Condemns promotion of immodesty at carnival

ALTHOUGH the g-string clad beauties who come with the controversial Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, did not shock PLP chairman Bradley Roberts, the remarks of the eye-brow raising president of the Bahamas Christian Council certainly did.

Like General Douglas MacArthur, Jack Hayward returned

WHEN Jack Hayward arrived in the Bahamas 57 years ago, Bahamians quickly realised that they had a different type of Englishman in their midst.

Were investors duped into doing an assessment to win a contract?

THE Renward Wells‘ $625 million contract signing with a company called Stellar Waste-To-Energy Bahamas Ltd to build a waste to energy facility in New Providence’s landfill has dragged on since early July last year — but still without a satisfactory resolution.

It’s time for Bahamian unions to face the hard facts of life

SPEAKING at a tourism symposium at SuperClub Breezes yesterday, Prime Minister Perry Christie emphasised that Bahamians are the most important asset in their country’s tourism industry.

The unhealthy influence of the PLP’s ‘political operatives’

IN 1984, a PLP party supporter made it quite clear what he expected of his party once his vote helped it gain the government.

The Christian Council and the referendum

IN THIS column yesterday, we replied to an objection PLP chairman Bradley Roberts took to an observation we had made on an earlier statement of his that Opposition Leader Dr Hubert Minnis, having “flip-flopped” on the question of VAT could not be considered a serious candidate to become the next prime minister.

Roberts wants explanation of Christie’s ‘flip-flop’

ON JANUARY 12 PLP chairman Bradley Roberts issued a statement condemning The Tribune’s editor for “shamelessly” defending “Flip-Flopper Minnis”.

Bahamas must avoid tragedy of silent majority

ON SUNDAY, joined by world leaders, France’s silent majority – 1.6 million in Paris, and at least 3.7 million across France – marched shoulder-to-shoulder to let the world know that they will not remain silent and allow muslim fanatics destroy one of their most precious liberties — the freedom of speech.

Attacks on journalists are attacks on free speech

ON Wednesday, the world was shocked and appalled by the deplorable attacks at the Paris office of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. Twelve men and women were murdered for expressing their freedom of speech. Sadly, it is not an isolated incident.

Bradley Roberts and 'flip-floppers'

PLP CHAIRMAN Bradley Roberts never ceases to amuse. Usually we have a chuckle over many of his comments, but so many other events crowd him out, that we let him pass. However, his “flip-flop” statement in yesterday’s Tribune was just too tempting to let slip by – at least without a second look.

Prime Minister admits mistake - but is he about to make another one?

AT LAST Prime Minister Christie has admitted that it might have been “unwise” of his party to have blamed the Free National Movement for the nation’s crime problem, the seeds of which, if Bahamians are honest with themselves, were sown and flourished during the drug years of the PLP’s first administration.

Watch for a New Look on Friday - a bigger and better Tribune

“HAS VAT blown the BIG T away!“ quipped one reader on The Tribune’s announcement that its three-year-old weekend edition had ceased publication.

Bahamians lost real Junkanoo many years ago

IF EVER there was a Bahamian who has his heart rooted in Junkanoo, it is Prime Minister Christie, who never misses an opportunity to show off his Junkanoo shuffle. A founding member of the Valley Boys Junkanoo group, the ker-lick of the cowbells and beat of the goat skin drums seem to put a renewed vigour in his step.

It is time for Bahamians to take charge of their destiny

IN A few hours time, the old year will have quietly slipped away and a new year, filled with uncertainty, will have taken its place. Bahamians face 2015 with much foreboding.

Happy Christmas from The Tribune

THIS WEEK’S e-mail brought a Christmas card message with a great depth of meaning. It was a hillside scene of a furry little lamb looking down onto the peaceful scene of Bethlehem. On a nearby hillside a lone shepherd stood guard over his sheep while a brilliant star illuminated the whole.