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Journalism graduate experiences ‘life-changing’ travels

UPON her recent completion of a Bachelor’s degree in Media Journalism, Michelle Butler developed a new passion to travel with her father Apostle Paul J Butler on mission trips around the world.

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Bahamian jeans for Bahamian women

BAHAMIAN author Kendia Larramore has embarked on another creative venture and is now designing a new line of jeans for curvy women.

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BUN IN THE OVEN: Four ways to promote happiness in your life

In life it is sometimes it’s hard to look at things from a “glass half full” perspective. Honestly, I think most of us do try to live our lives every day with that attitude. Sometimes we accomplish that, and sometimes we don’t. But the good thing about having a bad day is that most of us make up our minds to not stay in that mind-set for any length of time.

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Michelle Miller Motivationals: It takes courage to aim higher

It is said that courage is not the absence of fear but the realisation that there is something you must do that is more important than fear.

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Unexpected generosity: Two sisters donate to Family Island children’s home

Not many people are aware that Cat Island even has a children’s home, so when Pastor Perry Wallace, chairman of the Old Bight Children’s Home’s executive board, was contacted about a private donation from a Nassau-based family he was surprised to say the least.

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Rocking natural styles

CurlyFest Bahamas 2016 to be a celebration for all naturalistas

WHAT started as a group of women discussing natural hair on Facebook has today grown into a big, real life celebration known as CurlyFest Bahamas.

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Thuggery and national development: No 'sissy' allowed

As times change, people get frightened and provoke fear in others. When the slave master saw a threat of change, he reacted violently by beating it down, so he survived to rule another day.

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BUN IN THE OVEN: The joy of having #2

When you become a mom for the first time it’s life-changing, isn’t it?

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MICHELLE MILLER MOTIVATIONALS: Are you setting goals that really matter?

Have you ever achieved something, some goal, only to realise that it didn’t matter as much as you thought it would? You are not alone. Many are familiar with that depressing and disappointing feeling that comes after investing a whole lot of time and effort into achieving something only to realise it was meaningless or didn’t matter that much.

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Meeting in hope

American and Bahamian breast cancer survivors participate in 'Walk In Paradise'

BREAST cancer survivors from across the United States came together with Bahamian survivors and supporters to celebrate a very special kind of cultural exchange last Friday.

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Crazy about ‘all-in-one’ beauty services

Although it is not Anya Fernander’s first entrepreneurial venture, opening her own “all-in-one” beauty salon was still both a challenge and a great achievement for her.

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Jessica’s passion for the sport keeps her sailing

EXUMA – “Sailing! Oh it’s so much fun,” says Jessica Minns of the family tradition that she’s been doing for more than two decades.

‘Fashion That Cares’ pays tribute to cancer survivors

Glamorous wardrobe selections, jewellery and other accessories, as well as handmade straw crafts by local artists will hit the runway at the Gulf Stream Patio for a special cause on May 14.

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Providing knowledge and hope

PROVIDING breast cancer survivors with first-hand information on how to improve the quality of their lives was the aim of the first health seminar hosted by the Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group last Saturday.

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New project to show love and appreciation to five special cancer patients

AFTER witnessing how a co-worker struggled to care for her mother who was suffering from cancer, Diann Russell was moved to launch a unique initiative to help ease the burden on families caring for their sick loved ones.