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Can an independent woman still dream of Prince Charming?

In a society where an increasing number of women are being made heads of departments and leading companies, and where every other Instagram hashtag or Facebook post celebrates us making “boss moves”, is it wrong to admit that you still long for Prince Charming to sweep you off your feet?

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Adrianna Munnings bares her soul and finds success

Fans asked to vote for singer in Prayze Factor Awards

Bahamian singer-songwriter Adrianna Munnings has sung backup for some of music’s biggest legends, but now the Andros native is finding success in her own right.

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Bahamian beauty queens head to Las Vegas

Five Bahamian beauty queens are preparing to make their mark on the international stage this Summer when they head to Las Vegas for the Regency International Pageant.

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LIFE LINES: The importance of EQ vs IQ

Growing up, most of us were taught that it is our IQ (intelligence quotient) which will define us and play the major role in determining whether we will be successful in life, both personally or professionally.

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A sister act for success

The bond between sisters can be one of the strongest there is. It can also produce some quite fabulous results, as evidenced by the Tucker sisters – Ramonda and Ramona.

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Confessions of supermoms: Bahamian mothers admit to ‘low key bribing’ teachers

The recent college admission scandal in the United States involving celebrities and high-level officials has brought to light just how far some parents are willing to go to give their children the life they feel they deserve.

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Young women of STRAW become financially savvy

Nearly 300 girls recently received some crucial financial literacy advice courtesy of CIBC FirstCaribbean’s Treasury and Finance Department, as part of STRAW Inc’s 15th annual Girls’ Leadership Conference.

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LIFE LINES: Failing, but falling forward

Failure – a word that seems to have its own dark cloud hanging around it and one which is bandied about as being some kind of awful low point which might define us for a very long time.

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THE WIG LIFE: Learn how to make the perfect hairpiece

Hair loss can often be very traumatic for women. After all, society teaches us that a woman’s identity, her beauty, and even her femininity are all tied into her hair.

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Eleven-year-old Melania inspires peers to show love for the elderly

ELEVEN-year-old Melania Nixon has taken some of her peers along during her ‘Operation Love and Gratitude’ activities. It is a movement the sixth grader started with the intention of inspiring and bringing cheer to everyone she comes into contact with.

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Ardastra hosts meet and greet for popular authors

They were unlikely candidates to share a platform – a biologist, a 10th grader and a therapist – and yet a common thread connected these women: their knack for writing stories about animals that resonated with young audiences.

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LIFE LINES: Who do you think you are?

By this I mean, how do you think of yourself? In a healthy, positive way, or beset with fears and anxiety? More importantly, who really wrote that script?

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‘Speak’ up for single parent homes

New foundation aims to assist one-parent families

WITH the majority of single-parent households in the Bahamas being maintained by mothers, single fathers like Rasheed Brown, Sr, are a rare breed.

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Jewels from the sea

Artist and designer Rochelle Wilson-Knowles has accomplished what many entrepreneurs only dream of doing: she has moved her home-based business into a brick and mortar store.

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War on the homefront: Overcoming strife in your marriage

Anyone can do good for people who are nice to them, but what about a misguided spouse who is emotionally or physically abusive? You know, the kind you want to have a Dathan and Abirum experience. That’s when God told Moses to stand back, ‘He’s got this’—then the earth opened up and swallowed some of the rebellious Israelites in one gulp.