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A vision for a successful marriage

Married for half a decade, Glenn and Keshelle Davis say they have a successful relationship because they were able to master the art of vision planning and recognise the importance of continuously finding purpose in the interconnected lives they agreed to when they said “I do”.

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Eleven-year-old pageant queen takes on New York

After months of anticipation, the Bahamas’ Little Miss Regency International Tysha Johnson got the opportunity to walk in the Beauty...it’s Everywhere showcase which was held during what organisers call New York Fashion Week 2.0.

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Infidelity in marriage: The step that follows saying ‘I’m sorry’

Most people would agree that the average apology has lost its lustre.

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How to build a misogynist

In class recently, I was asked why, in my last piece on Sonia Farmer and Shivanee Ramlochan’s work, “The Red Thread Cycle”, I had not offered solutions to the problem of rape, other than to say that policing did not provide the solution. So I have agreed to show how we encourage young men to become misogynists through the way we insist they build a themselves up against a flawed image of what masculinity can or should be.

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Spend Valentine’s Day single and happy

It’s the season of love! And with Valentine’s Day just a few days away, Bahamians are rushing to make last-minute preparations for the special day.

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Curvy and confident: Plus size pole dancer fights body shaming

Having been a victim of body shaming on social media herself, Raphy Adderley is unrelenting when it comes to ensuring every woman that steps through the doors of her dance studio leaves feeling nothing but genuine love for themselves and their bodies.

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An organic approach to menstrual cycles

The Women’s Haven offers alternative feminine hygiene products

A new company has set out to make a woman’s most uncomfortable, and often painful, time of the month as pleasant as possible.

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A blooming success

Professional nail technician and owner of a local hair bonnet company Iyeasha Storr Williams has made yet another “boss move”. This time, she has launched a new event planning and décor company. What began last year as a start-up called Blooming Balloons has now evolved into The Bloomroom Bahamas.

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The secret to a love that lasts

To celebrate February as the month of love, Tribune Woman will be taking a closer look at successful, long-term relationships, interviewing couples who think they’ve found the secret to true and lasting romance. Today, we speak to Derek and Lashanta Smith who have been married for 10 years and have four children together.

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Bahamian women discover their power and inspiration

Duquesa Dean wants women to know they are not alone in their daily struggles. To this end she founded the organisation The Power Of Her, and last weekend she was hosted an inspirational conference to drive her message home.

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It’s bold! It’s Bahamian! It’s Beautilicous!

Spreading the vision for Bahamian beauty throughout the islands and even abroad is the idea behind a local magazine called Beautilicious.

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Bahamian women address their practical and emotional needs

The “Start Your Engine 2019” event kicked off the year in a positive way with a recent speed mentoring conference hosted by Insight Stage at the Meliá Nassau Beach resort.

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Life after loss: Minister Tamara Marie Simms deals with husband's murder in new book

Two years ago, the unthinkable happened to Tamara Marie Simms. Driving home from a family outing, her husband Kendrick was killed as he shielded her from bullets aimed at their car by an unknown gunman. Afterwards, as she cradled the lifeless body of her husband, she prayed to God – and God answered. From that moment on, her life was changed forever. But in instead of losing hope, she found a new purpose. And today, Tamara is sharing her experiences in a new book called “Decisions”.

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Accessorise to ‘WOW’

Nearly every woman, and even some men, carry it wherever they go. It’s both functional and decorative. Often, it is a fashion statement all by itself.

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Career woman conquers ‘boys club’ industry

Eldri Ferguson-Mackey is a master of the transition

Marketing guru Eldri Ferguson-Mackey knew it would take more than sheer determination and fortitude to get ahead in the male-dominated world of telecommunications. So, for more than a decade she has given it her all – she worked harder, smarter and longer hours than most around her. And she did with a smile on her face.