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‘No girl left behind’

ENSURING that “no girl is left behind”, a local non-profit organisation, Sisters of Strength, is raising the bar to empower young women to lead change in the Bahamas.

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Time to ‘Paint the Lanes Pink’ again

WITH 34 per cent of Bahamian women being diagnosed with breast cancer, according to statistics, it is clear that the fight against the disease is still going strong.

Gendered norms without updated expectations and skills

MANY Bahamians argue that men must be men; they must earn more than their wives or partners, they must be educated and they must be good providers.

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BUN IN THE OVEN: Why I put my kids on a detox

I love technology. I’m an iPhone, iPad kind of girl; sorry Android lovers! Nothing allows me the sense of freedom like my device. If I feel like redecorating or trying out a new recipe, within seconds I’m browsing, searching and connecting to programmes that allow me to be inspired and get creative.

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It is your life – are you the sheep or the shepherd?

THE key difference between the sheep and the shepherd is one follows and the other leads. When it comes to your life, which role are you playing?

Savvy mom’s budget-friendly food tricks

MORE than ever, moms these days are looking for ways to save and make their dollar stretch. They’re sticking to or creating budgets for their family like never before.

How do women really think?

LAST time this column discussed the problems with underachievement. This week, it is going to be taken slightly further.

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What are YOU aiming for?

EVERY archer recognises the need to identify the target long before sending forth his arrow. No aeroplane leaves the runway without having a flight plan that includes its destination.

Three queens crowned at Miss Bahamas 2015 pageant

THE Miss Bahamas Organisation promised there would three title holders this year and they kept their word. Three young ladies, of a lineup of 11, fought to their way to the top and walked away with their crowns during the pageants’ grand finale at the Atlantis Theatre this past Sunday.

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Tears and laughter as hundreds attend Sister Sister Prayer Breakfast

THERE was laughter interspersed with tears as breast cancer patients, survivors and those who have lost ones to the disease came together for the 11th annual Sister Sister Prayer Breakfast on Saturday.

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Ingrid Sears bids Heart Ball Committee farewell

SAYING goodbye is never easy, yet it was a necessary move for Ingrid Sears, who for almost a decade has been known for her tireless and passionate commitment to the Heart Ball Committee as its public relations officer.

But do you have the confidence?

SO you say you’re finally going to kick the habit of impulsive spending, but do you have the confidence? This time for sure, you say, you will meet your goal to lose that weight, but do you have the confidence? Yes, we’ve all heard you say many times that you’re going to get out of that unhealthy relationship, but do you have the confidence?

BUN IN THE OVEN: Choosing the right baby name

IT’S one of the first and most important decisions you will ever make for your child; a decision that will last them for the rest of their lives. What they are known as, what people call them, and all of the feelings and perceptions that your chosen name gives, will be the air around them during their entire life.

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‘Essential’ nurse’s station opens at Downtown Straw Market

GIVEN the high volume of tourists and locals that frequent the Downtown Straw Market on a daily basis as well as the numerous vendors who set up shop there, the establishment of a nurse’s station was considered an essential move by members of the Straw Market Authority.

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How do you shift from problem talking to problem solving?

IN a time of insurmountable challenges and extraordinary change people everywhere are facing a host of problems. Whether these problems are financial, mental, social, spiritual, family, health, governmental or emotional, it is not the problem but how you respond to the problem that matters most.