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A poetic expression of womanhood

Inspired by Maya Angelou and with the goal to define womanhood in the 21st century in mind, Tamara Bethel returns with the second edition of her “Woman Thou Art” poetry showcase.

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A female friendship leads to the ‘Perfect Finish’

LAUNCHING a business is never easy. Add having a full-time job and tertiary studies to the mix and an entrepreneurial venture can seem far out of reach.

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LIFE LINES: Instinct and intuition – your inner compass

Intuition, instinct. Those two words are sometimes interchangeable although I would probably ascribe slightly different shades of meaning to each, as intuition frequently gets used pejoratively, especially when used as a phrase “woman’s intuition”. But I won’t go there today. Instead I want to talk about that innate sense of instinct or intuition when you just feel something – good or bad – about a situation or a person.

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‘Women largely ignored in planning for natural disasters’

Women tend to suffer more during and after natural disasters. We have learned lessons from Long Island and Ragged Island, but these seem to have evaporated into the ether.

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Traumatised by wigs? Bahamian men weigh in on hairy controversy

WHEN it comes to beauty accessories, wigs have become a woman’s best friend. They are relatively easy to install, versatile when it comes to styling, and can give you a professional salon look without too much effort and in record-breaking time.

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Tanesha finds a new purpose

“Though she be but little she is fierce.” This quote by Shakespeare fits Tanesha Jemison perfectly. At age 35, this petite mom-of-three has had her fair share of challenges – being abandoned by her mother at age five, a brush with assault, living in an environment which instilled fear in her, and an injury which changed the course of her career. But today, she believes her life is finally on the right track.

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Start battling aging skin today

We all have a different genetic code that determines how we age. It is permanently imprinted on your DNA whether you will get crows’ feet or brow furrows, develop acne, and how quickly you’ll tan or burn. Although genetics play a part in how we age, our lifestyle and diet are also major contributing factors. Aging is inescapable. However, the way we age isn’t, and you can fight it. You can have a vibrant complexion and enjoy beautiful skin at any age, provided you start now.

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Atlantis Team Members support Susan G Komen Race For The Cure

Having served as a corporate sponsor for the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure since its inception in the Bahamas, Atlantis saw numerous employees brave lower than normal temperatures last Saturday morning to show their support for those battling cancer as well as cancer survivors.

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Local businesswomen head into 2020 with determination

AS cliché as it may sound, the start of a new year is also the start of a new journey for many people.

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‘First Lady of Modern Gospel’ Yolanda Adams speaks to Bahamian women

GRAMMY Award-winning gospel artist Yolanda Adams was a special guest speaker at the second annual AICPA-CIMA Global Leadership Women’s Summit here in Nassau, which has been hailed a success by its organisers.

Tribune Fashion Report at the 77th Golden globes

SPLIT Olivia Colman (“The Crown”)

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Creating the perfect New Year’s Eve look last minute

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and there is no better way to welcome 2020 than with a whole lot of style.

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Gospel singer immortalises her kids’ upbringing in new book

Radio personality, journalist, author and award-winning gospel singer Vanessa Clarke has had probably the most tumultuous year of her life, but her trials have not stopped her from pursuing her dreams and fulfilling her life’s purpose.

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Life lines – A mind changer

This year that is almost done has been filled with many changes for me, and although one or two were more than a little challenging at the time, they have now mostly turned out to have potentially positive outcomes as I look forward.

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Serial entrepreneur on the move

ASHLEY B Swaby wears many hats.