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Bahamian UWI student wins Caribbean pageant crown

IT is one thing for a beauty queen to capture a crown in her own country, but it is quite an achievement for her to do so in another country.

All about those “Boobies”

THE obsession with cosmetic breast surgery, the reconstruction process post-cancer as well as the taboo surrounding breast cancer in men are all topics addressed in a new play aptly titled “Boobies”.

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What are you aiming for?

ONE thing that I know for sure is that life is intentional.  There is really no coincidence. Everything connects to everything else. This means that every thought you think produces a result or some kind. If you think in non-specific terms, you live non-specific results. 

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What I would tell myself: Women give advice to their younger selves

IF we were all endowed with the gift of foreknowledge from birth, making the right decisions every time in every circumstance would be a simple process. However, that would make for a very boring life with no surprises and no challenges.

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Dear 16-year-old me, here’s my advice . . .

We asked Tribune columnist and life coach Michelle Miller what she what like to say to her younger self. Here is the letter she penned to a teenage Michelle.

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6th annual ‘Join Me on the Bridge’ starts women’s rights conversation with the young

GRAND BAHAMA’S annual International Women’s Day celebration, Join Me on the Bridge, now in its sixth year, will host its annual high school essay and art competition to be held on March 8 at the Garden of the Groves.

You throw like a girl: Creating limitations through stereotypes

“YOU throw like a girl!” This is a criticism we hear often. It is meant to say that you should be ashamed of the way you throw. How does a girl throw? Is there one way that defines how a girl throws? Do all girls throw the same way? What does it mean when someone says that to a boy or a man? You run like a girl! That is another ‘slanderous’ statement we hear.

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Author discovers men are ‘emotionally starved’

BASED on the feedback from her latest book, Kelda Rolle has come to the conclusion that many men out there are “emotionally starved and attention deprived” in their relationships.  

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Kai Sweeting has designs on success

IN every generation there are persons who seek to redefine the status quo and defy conventionality. Kai Sweeting is aiming to do just that in the Bahamas with her company, Amar Kai Designs.

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IT was the quintessential, pre-Valentine girls’ night out event, complete with laughter, witty repartee, a male auction and prizes and surprises.

MICHELLE MILLER: Are you cultivating your confidence?   

CONFIDENCE is an enriching and empowering quality that only appreciates with time. While this is so, recognise that confidence is a personal quality that comes from within. 

Young men taught to run or fight

UN to survive; run as hard as you can. But even then the nightmare pulls you back and down.

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Natural hair exhibit sends ‘powerful message’ to women

LAST week’s opening of “The Kinky Project” photo exhibit signified yet another important advance in the natural hair movement here in the Bahamas.

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Crystal Strachan ‘runs with her heart’

IN addition to having a fit body, for Crystal Strachan the benefits of being an athlete include the lessons she has learned when it comes to patience and discipline.

2015 'Join Me on the Bridge'

“JOIN Me on the Bridge”, an annual celebration held on International Women’s Day, has launched its essay and art competition and is asking both male and female students from Grand Bahama to concentrate on women who inspire others.