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You Go Girl – Counsellor-turned-author wants you to stop procrastinating

A strong advocate for personal development, Shavonne Lightfoot believes negative behavioral patterns, which often originate from faulty beliefs, can adversely impact a person’s ability to succeed in life.

Bahamian fans can’t forgive 'relationship guru' Derrick Jaxn his cheating scandal

It’s the cheating scandal of the year so far. The video of social media “relationship guru” and author Derrick Jaxn admitting he had been unfaithful to his wife Da’Naia multiple times sent shock waves through his community of millions of followers.

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Relaxed restrictions, resentful vendors – Wedding woes continue

RESTRICTIONS may have eased, but the feelings of resentment from couples and wedding vendors who have been thrown into chaos over continued cancellations and postponements of weddings continue.

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You Go Girl – Eleuthera woman helps small island businesses grow

Young entrepreneur Anya Ferguson believes she has what it takes to help small Family Island businesses modernise and prosper, especially in these difficult times.

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Cardi B releases new doll - Moms have their say

MAKING another major business move, superstar rapper Cardi B added a new venture to her already varied portfolio.

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Bahamian moms get ready for spring cleaning

With the daily responsibilities of work and childcare, every mom has her own system for ensuring that their home remains shiny and clean.

Celebrating the sexy modern woman

CHARLTONEIA Deal describes herself as an entrepreneur, avid traveler, and lover of fashion. She is also a passionate advocate for women empowerment and the advancement of women’s rights.

“Things I wish I knew before I had sex...”

Bahamian women share their regrets and advice

For some women, recalling their first sexual encounter is no big deal; it’s something they can talk about freely and easily. For others, however, it’s a memory that takes some rediscovering, and maybe even some reassessing.

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Look like a star – Finding your celeb fashion inspiration

You see them on Instagram and on the cover of magazines. They are the fashionable elite: the celebrities who look effortlessly chic in their designer garb, which has been meticulously picked out for them by their stylists. And we all share the same thought upon seeing them: I wish I looked like that.

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Girl Guides salute of their own as Dr Merceline Dahl-Regis receives Queen’s Honour

The Bahamas Girl Guides Association (BGGA) salutes one of its own this week: Dr Merceline Dahl-Regis, who has been awarded the Companion of the Most Excellent Order of Saint Michael and Saint George (CMG) for excellence in public and community health from Queen Elizabeth II.

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Eleuthera woman goes ‘Ohhhh Natural’ to offer Bahamians healthier options

A health scare in 2014 was what lead to Menishca Barr re-evaluting her life and deciding that she would be more aware of what she was putting in her body.

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Married to the Bishop

New book reveals challenges of being a church leader’s wife

Pastor’s wives ­– often misunderstood and misjudged; often viewed only like the extras in a movie who grace the scenery but do not play a major role. Some have lived without having their voices heard, and died with their purposes unfulfilled, never understanding that they, too, had a personal mission apart from their spouse. When facing personal trials, they struggle with the question of who to turn to with their burdens, all because of who they are – the wives of deacons, rectors, pastors or even bishops.

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Bahamian women reveal makeup must-haves

Makeup hasn’t really been the focus for most women over the past year, given the fact that face masks have made putting on a full-face of cosmetics rather redundant. But that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our love for makeup, and it doesn’t mean there aren’t still must-have products, especially in skin care, that we’ve continued purchasing.

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A new entertainment network for the ‘new normal’

EWURABENA Appiah has been a freelance writer and media professional for more than a decade.

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When ‘beauty is pain’ goes too far – Bahamian share their horror hair stories

We all know there is truth to the old adage “beauty is pain”, and many women will endure that pain as the price to slay all day.