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Friends in deed

THE Friends of The Library Committee, Eleuthera, is stepping up to be friends for the community during the pandemic.

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16 days to prevent violence

Standing against the recent spike in domestic violence incidences in the country, the Zonta Club of New Providence is readying to launch a campaign to “Stop Violence against Women, Girls and Children”.

Uniting to bring peace

The Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas are joining forces in an effort to end domestic violence.

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'A bittersweet ending to search for my mother'

NICOLE Lightbourn, who featured in Tribune Woman last week and who has been on a quest to find her biological mother, will sadly never have that reunion she has dreamt of all her life. After going public with her story about being adopted, Nicole learnt her birth mother Laurie Brennen passed away in 2006.

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Nicole’s brother also trying to locate family

HOPING to have the same good fortune as his sister Nicole Lightbourne who was able to find her biological family, adopted brother Nathan Lightbourn is now on the same journey as his sister.

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Making waves in Canada

SINCE the recent grand opening of the “Hair Granted Beauty Supply Store” in Toronto, Canada, Bahamian owner Zhorrah Grant said the response she is receiving from Bahamians is amazing.

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The daily challenge: what's for dinner?

With 7pm weekly curfews and the food stores closed on weekends, it is harder than ever to figure out that never-ending question of what’s for dinner.

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I'm just looking for my mom

ALL NICOLE Lightbourne knows about her biological mother is her name “Laurie Brennen”, she gave birth to her in 1984 at the Princess Margaret Hospital and put her up for adoption three years later.

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The little changes that can make a big difference

IT’S the little things that can make a difference.

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I suffered abuse, held my daughter as she died - let’s end this vicious cycle

Levita Thurston knows more than most the pain of domestic abuse.

Farewell, Amanda - as she steps down from NAGB role

FOR ten years, Amanda Coulson has led the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas - meaning the announcement of her departure as executive director marks the end of an era.

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Veola brings hope with new single

OUT of her own personal testimony of seeing God show up time and time again was born Veola Stewart’s newest single - which she believes will bring hope to those who hear it.

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The Evolving Woman

THROUGH HER web-based TV show titled Empowering Queens TV, Bahamian women Duquesa Dean is steady supporting and encouraging ladies to pursue their dreams, overcome limitations and to shatter boundaries in their lives.

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A Life of Poetry

THROUGH HER love for God, writing, family, the youth in the community, and life experiences over the years, Anna Lewis has turned her pain into poetry.

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Breaking the taboo of facial hair

Facial hair and body hair, while considered attractive for men, is often ridiculed in women.