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A search for love: A young woman on a mission to find her biological parents

THE plight of abandoned children is one that often gets overlooked here in the Bahamas. Little is known about those who are given up by their parents and left to make their way through the country’s system of care homes.

Marilyn Major beats the system to become pioneer in her field

Marilyn Major is one of the country’s few cytotechnologists – a laboratory professional who examines cells for early detection of cancer.

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Michelle Miller Motivationals: Do you have the resilience to bounce back?

What matters most is not the size of the challenge you face, but the size of your resilience to face that challenge fearlessly.

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To the poles: A special weekend for women to learn how to fish

Ladies, it’s time to get up, get out and get off da rock, as the third annual ladies fishing weekend kicks off this Friday with several new activities and with exciting experiences in store.

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Fitness trainer Regina Smith celebrates a year of enriching lives

On the surface it may seem like the career of a fitness professional merely entails advising people on how to optimise their health.

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Bridal trendspotting: Black accents, all-over beading, shoes

The recent round of spring 2018 bridal shows pointed to a turn back to tradition, sometimes with modern twists, along with plenty of options in silhouettes.

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MICHELLE MILLER MOTIVATIONALS: Are you living beyond winning and losing?

Whether it is sports, beauty pageants, spelling bees or general elections, there is a high premium placed on winning and losing. So much so that many folks struggle to live beyond these two opposing positions. As such, people spend lots of time obsessively trying to win or frantically not wanting to lose.

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The potential for change

In the week after the resounding change in national direction engendered by the general election it is important to take stock of where we are and where we want to see ourselves go, and to see how best we can get there.

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Women making their mark at the polls

HILLARY Clinton made history last year by becoming the first woman to be chosen to run for the highest office in United States by the Democratic Party. The outcome, was unfavourable for Clinton, she demonstrated courage, inspiring women everywhere and quashing misconceptions that running a country is a man’s job.

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What does your mother mean to you?

THERE are no cards, gifts, or any material items for that matter, that can express the love a child has for their mother.

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MICHELLE MILLER MOTIVATIONALS: Your choices: to hold or to fold?

Your life is said to be the sum total of the choices that you make. Then there are those that say that life in general is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you are going to get.

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Bahamian survivors celebrate their journeys

THE compelling stories of Bahamian cancer survivors Rika Cargill and Erin Brown will be told through the eyes of international artists as part of the upcoming ‘Brushes with Cancer’ initiative out of Chicago, Illinois.

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Carlisa Belle, an economist with a creative calling

The multifaceted Carlisa Belle, BBA 2013, crunches numbers by day and pens words of hope and inspiration by night. She’s creative and cerebral at the same time; able to use her time and talents to encourage others.  

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PACE opens new centre for teen mothers

CONTINUED education for teenage mothers has received another push, as Providing Access to Continued Education (PACE) officially opened the doors of its new centre on East Street to members of the public.

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MICHELLE MILLER MOTIVATIONALS: Are you making informed decisions?

There is making a decision, and then there is making what many call an informed decision. The question is, what is it that informs your decisions?