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From a ‘one-bedroom shack’ to cover girl glamour

Bahamian spotlighted by international magazine

The experience of gracing the cover of an international magazine has been nothing short of amazing for Bahamian Felicia Archer.

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YOU GO GIRL: Young entrepreneur opens luxury nail bar

Freeport, Grand Bahama – “Life is too short to wear boring nail polish,” say many of ladies who support the $786 million-dollar nail polish industry. Which is why Grand Bahama’s newest nail artist is bringing the bling back to nail design. Bling’d 11

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Author encourages women to 'walk the talk'

With a passion to see Bahamian women enjoy a satisfying and fulfilling life that comes from being empowered, Tanya Sweeting, under the umbrella of the New Image Ladies organisation, hosted a special symposium in Cat Island last week.With the theme “

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Pressing life's reset button

It was a time for participants to slow down, reflect, dig deep and “Reset” their lives as Sharell Carroll presented her latest motivational event. Sharell, who is known as the “Inspired Coach”, said she hosted the “Reset” programme to help Bahamians

Getting older younger

Dedicated to Rena Sands Roberts and Alvina Butler Taylor “A man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Dr Myles Munroe I was born and raised in the United States. I’m not officially a citizen of the Bahama

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Love is in the details

Seeing the love and attention to detail that went into planning her own nuptials a year ago has inspired Larissa Burrows to launch a one-stop bridal resource to help give Bahamian couples the wedding of their dreams.She describes her new company, c

Design your lifestyle - A small loss

Victoria Sarne continues her examination of life-changing moments and daily challenges

I am one of those annoying people (despite my best attempts not to be) who are meticulously on time to the second, or early, no matter how busy the traffic. I often have to keep driving to whittle away the time before I turn around so that I will at least not be too early and throw the host/hostess into a tither. I seem to have a built-in atomic clock so it takes a serious effort to make myself late for anything.

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Goodbye is the saddest word

Roxanne Chipman closes doors on Gleniston Learning Centre

Roxanne Chipman has announced her retirement from education and the consequent closure of her preschool, the Gleniston Centre for Learning.

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Bell rings for wife schoolNew programme helps women find and keep "Mr Right"

People go to school to learn all kinds of skills. But what about so-called “wifely skills” – skills to find the perfect man and keep the relationship successful and fulfilling over the years.Local entrepreneur Kosha Johnson believes that she can prov

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Viral video star ‘Boss Lady’ makes U-turn to success

FOLLOWING the rise to fame by people like the ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl and the BBC dad who got interrupted by his kids, the Bahamas now has its very own viral video star in Hendera Rolle, known as ‘Boss Lady Florida’.

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Powerful masculinities

This past weekend, The Island House Film Festival provided a venue for the screening of many Caribbean features and short films. One film was “Cargo” by Kareem Mortimer. A deeply troubling and tragic film, “Cargo” highlights the gender biases so oft

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The dangers of butt implants

Local surgeon warns of taking short-cuts with cosmetic procedures

Thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose, not to mention the numerous Instagram models, big butts are now more popular than ever.A big, round booty is for many a must-have to be attractive in this day and age. And while

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Christa believes in finishing touches

The true fashionista understands that is it the little things that make the big picture complete. An outfit can be as fabulous as it wants to be, but it’s the accessories that take your ensemble to the next level of style.

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YOU GO GIRL: Ayanna celebrates life after death with new book, single

BAHAMIAN psalmist Ayanna Clarke said she felt like an orphan after the death of her mother a few years ago. Without her “chief cheerleader and support system” to help her navigate the day-to-day, she suddenly found herself at a loss of what to do wi

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Men: 'Ladies, we have feelings too'

Good Man Campaign to host empowerment seminar

NOW, more than ever, one can hear the cries of women the world over: “Men are no good. Men are lousy; they’re abusive,” they say. And while their very serious complaints are likely to be valid more often than not, one local organisation believes that