IN life some things happen suddenly and without warning. Life can change in a matter of seconds; it’s important to never take things for granted.

Kelly’s 23rd Bride of the Year

KELLY’S 23rd Bride of the Year Erin Brown might also be the Mother of the Year or the Disabled Person of the Year. Stalked by tragedy, she turns each blow into a challenge and then into success which she shares with those around her.

‘Inner beauty never needs make-up’

A LOT of women spend a great deal of time and money engaging in activities to enhance their outer appearance and present a better version of themselves.

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Women find their purpose as Kingdom Daughters

THE local non-profit organisation Kingdom Daughters International Network is inviting women from all walks of life to come to together for a time of fellowship and networking.

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The name ‘father’ or the role of father?

FATHER’S Day has come and gone again and such discourse about celebrating our strong fathers did surround it. We still seem to be locked in a culture of patriarchy and misogyny without thinking about real paternity. We know that we like to be called ‘Daddy’ and we celebrate men that sire children around the place as if they were sharing rice. Culturally though, we do not celebrate them being involved in their children’s lives.

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Are you looking before you leap?

WHILE I caution you to look before you leap, you must leap. The art of leaping is the basic premise of life. We all must leap. In fact, it is impossible not to leap. However, common sense suggests that you at least look to ensure you know the direction in which you are leaping.

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Bahamian author writes Christian romance series

MICHELLE Turnquest’s writing is directly impacted by her spiritual life and personal journey with God.

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Sherice Major launches 'IslandBreak' travel app

A CREATIVE risk taker, and sometimes mover and shaker, is how Sherice Major is known to many Bahamians.

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BUN IN THE OVEN: Colour blind

IT IS amazing that we live in a world that seems to be so much more tolerant of differences than before. We support causes, lend our time, and sometimes money to bring awareness to a whole slew of causes and coloured flags. We’ve become seemingly accepting of religious and sexual orientation differences for the most part. But have we really?

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Considering race/ethnicity and gender today

IN THE wake of the recent church shootings in South Carolina, race is certainly on the radar. The apparent thinking is that the world has moved beyond racism and the inequality that race is used to reinforce.

Zonta to train unemployed women through workforce readiness programme

THE Zonta Club of New Providence (ZCNP) is furthering the empowerment of women through its’ second annual Workforce Readiness Programme, where unemployed women will receive job training will culminate with two participants receiving college scholarships.

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To be good or great

THE train that takes you towards a great life is available only to those willing to do the work. They are the ones who are willing to take the leap, accepting personal responsibility and speaking fearlessly.

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Beauty training pays off for sales assistants

FOR two sales associates at Nicole’s Hair World & Beauty Supplies, training has paid off.

Celebrated inequalities of the pleasure industry

THE Bahamas is a place that was once dominated by colonial powers who used it to furnish their needs and desires. Our bodies were theirs and our souls, supposedly unsaved, because we were deemed not to have souls.

Move! Get out of your own way!

THE first step of any effective life strategy must be to move. Moving, in my view, is the undercurrent of all of life itself. Nothing stays the same. Everything moves.