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Budding designer introduces 'fiery' designs

BAHAMIAN fashion lovers are invited to join in the excitement when the June K Woods team presents its Fall 2017 collection this Saturday under the theme “Don’t Fake the Funk”.

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Women join hands in the ‘Goddess Circle’

WOMEN exchanging ideas and conversing with one another is at the heart of the Goddess Circle, a monthly gathering of like-minded individuals who by listening, understanding and sharing experiences aim to be a source of upliftment for others.

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Women urged to be leaders

Bahamian women were encouraged to be leaders in every facet of their lives during a recent seminar hosted by University of the Bahamas.

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Four women rise in the ranks at BTC

Women continue to take top positions at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC). Just recently, four women secured some of the company’s most senior titles during in a wave of new appointments to the executive leadership team.

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Michelle Miller Motivationals: Are you really growing or just spinning wheels?

We are growth-seeking beings. This means we are born to grow. However, this quality of growth goes beyond the boundaries of just having university education.

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Healing a broken soul: Bahamian author spreads awareness of depression with new book

Author Nekisha Rolle is opening up about her journey of overcoming depression and heartbreak in the hopes of inspiring others to find the courage to do the same.

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Mardia Powell overcomes painful loss to launch accessories company

After the death of her mother, Mardia Powell found herself in a very dark place. But through art, and with the help of her friend Matthew Wildgoose, she was able to get back on her feet and find a new purpose in her life.

A good night’s sleep makes for better sex for women

Those that have used the phrase “not now, honey, I’m too tired” to avoid sex may finally be vindicated. New research surveying more than 93,000 women has found that sexual appetite increases with better sleep.

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MICHELLE MILLER MOTIVATIONALS: What is the fear of failure stopping you from doing?

We are a hostage to our fears. Whether it is the fear of rejection, humiliation or the fear of failure, fear is our most primal emotion. Even so, we are not born fearful but fearless.

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A floral expression of love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and all over the world people will be buying fancy flower arrangements for their loved ones.

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A journey to love

SINCE February is considered the month of love and Valentine’s Day is just a week away, many couples are on a quest to find the perfect gift that reflects their feelings for their significant other. 

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MICHELLE MILLER MOTIVATIONS: Do you have a compelling reason?

It was the great William Shakespeare who said, ‘Strong reasons make strong actions’. When it comes to setting goals that will take your life higher, do you have a compelling reason to take strong action?

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Learning to breastfeed

Some women are born with the determination to have kids and some women play it by ear. Some women know exactly what type of mother they want to be, if they will breastfeed or not, and other women take it one day at a time. And both approaches are perfectly fine.

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An expression of courage

Cancer survivor’s body is a work of art

RIKA Cargill has lost six of the closet people in her life to cancer. In 2012, she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer, which resulted in a double mastectomy.

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Sapphire girls encouraged to live a ‘godly life’

The Sapphire International Girls Club officially kicked off their 2017 activities with a special session at Mario’s Bowling and Entertainment Palace last Saturday.