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banker 10 years, 9 months ago on Killer toad found in New Providence

Don't suck the poison out. It might actually improve the food at the Double Dragon. I ordered the mixed appetizer plate, and couldn't tell the difference between any of them. They were all lumpy bits of battered, deep-fried in diesel, bits of who knows what.

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John 10 years, 7 months ago on PM announces commission to create new festival

One would think that they would start off by doing some ;local music and entertainment downtown (after the stores close, or even have extended store hours, on the night that the most cruise ships are in. Bay Street can be closed to traffic, and have chairs and tables set up for outdoor dining, the police band. local artist and artisans can display their works for sale and finish with a junkanoo rush. So you improve on and increase the presentation of things that are popular with the tourist.Then grow it into an event that is put on annually where it is of a larger scale and can draw the numbers to make it successful. The weekly or biweekly events should be more of a walk about, dining affair, rather than a rush out that draws large crowds but tourists do not get to spend any money. The booze and cruise and ferry boats can be used to taxi persons from Paradise Island and even offer cruises around the harbor after the event. Remember tourists aint coming here to hear about our problems, or worry about them. they want to party, to be entertained, to have fun and have some experience to take back home.

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Thinker 10 years, 7 months ago on Four teens in prison for murder, says minister

The countries with the least amount of crime are those with the highest standards of education. Hire as many cops as you wish, and as long as the education system remains as is, you will keep SPENDING on law ENFORCEMENT rather than instilling the ideals of peace keeping. (P.s. Marijuana is being legalized all over the world. This country is missing out on the potential tax benefits of legalization of a perfectly safe recreational herb.)

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Greentea 10 years, 6 months ago on VIDEOS OF SUSPECTS RELEASED

This is a really serious act and it requires a response that is sure and swift. Unfortunately for us, I have no faith- and this is a sad thing to admit much less say- that this administration or the last has/had the vision or political will to develop and enforce solutions to the problem. Policing and the judicial system in this country are broken and the criminals in this act has given everyone the middle finger. This is what we get for settling for the sad representation and governance we have had for the past decades. This is what the so called middle class get for remaining silent all these years and protecting what they thought was their hard won territory at the expense of the rest of Bahamians. Leaving over the hill but renting substandard housing to the poorer replacements, and immigrants and then showing them disdain- even though only one generation removed from that condition themselves. This is what we get for claiming righteousness, but taking the shortcuts too when made available to us. This is what we get with a tourist economy that paid pool hands at Atlantis twice as much as teachers and expected that profession to attract the best and brightest? To remain a respected profession in an increasingly consumerist society? This is what we get when we pass incompetent so called teachers onto vulnerable students for decades. This is what we get when criminal activity is glamorized. This is what we get in a country without accountability, a culture of responsibility and consequences for serious anti-social behavior. This is what you get when immoral acts against children, women and the defenseless are not punished. This is what we get when those with all want more and suck and suck and give nothing back to the community. This is what you get when people only think about themselves and theirs and forget that if you don't think about community and show concern for it and your neighbor, that the neighbor might someday prey on you. This is what you get when you stop taking children to church (your right) - but have no alternative ways to teach children the valuable human lessons of the those Bible stories- irrespective of what you believe. Too many hypocrites in the so-called church. The old prey on the young, women and men covet each other's things- husbands, wives and partners without consequence and feed off of the thrill of secrecy and ego. We hurt each other without thought. We are lazy, suckneck, hypocrites. After 40 years of prosperity we should be ashamed of where the country is right now. It should have been a gem, but instead we have created a multi-headed monster that is careening into an abyss. We live next to a murderer who is out on bail. Every time I see that fella I wonder - what does that say- his being out on the free walking the streets- about how we value of the life he took. And you know what the answer is- nothing. If we don't value the place- if we don't expect AND insist on better- it aint coming.

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banker 10 years, 4 months ago on Officer held as TV taken from PM's home

Maybe the officer was just doing a bit of urban renewal in the pool house.

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banker 10 years, 1 month ago on Deputy PM: Media delight in nation's discontent

More of the same PLP bull. It goes like this - "Don't believe what your eyes are telling you -- believe what we are telling you". The PLP and the truth are complete strangers. There is not an honest, upright man among them. There is not a patriot among them. It would be anathema to them to put the good of country ahead of good for themselves. They are rotten to the core and totally corrupt. There moral compass is gone astray. If they had a real leader they wouldn't have even let that criminal Shame Gibson stand for nomination. The same goes for the inept Mitchell, and the odoriferous Obie, MoneyBags Brainless Gray and that Putz Pinder, just to name a few. Christie is their leader because the rabble can manipulate him. The country suffers and they just don't care.

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Publius 10 years ago on Bimini: 'Incontrovertible proof' dredging illegal

This is one of the reasons I do not mind having a final court of appeal that is outside The Bahamas, especially now where we are watching court justices shamelessly carry out naked political agendas from the bench.

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242orgetslu 10 years ago on Lawyer fears jail - but says he wont' pay $2,000 fine

Dutty Jail aint dat hard king, (bin der, done dat) and you only looking at 14 days, smt small tings dutty hol firm and you cud handle dat. The ting is from you is a real nigga, you cud survuve in jail, niggaz kno who real from who aint. One ting you aint gat to worry bout is no batty man king! You would get mash down just talkin dat shit so........Hold firm, stand for what you believe in once it's right in the sight of God and you ga be str8 dutty!

