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Don’t allow COVID apathy to ‘strangle economic rebound’

A top hotelier yesterday warned The Bahamas “must not allow apathy” to undermine the COVID fight, while admitting the surge in cases will make the Government “more tentative” over the further restriction easing sought by tourism.

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‘Buy good real estate but a cheap vehicle’

Suggestions that today’s Budget will seek to “promote home ownership” and green energy yesterday generated calls for an attitude overhaul and a variety of tax reforms from participants in both sectors.

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Bahamas ‘can’t be complacent’ on 15% corporate tax push back

The Bahamas “cannot be complacent” despite yesterday being granted more time to determine its approach to the G-7/OECD-led push for a minimum 15 percent global corporate income tax rate.

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FNM and unions unite on $4m ‘overpayment’

A Cabinet minister’s assertion that the Government’s finance officers awarded themselves a $4m pay rise without any Cabinet or other approvals yesterday united the FNM and trade unions in opposition.

‘Hardship’ threat over VAT medical bill move

The Government is threatening to cause “additional hardship” for thousands of Bahamians who enjoy private medical insurance through VAT-related reforms that will increase medical bills and treatment costs.

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HUBERT EDWARDS: Today’s Budget for a better tomorrow

We previously considered The Bahamas’ debt sustainability, and looked at the challenges faced from a Caribbean context.

Minister says tax hikes an ‘absolute last resort’

A Cabinet minister yesterday reiterated that new and/or increased taxes are an “absolute last resort” given that they will undermine The Bahamas’ post-COVID recovery, again pledging that they will not feature in today’s Budget.

EDITORIAL: No excuse for failing to disclose

“THERE are a lot of persons who missed.”