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Dr Alia Campbell’s ‘Basic Glitz’ takeover

DURING the day she wears the traditional lab coat of a dentist, but after work hours Dr Alia Campbell goes all out with glitz and glamour.

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Dynamite Daisy says goodbye with gala ball

THE Bahamas’ most famous female comedic character will be “dressed to kill” when she bids her final farewell during a special red carpet event this Friday.

Are you embracing responsibility?

FOR quite a number of folks the very idea of having any kind of responsibility makes them uneasy. 

Violence is greater than one woman being hit by one man

VIOLENCE depends on so many things to thrive.

Aren’t you tired of being stuck?

WHETHER it’s the feeling of being stuck in a rut or that nauseating sense of anxiety that your life is going nowhere fast, being stuck brings up real emotions and frustrations. 

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'Crochet Queen' Rebecca Johnson

THE decision to leave her 9 to 5 and transition into becoming a full-time entrepreneur was driven by nothing but passion.

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Sister Sister welcomes breast cancer survivors from Florida

ANY survivor can probably attest to the fact that having a vibrant and positive support system plays a major part in winning the fight against breast cancer.

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Saying ‘I Do’ to the right melody

ASK any married couple what aspect of their wedding ceremony played a major part in setting the mood and they will more than likely say, music.

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Applauding ‘all things girl’

OVER the past several months, the STRAW Inc Centre for Young Women has been deep in the trenches of youth development work as well as in its laboratory, designing and tailoring “what works and is relevant” programming for Bahamian adolescent and teen girls.

Escaping the prison of violence

WE have created a prison in which we live. We are afraid to leave our houses after work. We are afraid to drive at night. We are now afraid to be in our houses after dark.

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Bahamian UWI student wins Caribbean pageant crown

IT is one thing for a beauty queen to capture a crown in her own country, but it is quite an achievement for her to do so in another country.

All about those “Boobies”

THE obsession with cosmetic breast surgery, the reconstruction process post-cancer as well as the taboo surrounding breast cancer in men are all topics addressed in a new play aptly titled “Boobies”.

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What are you aiming for?

ONE thing that I know for sure is that life is intentional.  There is really no coincidence. Everything connects to everything else. This means that every thought you think produces a result or some kind. If you think in non-specific terms, you live non-specific results. 

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What I would tell myself: Women give advice to their younger selves

IF we were all endowed with the gift of foreknowledge from birth, making the right decisions every time in every circumstance would be a simple process. However, that would make for a very boring life with no surprises and no challenges.

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Dear 16-year-old me, here’s my advice . . .

We asked Tribune columnist and life coach Michelle Miller what she what like to say to her younger self. Here is the letter she penned to a teenage Michelle.