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Finding our voice for the national discourse

Our silence to abuse and inequality is amazing, yet we choose to speak up when we see that someone is being ‘abused’ if that somebody is related to us.

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MICHELLE MILLER: Women and a powerful voice for social change

AS WOMEN celebrate National Women’s Week – under the theme “Women and the Environment: Creating Partnerships for Sustainable Development” - it is important to note that the focal point of any sustainable development begins with a positive social change.

BUN IN THE OVEN: A time to be truly thankful for so much

THIS WEEK is Thanksgiving and although I’m not an American, I do celebrate Thanksgiving as if I were.

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Gymnasts flip and vault for cancer awareness

AFTER discovering that one of its members had been diagnosed with breast cancer, the Bahamas Gymnastics Parents Booster Club (BGPBC) made it its duty to keep cancer awareness at the top of their charitable efforts throughout the year.

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'Let It Snow in the Islands'

BAHAMIAN designer Cardell McClam unveiled his new Fall/Winter 016 collection during the “Let It Snow In the Islands” fashion show.

Building inequality

Over the last week we have been assaulted by violence. Politicians have taken the time to comment on the declining crime rate and to berate the public for talking about records in the number of people who have been murdered this year.

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Michelle Miller Motivational: Change happens through you, not to you

Have you ever noticed how the people who make the most noise about change are the least effective in changing themselves and or their circumstances?

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BUN IN THE OVEN: The secret 'M' word

The secret “M” word is miscarriage. Like postpartum depression, miscarriage is not openly talked about; not with our peers or even our family sometimes. In the aftermath of a miscarriage I imagine that it’s a dark and lonely place, and it’s unfortunately riddled with guilt and shame.

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Women making strides in Bahamian agriculture

When a woman announces to her family that she is going into agriculture she often gets a less exuberant reception than if she had announced a career like teaching or nursing. She may hear, “You’re too pretty to be a farmer!” She may be chastised for “wasting her talent”.

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Bahamian women unite to ignite entrepreneurship

THIS Thursday is being celebrated worldwide as Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) and global ambassadors are planning events that will be of unique benefit to the women in their respective countries.

Bahamas’ American Women’s Club joins international federation

The American Women’s Club in the Bahamas (AWC) has named its board of directors for 2016, re-electing Calliope “Cally” Couchell as its president. The organisation also has become a member of the global Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO).

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Michelle Miller Motivational: Aren’t you tired of waiting to feel good enough?

The opening lyrics of one of my favourite’s songs by Sarah McLachlan go like this:


In a late 1980s paper on the oppression of Indian women, “Can the Subaltern Speak’, postcolonial critic Gayatri Spivak declares that the subaltern woman is silent in the Indian context.

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BUN IN THE OVEN: Weaning with love

Choosing to breastfeed is giving your baby the best start at health in life, but it is a labour of love as there can be challenges and trying times in the beginning, but sticking to it will come with big rewards in the long run.

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Christine Stubbs in operation ‘Save Our Little Darlings’

WITH a mission to take a stand and bring about change, awareness and safety for children who are victims of abuse, a determined Bahamian woman started an organisation called “Operation SOLD: Save Our Little Darlings.”