EDITORIAL: Many voices with one call over climate change

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis stood in front of one of the biggest international political stages of all on Saturday – the 77th United Nations General Assembly.

EDITORIAL: Missed opportunity in mask announcement

THE lifting of the mask mandate is a major moment in the history of the pandemic in our country. It will also likely prompt mixed feelings for Bahamians.

EDITORIAL: Climate warning echoes down the years

WE HAVE been here before.

EDITORIAL: The passing of Queen Elizabeth

ON the day she was finally laid to rest the Queen still served.

EDITORIAL: Which Mr Davis should we listen to?

LET us hear a tale of two opinions on whether The Bahamas should become a republic.

EDITORIAL: Flyaway leaders while people left in need

TWO contrasting stories in today’s Tribune show how people living in the same country can be worlds apart.

EDITORIAL: No policy on the blueprint, but a republic referendum

THE news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II was only a day old before Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis floated the prospect of The Bahamas going without a monarch altogether.

EDITORIAL: The end of an Elizabethan age

THE death of Queen Elizabeth II is the end of an era.

EDITORIAL: Were changes implemented after last fatal shark attack?

THE news of a fatal shark attack spread quickly yesterday.

EDITORIAL: The long battle to defeat HIV/AIDS

THE end of the AIDS epidemic is in sight?

EDITORIAL: Three years on and survivors still struggle

THE flags flew at half mast across the nation yesterday.

EDITORIAL: What are we doing to tackle climate change at home?

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis took his warnings over climate change to Abaco on Friday.

EDITORIAL: Support the survivors of Hurricane Dorian

THERE has been much talk lately of the impact of climate change on the economy – but the very human cost of climate disasters are still with us.

EDITORIAL: Get ready to pay extra in fees

THE devil’s in the detail, so they say.

EDITORIAL: Ingraham stirs up the political plot

DESPITE his absence from the front-line for many years, there is no one who can quite stir up the political scene quite like former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham. Like him or not, he gets people talking.