BPL chairman told to stay out of politics

PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell. (File photo)

PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell. (File photo)


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PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party chairman Fred Mitchell yesterday rebuked Donovan Moxey, telling the Bahamas Power and Light chairman to leave the inflammatory invective to politicians who have equal standing in the arena with Official Opposition Leader Philip “Brave” Davis.

Mr Mitchell accused Dr Moxey of “backpedalling” over his estimation earlier this week of how much BPL bills have increased; using his own usage as an example, Dr Moxey told reporters he saw a spike of between 60 per cent and 70 per cent.

However, Mr Moxey blasted Mr Davis on Wednesday for using the same figures, calling him “irresponsible,” and saying he should know better.

“Donovan Moxey’s comments attacking the leader of the opposition as reported in this morning’s press are out of order and inappropriate language for the chairman of a public corporation,” Mr Mitchell said in a statement released yesterday. “Dr Moxey should leave the inflammatory invective to politicians who have equal standing in the arena with the leader of the opposition. He ought to stick to the facts and keeping the lights on.

“It appears that poor Dr Moxey does not even remember what he said on the rate issue. He himself indicated as reported in direct quotes on Eyewitness News that his own bill saw an increase of 60 per cent due to fuel charges. It reported him further as saying that there were bills as high as 70 per cent higher.

“This morning’s backpedalling by Dr Moxey is evidence of a change to a convenient narrative due to mounting public disapproval regarding the drastic increase in the cost of energy to consumers.”

The release continued: “We also point out that the general issue is that whatever BPL says, the public does not believe them. BPL’s leadership has no credibility. The corporation still has the stench of corruption around it. This will continue until the government is able to explain why it’s former chair was dismissed with the claims made by her of suspect conduct by other board members, including Dr Moxey.

“Until the prime minister and the FNM are able to start the promised investigation and come clean on the alleged corruption, no one will believe a word BPL or its chairman says. Attacking the leader of the opposition cannot help Dr Moxey keep the lights on. It is clear they have no plan for BPL and thus they have to attack and blame the PLP.

“The Bahamian people demand of the chairman of BPL and the Minnis government that they deliver immediately both a cost-effective and sustainable solution to our energy challenge. Any increase in the cost of energy on an already economically burden society is a departure from any form of good conscience.”

On Thursday, Tribune Business reported Dr Moxey had criticised claims that electricity rates will increase by 70 percent as “irresponsible” and “false ramblings”.

Dr Moxey told this newspaper on Wednesday: “I thought it was irresponsible. There is no 70 percent rate increase. That number came from nowhere.

“The only thing that changed from a rate perspective is a two cents movement in the fuel surcharge going from 17.5 cents to 19.5 cents. It would take months, if not a year to get a rate increase approved by URCA (the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority).”

The Nassau Guardian also reported Thursday that Dr Moxey lashed out at Mr Davis, and called the PLP’s leader’s comments “completely irresponsible.”

“I’m referring to the petition to anybody who talks about 70 percent increase,” the newspaper quotes Dr Moxey as saying. “I’m referring to some news press release I saw given by the opposition party. All of those people who do that are irresponsible and they know better or at least they should know better.”

His comments came the same day Mr Davis released a statement criticising the government for what he called “the sharp 70 percent hike in electricity cost.”


The_Oracle 5 years, 8 months ago

Wait until you cannot even buy power, never mind the rate! Generation will no doubt fail long before any actionable occurs, The rate at which we crumble our infrastructure increases daily, in proportion with the amplitude of the self appointed finger pointing committee members.

Well_mudda_take_sic 5 years, 8 months ago

Right you are. Just look at what's happened to the General Post Office system. The dimwitted Doc has no power and is totally incompetent. Only an imbecile of the highest order would have ever selected KP Turnquest to be Minister of Finance and DPM.

ohdrap4 5 years, 8 months ago

“Dr Moxey should leave the inflammatory invective to politicians who have equal standing in the arena with the leader of the opposition.

translation: Never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and he pig likes it.

Sickened 5 years, 8 months ago

Funnily enough that's the same thing the people told Mitchell during the last election!

sealice 5 years, 8 months ago

He's like the Black Donald Trump - just make schit up and say it repeatedly and eventually most of the dumbarsses that the PLP never gave a fair chance at getting a proper high school education will start to believe it and follow suit with their friends.... like the hair commercials in the 80's.... and he told 2 dumbarssess and they told 2 dumbarsses and the lies just spread themselves until no one know's what's right or wrong.... FOR SURE NO ONE BELIEVES ANYTHING YOU SAY EITHER FWEDDY SO IT'S A WASH!!!

TalRussell 5 years, 8 months ago

Rather than comrade chairman's Freddy waving still photo "Big Bad" Brad's while he's chasing after the pennies, nickles and dimes the poor,,,,,, why didn't Freddy not have chat from his heart to the still beating heart former PLP chairman - that since won't be able take his barrels nickels and the dimes with him - why not leave lil some cash behind wipe-out party's membership dollars deficit? {You'd have be of shaky mind wants make such up - more so since "Big Bad" Brad - likes red party and Freddy he self - cam/'returned back party with brushes UBP history blended his DNA }.

birdiestrachan 5 years, 8 months ago

History will record that it was the PLP who introduced free high School education and it was the PLP who is responsible for the college now university of the Bahamas, I am not certain about BTVI but I believe so.

There is the saying you can take the horse to water but you can not make it drink Bahamians have to take responsibility for themselves,

The_Oracle 5 years, 8 months ago

Yep, free High school education and College of the Bahamas were put in place by the PLP, Which is why they ain't worth much. There are children who will learn in any environment, they will excel by their own hand and motivation, but the masses are left behind. Soon to be the same with "free healthcare" it free but can't find none.

licks2 5 years, 8 months ago

It is a strange thing that the PLP introduced free HS education when LOP, PGC, BN, FM etc . . .all of them went to the GOVERNMENT HIGH SCHOOL . . .the whole black elite class. . .dead and alive were trained in the FREE GHS. . .UNDER THE BRITISH THEN THE UBP FROM 1964. . .then taken over by the PLP when they became government in 1967!!!!! So ya mean to tell me that LOP was building a HS while he was a student in that same HS?? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. . . .

The college of the Bahamas was ESTABLISHED SIMPLY BY THE PLP TAKING THE ELITE "FREE" HIGH SCHOOL THE BRITISH/UBP ESTABLISHED AND "CHANGED THE NAME" TO COB!!! Then they build the present GHS on the grounds of the old airport!!

If my memory serves me right. . .present BTVI was simply turned into BTVI from the Technical College. . .from what the UBP left in place!!

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