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Govt ‘still considering’ relocating some homes damaged in hurricane

NATIONAL Emergency Management Agency Director Captain Stephen Russell said the government is still considering relocating some of the homes destroyed by Hurricane Joaquin last month.

Health Insurance industry ‘discussing NHI contingency plans’

TENSIONS between the government and insurance stakeholders are likely to grow after PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts likened the industry to a cartel last week, with one industry insider telling The Tribune yesterday that stakeholders are discussing contingency plans in case the Christie administration fails to incorporate some of its proposals into its National Health Insurance scheme.

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Lawyers challenge credibility of witness in Kurt McCartney trial

A WITNESS’ credibility and recollection of how businessman Kurt McCartney met his death was significantly challenged in Supreme Court on Friday by lawyers for those accused of the killing. 

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E-pass system ‘introduced to improve hospital security’

DIRECTOR of the Princess Margaret Hospital Mary Walker in a move to quell concerns over the hospital’s new electronic-pass system said on Friday that the initiative was introduced to improve the facility’s security services.

Plans to install four Doppler radar systems for weather tracking

PLANS to strengthen the country’s weather tracking services with the addition of four Doppler radar systems “are in the works,” according to the Director of the Department of Meteorology Trevor Basden.

‘Distressing’ NHI threat to 60% of FamGuard revenue

Family Guardian’s president fears the “worrisome and distressing” National Health Insurance (NHI) uncertainty will threaten a business that accounts for 60 per cent of his top-line.

Businesses warned: Brace for VAT audits

Bahamian businesses must brace for the launch of formal Value-Added Tax (VAT) audits in 2016, with the Government building up an extensive database of their return activity.

FNM fearing ‘inherent risks’ in new BEC model

The Opposition says it is withholding support for the Government’s proposed energy sector reforms due to “inherent risks” in the model for the ‘new BEC’.

Insurer: ‘No concern’ on first $326k VAT expense

Family Guardian’s president says he has seen “nothing to warrant any concern” from Value-Added Tax’s (VAT) imposition on insurance, despite the levy adding $326,000 to third quarter expenses.

Insurers demand NHI consultant’s dismissal

Bahamian insurers have added their voice to demands that the Government “immediately terminate” Sanigest Internacional as its key National Health Insurance (NHI) adviser, arguing the company “no longer commands the respect or confidence” of the healthcare industry.