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‘Confessions of a woman saved by grace’

BAHAMIAN ENTREPRENEUR Keithra Morley said her new book Confessions of a Woman Saved by Grace is expected inspire women of every age to live life to the fullest.

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You are the change you are looking for!

Everywhere you turn, people are looking for change; craving an improved disposition, especially in their personal life or their outer circumstances. Yearning and wanting is how they spend most of their time. They are waiting for change to happen to them as oppose to them happening to change.

Violence against women and the responsibility of the state

Violence against women has been described as “one of the most pervasive and systemic human rights violations in the world”.

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An entrepreneur's vision

SHE is a self-made, successful businesswoman, and now Raquel Beneby-Hart is aiming to help others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams with a new book she has published.

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Civic groups come together for 'Protect Women and Children' event

WITH women and children becoming the victims of abuse on a daily basis in the Bahamas, one local group set out to highlight the serious issue with a very public initiative.

MICHELLE MILLER: It’s your life – What’s your blueprint?

Everything that becomes a reality starts with a blueprint of sorts. Be it an aeroplane, a yacht, house, clothing, a business etc.

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'Night out with the girls' - celebrating the single woman

THE COMMUNITY of single women that makes up the new Single Sisters Network came together this past weekend to celebrate their first “Night Out With The Girls” event at the Trinity City of Praise courtyard and lounge.

US Embassy supports Bahamian participation in domestic violence course

Eight Bahamian officials from the Royal Bahamas Police Force, the Bureau of Women’s Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Legal Affairs and the Ministry of Social Services participated in the Intervention Strategies for Domestic and Gender-based Violence course held at the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in San Salvador, El Salvador from March 24-28, 2014.

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Women’s organisation inspires youngsters at children’s home

IN KEEPING with it’s mandate to improve the welfare of Bahamian children, the JUGS (Justice Unity Generosity and Service) women’s organisation recently held a seminar to inspire the young residents of the Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home.

Are you becoming your best self?

The first step to becoming your best self is learning how to “be”. Be strong. Be confident. Be true. Be you.

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Bahamian matchmaker - life coach helps men find true love

WHILE many women believe a good man is hard to find, there are also quite a few Bahamian men out there who share the sentiments of R&B artist Bobby V, who once sang “finding wifey ain’t no easier”.

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The launch of 'Straw' - Bahamian author publishes second edition of best-selling book

WITH the launch of the second edition of her book “Straw” – an exploration of the local straw craft industry – Bahamian author Karen Hamilton is calling on vendors to stand up and face the challenges of today head-on.

Are you stuck in a stale style of living?

MANY are quick to change styles when it comes to clothes, hair, bags, cars and other trendy fashions. But when it comes to getting below the surface and addressing the style in which they move through life, they don’t even give it a second thought.

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Hollaback! Movement tackles street harassment

SOCIAL media and mobile technology has been popularly used in modern times to promote many causes and positive movements. Now a new local organisation is using the considerable power of the medium to start its own campaign to put an end to street harassment.

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Launch of the “GirlFace” movement

IN AN effort to empower young women through the performing arts, Bahamian entrepreneur and musician Ebony Johnson has created the ‘GirlFace’ initiative.