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DNA: Go beyond 'semantics' in developing OECD counter

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) yesterday urged the Government to go beyond the “semantics” of whether The Bahamas was “blacklisted” in the targeting of its economic permanent residency regime.Arinthia Komolafe, pictured, the party’s deputy le

Post Office Bank 'didn't know' the level of client deposits

The Post Office Savings Bank did not know how much money it held in customer deposits when examined by the Auditor General for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.The Government’s financial watchdog, in a report tabled in the House of Assembly on Wednesday, re

NHI catastrophic plan to cost under $1,000

The Government plans to roll-out National Health Insurance (NHI) catastrophic care plans costing “as little as $1,000 per year” within the next three to four weeks, it was revealed yesterday.Dr Duane Sands, minister of health and national insurance,

$20m mini-hospital 'short on support'

A Cabinet minister yesterday said the $20 million George Town “mini-hospital” is still in need of basic support services, with a shortage of qualified healthcare professionals impacting the entire Bahamas.Speaking at the Exuma Business Outlook confer

'Bolster' bidder disclosure for govt contracts amid woes

Investigators have called for the draft Public Procurement Bill to “be bolstered” on payment approvals and bidder disclosure following exposure of the Ministry of Finance’s contract woes.FTI Consulting, which probed the ministry’s computer supply and

Chamber chief calls for more 'autonomy'

THE Exuma Chamber of Commerce’s president yesterday called for greater “autonomy” and local involvement in the sustainable development of Family Island economies, while lamenting the impact of high energy costs.Pedro Rolle, the Exuma Chamber of Comme

Crime fears are attack on tourism

Crime, and the fear of crime, represent an attack on the tourism industry and wider Bahamian economy, a senior Ministry of Tourism official has argued.Joy Jibrilu, the ministry’s secretary-general, told a workshop on tourist safety and security that

Civil servants shredded documents to hide fraud

Shredding documents to cover up fraudulent activities was “a matter of routine” at the Department of Social Services, the Auditor General has revealed.The government’s chief financial watchdog warned that “impaired internal controls” and “a severe br

'Crisis monitoring' over boat tragedy

The Ministry of Tourism was yesterday said to have activated its “crisis monitoring” as it braces for more international fall-out following the report into the causes of the 4C’s boating tragedy.Ellison “Tommy” Thompson, the Ministry’s deputy directo