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Making a splash for Women’s Dive Day

WITH a large number of women getting certified as divers around the world and at their properties, Sandals Resorts recently participated in PADI’s Women’s Dive Day.

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A miracle of conception

Teacher’s first book recounts wondrous journey to motherhood

AFTER 12 years of trying to conceive a child as she battled various health challenges, Alexandria Darville-Sawyer and her husband Thomas received a miracle when they finally welcomed their daughter Shelby into the world.

BUN IN THE OVEN: Love for the boys

ALMOST eight years ago, I gave birth to my first child, a boy. From that moment on, I learned how beautiful and amazing it is to be a mother of a boy.

Stand up for yourself

IT IS said that courage is not the absence of fear, but the realisation that some things are more important than fear. The courage to stand up for yourself is one of those things. And by standing up for yourself, I mean standing up for your own self-empowerment.

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New yoga studio aims to create ideal bodies and minds

THE opening of the Cosmosis Yoga Suite & Global Cultural Hub is yet another effort by yoga instructor Mychal Bryan to create a greater appreciation for the physical and spiritual practice in the Bahamas.

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Stop waiting, start stepping

MARIO Cooper lived waiting. Waiting on his father’s acceptance; waiting on his mother’s approval. Waiting on his friends to understand him; waiting for his college professors to validate his ideas. Waiting on his employer to recognise his value and finally; waiting on his wife to respect his efforts.

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BUN IN THE OVEN: Breezing your way through pregnancy

IT’S A fact that pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s body. It can tire you out, make you feel sluggish and just plain ‘blah’ sometimes.

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Kingdom Girls Summit wants to transform young lives

WITH a mission to bring young girls closer to God, members of the recently established Kingdom Girls Ministry are seeking to make a name for themselves in the Bahamas.

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Young girls shine in ‘Pageant of Hope’

SUMMER 2015 has turned out to be an exciting one for 21 young girls who not only got the chance to visit the Governor General, Clifton Heritage National Park and the National Art Gallery, but also learned about self-defence and participated in a pageant that reinforced a message of inner beauty over outer beauty.

BUN IN THE OVEN: How to cope with unwanted pregnancy advice

IF YOU’VE ever been pregnant before, you will know how eager people are to offer you some advice on being pregnant and what to expect after you have the baby.

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Pageant mom proud of daughter’s international victory

SHE is only seven years old, but already Jamiah Nabbie is doing her part in representing the Bahamas on the international pageant stage.

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Shining a light on “HERassment”

WITH SEXUAL harassment being a daily reality for many Bahamian women, local organisations like Hollaback! have launched various initiatives that engage the country’s youth in battling the problem and assist in putting an end to street harassment.

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Take responsibility for your own life

MANY are saddled by the common habit of avoiding responsibility. Whether it’s for themselves or for those to whom they are responsible.

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Tonesa Munnings is a playwright with a message

SHE is just 20 years old, but Tonesa Munnings has already successfully produced and directed her own play entitled “Choices”.

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Getting 'on fleek' with your hair

THE world of hair extensions, weaves and wigs can be a challenging one to navigate. There are terms like closures, wefts, human hair, virgin hair and synthetic fibre hair.