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Stylist seeks to create 'The Modern Woman' with new lookbook

Aline Charles is more than just a hairstylist, she is a transformer of women.

International Women’s Empowerment Summit postponed

Due to the impact of Hurricane Matthew on some areas of the Bahamas, the highly anticipated International Women’s Empowerment Summit (IWES), initially scheduled for October 21 – 22, has been postponed until the first half of 2017.

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As a life coach and therapist I find that the greatest struggle many clients bring to a session is not having an answer to the question of what they really want.

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For a couple weeks now I have used and heard these three words over and over, “Are you OK?” I started many conversations with these words.

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Singer Tebby celebrates the ‘unconventional’ life

Tebby Burrows is a woman who knows that she wants and is not afraid to go after it. At this stage in her life, it is the young singer’s goal to became a household name in the Bahamas and beyond. To this end, Tebby – she only goes by her first name professionally – upped her level of exposure by performing at one of New York City’s premier live music venues and at the popular Irie Weekend in Miami this summer.

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MICHELLE MILLER MOTIVATIONALS – Building resilience: How well do you bounce back?

One thing that is predictable about life is its certain unpredictability. This unpredictability is what makes life the ultimate adventure. When you see life as a flowing, ever-changing experience, you learn to take the bitter with the sweet. With the consistent serving of colourful challenges, life reminds us that if we desire to bounce back from any setback we must build our resilience.

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YOU GO GIRL: Chef Apple overcomes hunger and finds success abroad

Even after finding success as the owner of three flourishing companies, as a motivational speaker and contributor to philanthropic initiatives, Chef Apple-Elgatha Treco-Wells still remembers what it feels like to go hungry.

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A second chance at life

Paquell Butterfield has two birthdays – one that marks the date of her birth and the other which signifies an awakening that changed her life.

Kimberly Marshall has ‘Androsian Dreams’

Entrepreneur Kimberly Marshall is on a mission to prove that big dreams can come from small places.

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You know this word well. Chances are you’ve heard or read over and over in the last few years. People talk about it, and it’s all the rage right now, kind of like how yoga, gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO are. It’s that other ‘G’ word – gratitude – and it makes some of us very anxious.

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MICHELLE MILLER MOTIVATIONALS: Are you proactively prepared?

I’ve heard it said that preparation is the key to real success. From internet millionaires to championship athletes, all great achievers understand and employ the power of preparation. Being proactively prepared then takes this notion of active preparation to a higher level.

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A conversation with the queen

At age 23, Cherell Williamson can finally say that she has conquered her shyness. And not only did she successfully overcome her natural timidness, she did it in a way that could not have been grander or more public.

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‘Dunkin’ for Boobies’ returns for third annual fundraiser on Friday

GETTING an early morning soak by being dunked in tank of water might on any other occasion be a little unpleasant, but because in this case it’s to raise funds to promote breast cancer awareness, the DJs and personalities at Radio House don’t mind going “Dunkin For Boobies”. 

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Bahamas hosts international summit to empower all women

Africa’s second richest woman, the daughter of TD Jakes, and some of the Bahamas’ most successful businesswomen will be in attendance at the first International Women’s Empowerment Summit (IWES) to be held here in Nassau next month.

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BUN IN THE OVEN: Be the light

Most people think that power comes in some sort of big boom of light; a giant roll of thunder, something huge and substantial is needed to create this giant of a word – power. Truth is, power comes in all shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t have to be a giant affair of sorts, but a small gesture of kindness and truth can have the same effect on a person’s life as all the power in a strike of lightning.