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John 10 years, 5 months ago on Government's anti-crime initiatives

I would say I was dismayed, disappointed and left in a state of disbelief by the PM's plan to tackle on crime. In fact I think sixth grade students could have come up ith more brilliant ideas in a 40 minute class essay. But here are some additional things the government may consider: 1. There are just too many young men sitting idle in the island of New Providence and parts of Grand StrongBahama. If only in the interim government must come up with some sort of service to engage young men from school leaving age at least until the age of 23 in something gainful. Call it national service if you may.

2.Befor the actions of young men become criminal and a police matter, government must find ways to intervene, on the personal level, at the family level; and on a social level.

3.Government must find ways to assist persons who may have been involved in crime or criminal activity and who now want to get out of these activities. Persons who may need to relocate to another family island and start life anew. They may need to be away from ole influences and inducements or safely away from the activities of gangs they were formerly a part of.

4 The need for more male orientated programs in junior and high schools, and more socially orientated programs. drivers education, family planning or parenting skills.

  1. More stiffer penalties being meted out to perpertrators of serious and violent crimes, especially crimes against the person. remove the judges who seem to be going soft on criminals at least to another area

  2. Consider the re-instatement of corporal punishment for these same types of crimes.

  3. Establish laws that make the release from prison after a third serious offense no longer automatic. felons will have to o before a release panel near the completion of their sentence to determine I they are fit to return to society.

8 NO BAIL for persons charged with ore than one serious offence. 9. NO BAIL for persons with previous charges of murder, armed robber, rape or home invasion

  1. Introduction of big brother/big sister programs.

  2. Encouraging retired police officers and other retired civil servants to enter the junior and senior schools as mentors, role model and to assist n identifying 'at risk' males and heping to get them in programs to steer them in the right direction.

  3. More youth orientated programs, not only on special occasions but some that are on a year round basis.

13 strengthening of the witness protection program.

happy 2014!

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Westpoint 10 years, 5 months ago on Government's anti-crime initiatives

The Chief of Police said over and repeatedly for the last two years that he is sick and tired of arresting the same criminals for the exact offenses over and over and over and again. According to him (Chief) these punks should never have been released on bail to re offend again. It doesn't make one bit of difference how many initiatives the PM comes up with, if refuses to address the bail issues immediately with murders, armed robberies, rapes, the Police Chief is saying The Bahamas will soon become like that of our Caribbean brothers and sisters with it;s citizens trying to move into the united States of America. Please listen Mr. PM sir to the Chief and stop allowing some Magistrates and Judges to impose whatever sentence they desire upon their family members and friends. Three strikes and you're out.

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ThisIsOurs 10 years, 5 months ago on Government's anti-crime initiatives

We need a new prison, physical structure and mode of administration. Some of these guys will eventually be let out and God forbid you let them out more hardened than when they went in

Nottage needs to resign

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star 10 years, 5 months ago on Police alarm at murder rate

Not quite getting the headline. Is there a "Police Alarm", or are the Police Alarmed?

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rory 10 years, 5 months ago on Pair of gunmen rob pre-school

Why dont they upload the video to youtube or liveleak like everyone else in the world does and stop running on, we want to see video not read all that crap.

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The_Oracle 10 years, 5 months ago on Bahamas told: Keep fiscal reform 'dirty laundry' in-house

If there ever was a time for Bahamians to wake up and stop eating what the politicos shovel, It is now. Our national fiscal position is deplorable, but the Governments solution is to take the peoples personal finances over the cliff also. Government assisted financial suicide. If they can take your money, the IMF will keep lending them money to siphon off for themselves, hiring consultant after consultant only to ignore them all, unless they agree with the IMF! Ironic we are about to celebrate Majority Rule day, after which the enslavement continues!

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sheeprunner12 10 years, 5 months ago on VAT 'is the most complex of taxes'



SAY NO TO VAT..................



IS THIS A PIPE DREAM ?????????????????????????????

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blackcat 10 years, 5 months ago on Top bank executive detained at immigration road block

You are SUCH A fKIN jackas it is amazing. You are one of those people who seek to provoke people in the most negative way ever. Come on man, everyone is entitled to their opinion but you are such a TROLL bey, just looking for reactions and I guess you got it from me. We already have so much negativity when it comes to race relations here. You need to comment sensibly or not at all.

like BID says- this is not even a race issue. I agree with their comment 110%. There is a right and wrong way to handle this and the officers completely mishandled this situation.

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spoitier 10 years, 5 months ago on Top bank executive detained at immigration road block

That is precisely the problem with a lot of Bahamians, they would allow wrong doing to go on as long as they're benefitting and when it stops they then they cry foul. It is the same thing when government change hand and the new government start laying off people to hire their cronies, the ones being laying off would always cry discrimination, however, when they got the job during the last change over in government because of the samething, you didn't hear a word from them.