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WETHEPEOPLE 9 years, 10 months ago on Christie says no to gay marriage

and its funny how short of a memory black people seem to have. No more than a couple years ago we were slaves, being whipped by the white man on a daily basis. Once free from that we still were at the bottom of the totem pole, fighting for seats on white only buses. Now here today, we seem to have forgotten what it feels like to be oppressed. We seem to forget that we as black people once fought for our right to be equal! The trials of the past should be used as a beacon in giving rights to all people. Everyone should have a right to live the way they see fit to live, whether governments of churches agree with it or not. We love to proclaim the Bahamas as a Christian nation yet politicians steal at every turn, pastors sleep with minors, both boys and girls, and a whole lot of other stuff goes on that is not very Christian. So please make way for a new generation who dosent rely soley on religous books to guide their ways, but they rely on a sense of humanity, understanding that eberyone deserves the right to be who they are.

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daTruth 9 years, 9 months ago on Pastor: God doesn't make same-sex marriage a right

Don't know where to begin with this dinosaur.

“The fabric of our society is based upon Christian principles." - are these the same Christian principles that see our brothers robbing, shooting and killing each other every night? Taking away that precious gift of life without a second thought? Those same Christian principles that are embodied by many married men committing adultery and neglecting their outside children yet sitting up in these same churches on a Sunday praising the Lord God Almighty? What about the members of your congregations who are giving and tithing (10% - HA!) to the Church but who are offering up larger sums Monday to Saturday at the illegal web shops waiting for their numbers to drop?

“The minute our Christian country begins to accept and to accommodate these types of behaviour, which in my view is going to eventually happen, all it means is that it weakens the fabric of the nation,” - The Bahamas will eventually accept, accommodate and end discrimination against ALL of its citizens so why don't we look at pushing that Agenda NOW to build up and strengthen the fabric of our country - a country that we can be proud of!

Scavella our beautiful country may have been built and founded on Christian principles but The Bahamas has NOT been a Christian nation for a long time and your bigoted interview above does nothing but prove that you are truly not a man of God.

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Bahamianpride 9 years, 9 months ago on Pastor: God doesn't make same-sex marriage a right

Salem witch trails, inquisition, Jihadist, mid east conflict, september 11, conflict in Ireland, slavery, etc etc I can go on forever about the hertrosities committed or justified in the name God. Using scriptures considering the murderous history of religion y'all cannot be serious. How many millions have died as a result of religious wars, persecution. Religion was used to justify slavery.

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concernedcitizen 9 years, 9 months ago on Religious leader says homosexuality 'a massive deception'


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Bahamianpride 9 years, 9 months ago on Religious leader says homosexuality 'a massive deception'

Agreed with Tal, Jesus=love. On another note why is he not as passionate about the dysfuntions going on in the church and our general society. The Pastors sleeping around, pimps in the pulpits or the general hypocracy u get from religious people these days. Considering his status on the world stage, u would think he would consistantly express outraged about the 84 murders, hundreds of robberries, burglaries, assualts, sex crimes, thefts and the list goes on. How about the poverty and the multitude of kids born out of wedlock to some deadbeat dad or married man. You see the problem is Christians or religious people cannot throw stones at these people because our house is not even made out of glass, its made out of toilet paper. At the end of the day he can say whatever he wants because he will always be living good, eating steak and drinking wine, while the rest of us are worried about eating, paying bills & not being a crime victim. He lives under top level security and can live in beautiful enviroments anywhere in the world so he does not have to deal with the struggles and suffering of many Bahamians. What all the problems we have in this country this event does not even show up on my radar..I don't have the luxury of worrying about this non threatening event, I'm to focused on protecting my family, staying alive and providing financially. Lastly i have never walked in Grants, Bain town or any area worried about some gay or transgender individual robbing, assualting or killing me.

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HarryWyckoff 9 years, 9 months ago on LGBT attack 'is hate speech'

There will be, but like everything that (slowly) advances The Bahamas towards becoming something close to a civilised nation, it will be at least 10 years after the rest of the entire world has done away with insidious, ancient prejudice, hate and bigotry such as that spouted by this 'man of god'.

The rest of the world is pretty much there... we can only hope this nation will be one day too.

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hurricane 9 years, 9 months ago on LGBT attack 'is hate speech'

If you would drop the stupid comrade references perhaps people would take your posts serioulsy. Ever thought of using Dr Munroe instead of the asinine "comrade preacherman"? You're an idiot...hopeless.

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DreamerX 9 years, 9 months ago on LGBT attack 'is hate speech'

Essentially, you can be whatever you want to be, just don't talk about it, don't expect to be treated fairly, don't expect to receive couple treatments under law, don't expect to receive the basic access others of the "normal" and proper group have access to. This is the motto of the ignorant black christian Bahamian. It's rather alluding historically like such of the Nazi party and the Hutu Hate Groups of recent history.

First, make it clear the others don't deserve to be treated fairly, then make it clear that they are doing is wrong and should be ashamed, then spread rumors of trying to hurt others or 'convert' others, and finally spark the fuse.

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DonAnthony 9 years, 9 months ago on YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: It's fishy that only a few can play in gaming bill

Mr. Gibson all of your suggestions are intelligently thought through, fair, equitable, and in the interest of the common good. As a result I am quite confident NONE of them will be implemented. Now we can all return to banging our heads against the wall hoping for positive change. The fix is in and has been all along.

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Well_mudda_take_sic 9 years ago on Cuba: Immediate threat to 20% of Bahamas’ visitors

Economist, you really have it all wrong. English & French Canadians, together with the Spaniards from Spain, simply can't get enough of Cuba when it comes to spending their vacation money. The American tourists who will soon will be flooding into Cuba will not dampen the great love affair with everything Cuban that the Canadians and Spaniards have been enjoying for many decades now.