EDITORIAL: Less talk, more action on nurses’ issues

NURSES at the Marsh Harbour Clinic in Abaco had enough of waiting for their concerns to be heard this week.

EDITORIAL: Building for a future after COVID

IT is difficult to assess the past year in comparison to other years – and that holds true in the court system too.

EDITORIAL: No change for now, says Dr Minnis

FOR a national address, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis did not have a great deal to say last night.

EDITORIAL: Missed tests show we are not prepared

WHEN Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar discussed in November the rollout of the rapid antigen testing on the fifth day for a visitor in The Bahamas, he advised that It was going to be “a little bumpy”.

EDITORIAL: Are single-sex classes a step forward - or back?

AS the FNM campaigned for election in 2017, then candidate Jeff Lloyd made a pledge. He said if the party was elected, it planned to “immediately” implement a pilot programme to try out single-sex classes.

EDITORIAL: A shameful day for the US

AS you drive down Shirley Street, a large screen blocks off the view of construction of the new US Embassy. A new era for the embassy – one which we’re sure those behind its construction will hope will be a bright one.

EDITORIAL: Time to refill the NIB pot

THERE is a saying in the US that social security is the third rail of politics – the third rail being the one that carries the electric charge and if you touch it, you’ll get zapped.

EDITORIAL: It’s not about the exam being held - it’s about the results

THE Ministry of Education seems to want a participation prize.

EDITORIAL: Dr Dahl-Regis deserves her honour

IN Thursday’s Tribune, our columnist, Front Porch Simon paid tribute to the “expert, clear and steady leadership” provided by Dr Merceline Dahl-Regis as he hailed her as his person of the year.

EDITORIAL: Clarity is key in police shootings

EARLIER this year, we wrote in this column with concern about a police shooting.

EDITORIAL: The best way out is through

AS we near the end of a dreadful year, we hope that 2021 will bring better things.

EDITORIAL: Say one thing, do another on oil

IT is fair to say there is some mixed messaging from the government over oil drilling.

EDITORIAL: Is Davis ready to face up to party’s past?

PLP leader Philip ‘Brave’ Davis faces a problem – his own past.

EDITORIAL: Talk is cheap, but where’s the money for health workers?

WHEN COVID-19 first came to our shores, there was a familiar line in the regular press conferences at the time.

EDITORIAL: Let the courts rule on oil drilling

OIL is the focus of attention across The Bahamas – and farther afield too, it would seem.