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Shaping the dreams of young Bahamians

AS A  young Bahamian educator, Shonelle Mcphee has vowed  that she will tread a path of excellence imparting wisdom, providing direction and shaping the dreams of her students.

Taking the plunge: Kingsway divers making waves

MONICE Nazon is moving quickly through the stages of diver certifications, having recently become qualified as a rescue diver.

Making change ‘real’ - do you have what it takes?

NO MATTER how much people yell and scream about wanting ‘real’ change in their lives, it is often just a whole heap of lip service. Sure, they are sick and tired of being sick and tired but still lack what it takes to make the changes they want in their personal, professional and or business life.

A few thoughts on inequality and violence

AS we recover from the recent violence in Baltimore and the targeting of black males as perpetrators of violence, we need to consider where our country stands on this.

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Introducing Miss B

SHE first came to audiences’ attention in the critically acclaimed Bahamian film “Rain” by Maria Govan. Since then, Shervante Nixon – also known as Miss B – has been paving a path for herself with humorous videos, steadily working towards becoming an online sensation and tapping into a new, lucrative market.

Are you mentally programmed to win or lose?

WHETHER you know it or even agree with it, you are living according to your mental programme. We all are. The question is, are you programmed to win or lose at life?

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Zeleka Knowles does her part to end hunger in the Bahamas

AS THE executive director of Hands For Hunger (H4H), Zeleka Knowles’ day starts off with her sitting behind a desk in a comfortable chair.

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Dream big at Mother And Daughter Conference

THE overall aim of the upcoming second annual Mother and Daughter Conference is to have girls and women connect, bond and leave feeling empowered to “Dream Big”.

Every Woman Counts

WITH suicides and cases of depression on the rise, the Everyone Counts Organisation (E1C), together with its women’s group, recently hosted its first annual women’s empowerment summit.

Who is responsible for your empowerment?

EVERYBODY, well almost everybody, gets into the habit of looking to be empowered by someone, some job, some title or even some relationship.

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Hurt from the heart

BAHAMIAN author and poet Kendia Laramore bares all about being sexually abused as a child on several occasions and the emotional aftermath she experienced well into her adult life as a result.

It’s not what you eat, it’s what’s eating you

WE have all heard the saying that you are what you eat. While having a balanced diet is essential, the deeper struggle for most people goes beyond food consumption. For this reason, a more fitting statement is - it’s not what you eat but what’s eating you that matters most.

The disappearing male of the species

THIS weekend, at the Atlantic Medical Fun Run and Walk, there were large numbers of people out supporting the event and getting a little exercise in the process. They all seemed to have a blast. One thing that people lining the route did comment on, however, was the lack of men.

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Author Denika Carothers asks, “Who In The Hell Do You Think You Are?

SOME people are their own worst enemy. They speak negatively about their circumstances, quit endevours because they do not believe they have what it takes to accomplish their goals and are easily discouraged even by minute challenges.

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A swingin’ time at 'Girl On Pole'

HER goal is to not change people’s perceptions of pole dancing, it is simply to teach it as a form of fitness art.