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A woman with focus

Marisa Mason-Smith has been named “Focused Woman of the Year 2017” at the culmination of last week’s three-day Focused Woman International Summit, which introduced a slate full of dynamic women leaders to the country for a three-day retreat at Comfor

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Violence or good love? Men, women and promiscuity underpostcolonial nationalism

Is there a difference between violence and good love? The Bahamas remains trapped in the social construct of outdated stereotypes of masculinity and femininity that inflict violence on both men and women. Sadly, we like these stereotypes because they

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Designing a dream

Graphic designers create visual concepts that inspire and inform. With their work, they engage in a process of visual communication using various forms of typography, photography and illustration. It is a calling that not only requires hard work and

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Are you mastering your personal performance?

Annual evaluation or performance appraisal is a method by which an employee’s job performance is documented and evaluated. Even though these evaluations can be somewhat stressful, they provide opportunity for employers to determine if you are perform

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Christian R&B star joins Nassau women’s retreat

The BET Sunday Best winner and Christian R&B singer Tasha Page-Lockhart will be visiting the Bahamas next week, joining the ranks of other leading women in the community for a special retreat.

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Aren't you tired of waiting?

Do ever feel like you’re spending your whole life waiting? Maybe you’re waiting for the right time or the right season. Or perhaps waiting for a break that would make it okay to be yourself – to live your life as you desire.This was the life or Marci

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Fit for the cure: Eight out of 10 Bahamian women wearing wrong bra size

EIGHT out of every 10 women reading this article are wearing the wrong size bra.Studies in the US have shown most women do not know their bra size and usually wear an ill-fitting one not suited for their bodies.

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Twerking bodies and education: Is this a failure to launch?

Much discussion has ensued after the appearance of a video on social media that apparently captures a “party in the backyard”, only this time it was during the school day, it was in the middle of the school’s quadrangle, and it was almost dismissed b

Kids, screens and parental guilt: Time to loosen up?

Parents of small children have long been hearing about the perils of “screen time.” And with more screens, and new technologies such as Amazon’s Echo speaker, the message is getting louder.And while plenty of parents are feeling guilty about it, some

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A new chapter for mother and daughter

When you write a book, it lives on forever in some form. That is the kind of legacy Tosheena Robinson-Blair wanted to create for her daughter, Sierra. But more importantly, she wanted to show her daughter what beautiful things they could create when

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Design your lifestyle - Friendship

Victoria Sarne continues her examination of life-changing moments and daily challenges. I was thinking about the nature of friendship, the different forms it takes and what it has meant to me in my life. I have a woman friend who lives in Canada and

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All talk and no action

Talk, talk, talk, all day, all night has become the number one pastime for many. But despite the popularity of this talk culture, without taking focused action, there’s no change. You don’t move and you don’t improve. Taking deliberate action is the

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Geena Thompson readies for Miss World

Miss World Bahamas Geena Thompson has completed her trek half way around the world, having travelling to China late last week to compete in the upcoming 67th edition of the Miss World pageant. Geena will go up against beauties from over 120 countries

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Exploring hair colour- L'Oreal Matrix team educates Bahamian stylists -

One of L’Oreal’s leading educators visited to Nassau recently to show Bahamians the latest trends in hair colouring techniques.The ‘Colour Me Matrix’ event was hosted by the Bahamas Supply Agencies at the British Colonial Hilton. Those in attendance

When do children develop their gender identity?

(THE CONVERSATION) – Gender is generally thought of as a stable trait: we are born male or female and we stay that way as we grow from small children to adults.It turns out that for young children, initial concepts about gender are quite flexible. I