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Hurt from the heart

BAHAMIAN author and poet Kendia Laramore bares all about being sexually abused as a child on several occasions and the emotional aftermath she experienced well into her adult life as a result.

It’s not what you eat, it’s what’s eating you

WE have all heard the saying that you are what you eat. While having a balanced diet is essential, the deeper struggle for most people goes beyond food consumption. For this reason, a more fitting statement is - it’s not what you eat but what’s eating you that matters most.

The disappearing male of the species

THIS weekend, at the Atlantic Medical Fun Run and Walk, there were large numbers of people out supporting the event and getting a little exercise in the process. They all seemed to have a blast. One thing that people lining the route did comment on, however, was the lack of men.

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Author Denika Carothers asks, “Who In The Hell Do You Think You Are?

SOME people are their own worst enemy. They speak negatively about their circumstances, quit endevours because they do not believe they have what it takes to accomplish their goals and are easily discouraged even by minute challenges.

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A swingin’ time at 'Girl On Pole'

HER goal is to not change people’s perceptions of pole dancing, it is simply to teach it as a form of fitness art.

Are you living your life – distracted and out of control?

FEW would disagree that we are living in a paradigm of unprecedented distractions. This never before seen period of gizmos and gadgets has rendered people powerless to drive their lives to an improved state.

The law, hegemonic masculinity and social breakdown

BANG, bang, bang the guns fire, the bullets fly and the peace is broken.

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Are you growing to the next?

EVERYBODY talks about going to the next level without giving any real thought to the statement. If you are not growing through improved skills and development, how can you go to the next level?

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Miss Bahamas Teenager presents second annual national pageant

ON June 14, a bevy of teenage beauties from throughout the Bahamas will compete for the prestigious title of Miss Bahamas Teenager 2015, with the hopes of becoming the nation’s youth ambassador and represent the Bahamas at the Miss Teen Universe pageant in Costa Rica next February.

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Finding the ‘royal lady’ within

GOOD manners are often hard to come by these days, but not when you’re dealing with the young ladies of the Sapphire International Girls Club (SIGC).

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Brinique Gibson says it with a cupcake

SHE is only 19 years old, but already Brinique Gibson is the proud owner of her own makeup company, and most recently, a successful cupcake bakery.

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The beauty standard

WITH the numerous medical advancements available today, women have almost endless ways of manufacturing beauty.

Replaying the same old tune

HOW many young boys are locked away because they had what may have looked like a piece of a joint on them?

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Dr Alia Campbell’s ‘Basic Glitz’ takeover

DURING the day she wears the traditional lab coat of a dentist, but after work hours Dr Alia Campbell goes all out with glitz and glamour.

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Dynamite Daisy says goodbye with gala ball

THE Bahamas’ most famous female comedic character will be “dressed to kill” when she bids her final farewell during a special red carpet event this Friday.