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Beauty Beyond Feelings

FOR THE second time around, Styles By Kelly P will present it’s annual women’s empowerment summit entitled “Beauty Beyond Feelings”.

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New TV show ‘FACES’ aims to inspire

THE new year is already promising to be an exciting one for Samita Ferguson, who is expecting to launch a new television show in a few short weeks.

It is your choice to live by faith, not fear

IT ALWAYS amazes me when I hear folk talk about the reasons or give excuses why their lives have turned out the way they have. For the most part, it is not their fault. Somebody did or did not do something, that is the real blame for their current station in life.

Are we sanctioning violence?

THERE seems to be more work than ever being done with men and boys around the world. More groups and organisations are developing who work to change the way men and boys are socialised and so become trained to behave.

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Dr Monique Thompson finds her essence in chosen profession

AFTER WHAT seemed like a lifetime of wanting to be doctor and at least 22 years of schooling, Dr Monique Thompson was fortunate enough to realise her childhood dream of becoming a physician and starting her own practice.

Shells will not protect us

AS shell companies pop up to liberate us from all forms of sin, to protect us from evil and to grant us peace in our day, the sad fact is that inequality may not be growing according to the latest studies in terms of the spread widening between the rich and poor, but in reality we are all poorer.

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What women want in 2015

Bahamian women are looking to become more empowered in 2015 as they focus on accomplishments in their careers, finances, relationships, personal and spiritual lives. Jeffarah Gibson hears from those actively seeking to inspire women through various avenues including books, initiatives and events.

Show your new year intent - and grow

GROWTH doesn’t just happen – it must be intentional. There’s nothing like a new year to get people thinking about whether they are growing or stuck.

Petite perfection - pageants aim for a higher profile this year

APPRECIATING the beauty in the shorter than average Bahamian lady, a fun and unique pageant aims to give petite girls the full package of being a lady and leader of the pack.

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Confessions of a Single Lady

MANY single women experience pressure to find the right mate, settle down, get married and have a family. However, in their quest to find love and meet that certain someone before their biological clock runs out they often neglect to celebrate the journey of singleness.

Thinking sex

By Ian Bethell Bennett

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Makeup artist Shauna Ferguson has found her calling

FOR the past two years, Shauna Ferguson has made the art of makeup application not only part of her daily schedule, she has made it her life.

Lawlessness or male privilege?

WHILE driving down the road on Sunday a jitney was in front of me. Apparently no cars were coming and he was flagged down. He stopped in the middle of the road. The driver sat waiting for the passenger to board. All traffic came to a halt. Fortunately it was a Sunday so there wasn’t too much traffic, however, he could have pulled off to the side of the road; there was ample shoulder to allow him this manoeuvre in order to allow for traffic to flow. He chose, instead, to stop traffic, inconveniencing everyone around him. That was his prerogative! He was flexing his privilege. He is man, he could do that.

Bahamian matriarchs, legends to be honoured this Sunday

EIGHT Bahamian women – considered matriarchs and legends for their outstanding community work – are to be honoured next weekend at the inaugural Events of a Lifetime evening.

Bahamian entrepreneur spreads holiday cheer