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From half to whole - bestselling author speaks at Singles Summit 2014

LOOKING for a “better half” consumes a large chunk of many a single person’s time. Many find themselves jumping in and out of relationships, forever on a quest to find a sense of identity and true love, only to be left disappointed once again.

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Moms who brunch

CELEBRATING a post-baby lifestyle, Bahamian entrepreneur Keiani Worrell is using her personal experience as a mother to inspire others.

Inequality as violence

AS THE scourge of domestic violence spreads and invades our everyday lives, we are not surprised by the new victims, nor are we surprised by the perpetrators.

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Chef Alexis Pinder determines to make company a household name

EVER since she finished college, Chef Alexis Pinder has spent her time exploring new ideas and channelling them into her love for the culinary arts.

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“Women Who Love Too Much”

WHEN a woman loses sight of her dreams and gets caught up in the ambitions of the man she is with, she is loving too much. When a woman keeps hoping a man will change, even though she knows deep down this transformation will never take place, she is loving too much. When a woman plans her entire existence around the man she is with, she is loving too much. And when a woman holds onto a relationship that is broken and cannot be revived, she is loving too much.

Are you cultivating confidence or confusion?

THE key to living the life that you love is developing habits that build your capacity to manage yourself in a changing world. 

Preaching hatred yet expecting flowers

IN THE Bahamas today you can buy anything you want, from an Uzi to a baby.

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Tony Gaskins Jr to bring 'Real Love' to the Bahamas

GRAND Bahama native Glennett McKinney’s life began spiralling out of control when her marriage ended abruptly. She became a single mother over night and later discovered she had cancer.

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CHAMPS hosts book drive

The CHAMPS (Chosen, Honoured, Appointed, Motivated, Positive Sisters) organisation recently held a successful book drive event at the Mall at Marathon.

Tradition or folly?


What are you feeding your mind?


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‘Women Talk on the Beach’

WOMEN are mothers, nurturers, the providers of emotional support. But in trying to tend to the needs of everyone around them, they sometimes forget their own needs.

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Local activist participates in US State Department professional exchange

On August 22, Erin Greene, director of advocacy at SASH Bahamas, a local non-governmental organisation met with US Chargé d’Affaires Lisa Johnson to discuss her recent participation in a US State Department sponsored professional exchange programme “Human Rights for All.”

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DR IAN BETHEL BENNET: Our citizenship is not for sale

SUCH insightful statements descend from the House of Assembly! According to parliamentarians, women will sell their citizenship. So, how do the women in Parliament feel about being Jezebels who know no control over their minds or their bodies?

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'Red Dress' ladies get ready for their runway moment

WHAT connects 14 very different Bahamian women from various walks of life is that they have each made a significant impact on society, that they all have a heart for charity and they are participating in a unique fashion fundraiser next month.