarkis Izmirlian} interest to strike a deal as soon as possible otherwise creditors will take over and the restructuring will not be to his liking." This is tantamount to a public admission that by filing an application for the liquidation of Baha Mar, the Christie-led PLP government is seeking to force Baha Mar and the Izmirlian family to accept whatever unfair terms are put to them by both the Chinese general contractor (CCA) and the Chinese Export Import Bank. In a liquidation supervised by the Supreme Court of The Bahamas, the shots are called by the largest admitted creditors which would be the two aforementioned Chinese stakeholders. In other words, notwithstanding the appointment of one or more "neutral" liquidators acceptable to the largest creditors, the Chinese stakeholders would be, for all intents and purposes, firmly in the driving seat of the entire liquidation process. This seems to be precisely what the Christie-led PLP government wants to happen notwithstanding that Baha Mar (and the Izmirlian family through Baha Mar) have already found it necessary to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Delaware as a result of the severity of its grievances with the Chinese stakeholders, which grievances are the subject of very weighty legal claims that have already been asserted and are now before the High Court in the U.K. By all appearances, our Christie-led PLP government is wrongfully in bed with the Chinese stakeholders to unjustly wrest control and possession of the Baha Mar project away from the rightful principle developer of the project (Sarkis Izmirlian). It would be a travesty of monumental proportion for the Bahamas and the Bahamian people if the Delaware court (judge) permitted the Christie-led PLP government to effectively nationalize the Baha Mar property for the benefit of the Chinese stakeholders by abuse of due process. The Christie-led PLP government is notorious for its willingness to wrongfully "lean" on matters before our Supreme Court in an effort to affect a desired outcome.

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Well_mudda_take_sic 9 years ago on UPDATED: 'Door closing' on Izmirlian's opportunity to strike a deal

The Christie-led PLP government is inviting a very costly law suit by virtue of the vindictive actions of Christie, Maynard-Gibson and Gomez that have already caused Baha Mar to incur significant losses that it otherwise would not have incurred. Whatever Baltron is hiding from the Bahamian people must be worth the scorched earth path that Christie has embarked on!

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Craig 9 years ago on UPDATED: 'Door closing' on Izmirlian's opportunity to strike a deal

I am no fan of Izmirlian but fair is fair. CCA was the sole cause of the delay to the project. Had they completed the project on time as they were contractually obligated to do all of the mess would have been avoided. Now Izmirlian is faced with possibly loosing his investment and the government is complicit in ensuring it happens. It all seems like some type of conspiracy. Perhaps the government and the Chinese wanted Izmirlian out and they used the mechanism of CCA substantially delaying the project to do so.

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banker 9 years ago on UPDATED: 'Door closing' on Izmirlian's opportunity to strike a deal

The PLP are desperate. Even the feeble legal minds (which is all of the piss-yellow PLP lawyers) know that their actions will be overturned by the Privy Council.

I am just waiting for the backbenchers to get sick of Christie and introduce/support a non-confidence motion in the government. Do you notice who is strangely silent in all of this? And who shouldn't be? Ole fat grubby fingers hisself. Interesting.

There will be a night of long knives. Ortland is the jackass testing the waters for the timing of the palace coup.

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a2z 9 years ago on Opposition Leader's national address on Baha Mar - the speech in full

It took THIS long for Minnis/ the Opposition to weigh in? What a joke. These people are trifling.

And was it really necessary to say "My Fellow Bahamians" 9 times?!?!? So many words, yet saying nothing at all.

Everything is 'should' and 'must' and 'if'....what is your real, feasible PLAN Mr Minnis??? No one is interested in voting for you with no viable plan and no ability to convey it.

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Chucky 9 years ago on Opposition Leader's national address on Baha Mar - the speech in full

I don't understand the nerve of these people. Baha Mar is a private venture; sure its large, or huge, and could provide thousands of jobs, but its just a bigger version of a small enterprise. We already have a whole lot of new roads and infrastructure thanks to them! Baha Mar is a private business, that owes us nothing, if anything we have let them down. They will fix their situation as they see fit, the owner (Izmirlian) will make the best choices for his business, which will ultimately be the best choices for the Bahamas. Our government, they've got a lot of never talking like it's a national asset, or an asset that owes the country jobs; it does not owe the bahamas anything.
And all this talk about our reputation, well believe me, every time these foolish leaders open their mouthes they do more damage to our reputation than anything else.