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JohnDoes 10 years, 5 months ago on Top bank executive detained at immigration road block

I really dont understand why carrying an ID is such a big deal. I would encourage Bahamians to carry it everywhere and in any country. Simply being lazy and not wanting to carry a little plastic card that could fit with the rest of your bank cards in your wallets/coin pouches is puzzling to me. For foreigners: You should expect to carry valid ID/Passport/Permits (you are a foreigner that is the only way to prove you can be here) incase they stop and ask. The thing is Bahamians ask for justice, yet are not responsible enough to save their own a$$e$. They did say that they would be doing this, you think if they said 'when' that they would catch anybody. You call yourself thinker, yet you dont really 'think'.

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Emac 10 years, 5 months ago on Top bank executive detained at immigration road block

I am confused! It is now 2014 for God’s sake. I thought by now all work permit holders would be carrying an electronic immigration swipe card: One that can fit in any wallet. My how we love to complicate things in this country. The whole purpose of upgrading from the big, green immigration sheet to an electronic card was to avoid these types of situation. It is simple, the officer swipes the card and the necessary information comes up. No need for a national ID. If an immigration officer suspects someone is illegal simply ask that person to produce this electronic card. I mean what the fck is wrong with these government departments. Can’t they ever advance beyond the big, block handwriting on every gad dam form?

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Emac 10 years, 5 months ago on Top bank executive detained at immigration road block

In this case it is the thugs fault. If a problem cannot be resolved without the supervisor, what is the purpose of even approaching someone about their legal status in the first place?

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ThisIsOurs 10 years, 5 months ago on Top bank executive detained at immigration road block

You're ignoring the reality if where the .bahamas sits on the food chain. Just the other day the PM was begging the Swiss banks not to pull out. Look reality in the face.

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GrassRoot 10 years, 5 months ago on Top bank executive detained at immigration road block

Interesting to see how the debate about criminals turns into a debate about immigration. Last time I checked it was mostly the legal immigrants that did not kill their neighbours with guns, did not sell drugs, did not double dip with NIB and (sic!) paid the NIB contributions for their employees, themselves and their staff. Reality is if you move from Switzerland or Europe or the US to the Bahamas, you don't have a brother that is police officer or a cousin that is politician, and you follow the rules.

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B_I_D___ 10 years, 5 months ago on Top bank executive detained at immigration road block

The silly thing about it is this...not really a black or white issue, just a common sense issue on behalf of the officers. You have a 'top banker' pull him over, he does not DENY that he is working, doesn't claim to be a visitor, he tells you he is the director in charge of UBS. Chances are he was driving a car owned and registered to UBS. You know where he works, they have a massive building and complex right next to East Villa near Waterloo. This man is not a threat that needs to be detained and possibly deported for being an illegal. Send him on his way, alert head office, have them send an immigration officer to his offices at a predetermined time to give him time to get his paperwork out of the safe or safe deposit box which is likely where a Swiss minded individual would keep important documents and document him. Or tell him he needs to report to Hawkins Hill with his papers and meet this specific individual...otherwise we will be forced to visit your offices. It's the shady characters out there that you can tell without much difficulty that they are illegal, are they in a big fancy vehicle dressed for work, then tell you, no, I'm just visiting...with a briefcase on the passenger seat.

So many other ways this could have been handled, but because the immigration officers were power tripping, it ended up like it did and might just be the final nail in the coffin that drives UBS out of this country...they have already been pairing down their operations significantly and I believe there were in fact talks of them closing the Nassau branches in the past couple years. There are better ways to go about it is all I am trying to say, having the gestapo stop you at roadblocks with a massive chip on their shoulder and something to prove, is not the right way to go about it.

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Reality_Check 10 years, 4 months ago on Bahamas must join 'innovative' IFCs to survive

Mr. Moree continues with his babble that the Bahamas will be okay as an offshore financial centre so long as there is a level playing field with its competitors. He just can't seem to see the forest for sake of the trees. The greedy tax regimes of the developed countries are hell bent in driving all significant offshore financial business of any kind on to their own shores. They have head faked everyone into believing their actions are justified to prevent money-laundering, including the financing of terrorist activities, etc. Truth be told, the offshore financial centres (OFCs) lost the war many years ago when they permitted the developed countries to include tax evasion within the definition of money-laundering. Meanwhile these same developed countries are enjoying great expansion in their own onshore financial centres at the expense of OFCs like the Bahamas, never mind all the money-laundering that takes place each day in the onshore financial centres like London, New York, Delaware, Nevada, etc. The governments of OFCs have now even been duped into paying for very costly information gathering, monitoring and reporting systems to help developed countries collect taxes owed by their own dishonest citizens. Mr. Moree's failure to see the writing on the wall simply puts him a state of denial. The offshore financial services industry is shriveling up fast and anyone who believes otherwise must be as bright as....well, a QC!