EDITORIAL: When will we learn to treat people as humans?

IT is hard to imagine how much worse the government could have treated Douglas Ngumi.

EDITORIAL: A lie has speed, the truth has endurance

GOSSIP got out of hand, it seems, at SC McPherson last week.

EDITORIAL: "You can’t get lost in the animal rights talk." Oh yes you can - and must.

The swimming pigs have become globally recognised as a part of the Bahamian tourism market.

EDITORIAL: Will the Bahamas become America’s Taiwan?

THE fiery response from the Chinese Embassy to the White House Press Secretary’s statement that President Trump “looks forward to working” with The Bahamas and other Caribbean countries to “counter China’s predatory economic practices”, should at last open the eyes of the American government to what we have been predicting for some time in this column - China is flexing its muscles in the Caribbean basin - America’s security moat, both on the Atlantic and Pacific side.

EDITORIAL: A knife has no place in a schoolbag

WHEN our children walk out of our doors to go to school on a morning, we want their bags to be packed with the things they need for school.

EDITORIAL: Lessons must be learned from near collision

Things could have been so much worse.

EDITORIAL: Turning dreams into reality

IT was the words – as well as the art – of Keith Thompson that caught the attention yesterday.

EDITORIAL: What’s wrong with the constitution?

IT’S hard to disagree with Rohan Kerr.

EDITORIAL: Cool tempers down at WSC before they boil over

ALL the water at the Water & Sewerage Corporation must be boiling over considering how heated things are getting over there.

EDITORIAL: Citizenship changes must clarify for both sides

PROPOSALS to make changes to citizenship and immigration laws in The Bahamas have already caused some concern – not least among those who are directly affected by the changes to come.

EDITORIAL: Two steps forward, one step back

Just when we thought things were looking up for Grand Bahama, the island suffers another blow with the collapse of a crane working on the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship at the shipyard.

EDITORIAL: Lucayan deal brings back the magic

The Grand Lucayan Resort saga seems, at last, to have a happy ending in sight.

EDITORIAL: The challenge of tackling knife crime

THE death of student Perry Louis in a stabbing yesterday is a tragedy that will resonate with every parent across the country.

EDITORIAL: A little more substance please, Dr Minnis

LAST night was the second of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ national addresses – and while we welcome any increase in communication from the government, we do wish there was more substance to what he had to say.