China State now jeopardising the Bahamas’ future

A STATEMENT made by the Chinese Embassy in Nassau in January 2011, brushed off America’s growing concerns — revealed in cables released by WikiLeaks – that developments such as Baha Mar would “leave The Bahamas indebted to Chinese interests for years to come”.

China's Export-Import Bank has a responsibility to the Bahamian people

IN A recent edition of Global Gaming Asset Management’s circular, Pete Wu, a former Macau gaming executive, later senior vice president, international marketing and alliances for Baha Mar Ltd, commented on the importance of the Export-Import Bank of China being the financier of the $2.5 billion project.

An Out Island administrator should not suffer for Minister's mis-step

“MR SPEAKER, the constitutional system under which our country is governed is in my view a good one which can guarantee that good governments can govern uninterruptedly and successfully. But to do so requires complete dedication to and observance of the legalism of our Constitution, the laws of the land and the conventions and spirit of the Constitution by which the men who govern must be guided.…

Caribbean warneD: Get a handle on corruption

ALTHOUGH The Tribune reported Prime Minister Perry Christie’s attendance at the January 26 Caribbean Energy Security Summit meeting in Washington, it missed a most important message. The message was a warning given to all Caribbean leaders by US Vice President Joe Biden.

Face has been lost of the $3.5bn Baha Mar resort

THIS IS no longer a dispute between two giant investors. This matter is now of national concern, a worried Bahamian told us recently. Too many Bahamians, he said, encouraged by government to believe that Baha Mar was the Promised Land, have given up good jobs in anticipation of improved employment in the new hotel. Almost every profession has been affected and is represented among this staff-in-waiting, including a former police officer.

The most courageous act: Speak Out!

MARATHON MP Jerome Fitzgerald, himself a lawyer, is upset that through Facebook his lawyer wife has been unwittingly drawn into the secrecy surrounding the fuel leak controversy in her husband’s Marathon constituency.

Suggest ‘Brave’ Davis gets his friends to complete Baha Mar

IN JANUARY, Prime Minister Perry Christie announced his intention to request funding from China to support the Bahamas’ national budget, and refinance and restructure the country’s debt.

Why Panama before The Bahamas, Mr Deputy Prime Minister?

WE WERE surprised – rather we were shocked — on reading that our deputy prime minister was in Panama a few days ago celebrating the regional opening of China Construction America’s Latin American Regional headquarters while that same company has left so much unfinished business here in the Bahamas.

How Prime Minister Christie can earn his legacy

SPEAKING to a group of aspiring journalists at the College of the Bahamas at the end of March, Prime Minister Perry Christie declared that his government’s performance will not be matched “in the history of this country”.

House Speaker urged to assist PAC in completing its report

HOUSE SPEAKER Dr Kendal Major, like the rest of us, is baffled by an unsigned document from the Attorney General’s office, which purports to give a legal opinion on the powers of the Public Accounts Committee. The obvious intent of that opinion is to curb the traditional powers of that committee, which, apparently, is now trespassing on sacred ground — Urban Renewal.

Urban Renewal heads urged to co-operate with Public Accounts Committee

HOUSE Speaker Kendal Major was not the only person shocked by the so-called “leaked” document from the Attorney General’s office that purports to question the manner in which the Public Accounts Committee is investigating how tax payers’ money is being spent on Urban Renewal’s small homes repair project.

What is more destructive - an A-bomb or a welfare system?

YESTERDAY a colourful photograph flashed across our computer screen. A powerful mushroom shaped cloud lit up the dark sky as its funnel stretched earthwards. It was “Little Boy”, the first atomic bomb to be dropped to end a war.

The Bahamian economy and responses to global economic shifts

SCOTIABANK Bahamas recently announced that it would close or consolidate up to eight of its branches in The Bahamas. The bank reported that about 50 employees would be affected.

Why strengthening the Freedom of Information Act is so important

PRESIDENT Obama has routinely promised greater transparency within the federal government. Now, Congress is making strides towards achieving this critical goal.

Is The Bahamas soon to be the gamblers haven?

IF ALL of the web shop licences applied for are granted by the Gaming Board, the Bahamas that the late Prime Minister Sir Lynden Pindling did not want to be known as a gambling resort, won’t be able to escape the label.