EDITORIAL: Watchdog needed for $150m loan

ALTHOUGH the cost of hurricane damage by Matthew is estimated at $600m, Prime Minister Christie’s administration has negotiated a $150m loan with the banks to get reconstruction started. Mr Christie specified that the condition of the loan was “that the funds would be exclusively used for the reconstruction effort”.

EDITORIAL: We need to protect our democracy in The Bahamas

IN The Bahamas, we enjoy a vigorous democracy inherited at independence in 1973 from Britain as the former colonial power, we need always to be vigilant in protecting it in an uncertain world. It is all too easy to take for granted our liberty and constitutional rights guaranteed by the rule of law and judicial system which, despite its lack of efficiency and need for reform works reasonably well.

EDITORIAL: Bahamians kept in the dark about investments

FOR five years, with lips sealed on serious matters that affect the future of the Bahamas, this government has sat on the Freedom of Information Act. If ever this Act was needed it is now.

EDITORIAL: Again we ask PM Christie - whose side are you on?

ON MONDAY, we posed the question here to Prime Minister Christie: Whose side are you on - the Bahamas or Beijing?

EDITORIAL: PM Christie: Whose side are you on - Bahamas or Beijing?

PRIME Minister Christie keeps reassuring Bahamians that he is working in their best interest to get Baha Mar completed and opened. Now is the time to prove it.

EDITORIAL: US election grows nastier by the day

WITH the US presidential election less than a month away, the race for the White House is becoming uglier and nastier by the day.

EDITORIAL: Bahamians need reassurance

AS THE days drag on and large areas of New Providence remain in darkness, Bahamians without any definite word from government as to when the lights will turn on are starting to panic.

EDITORIAL: Nice guys don’t always finish first

NO MATTER what political party individuals identify with, it’s pretty hard to find anyone who doesn’t think that the current Prime Minister Perry Christie is a nice guy.

EDITORIAL: Recovering from Matthew

BEFORE we begin, we must praise the men and women behind the scenes who gave up the comforts of home and moved into newspaper offices and radio stations to keep citizens informed of what was happening during the height of hurricane Matthew.

EDITORIAL: Inagua’s hurricane myth shattered

TODAY’S Hurricane report in which residents were advised to rush the completion of their hurricane preparations as Hurricane Matthew had already started to affect Inagua reminded us of the day that Inagua’s hurricane myth was shattered.

EDITORIAL: Why are Keod Smith and a Bahamian police officer investigating a judge?

TODAY — from early morning—our e-mail has been clogged by Bahamians sending us an article with a headline that reads: “Is CARICOM being used by Bahamas Government and Peter Nygard in Official Investigation by Bahamian Officials into Judge Indra Charles of the Bahamas Supreme Court?” It was published in St Lucia Today and, thanks to the web, is quickly making its way around the world.

EDITORIAL: As elections near, a warning over spending wars

AS ELECTIONS near, there are certain things we know to expect in The Bahamas.

Buck-passing honed to perfection in The Bahamas

THE BAHAMAS must be one of the world’s greatest buck-passers. Everything that goes wrong is never the fault of the one in charge - the finger is always pointing in another direction, where it continues down the line until it stops at an unfortunate wretch caught napping under the coconut tree and failing to do his job.

Disgraceful refusal to co-operate with Public Accounts Committee

COME hell or high water, the long-awaited and fought over Urban Renewal Report, completed at last by the Public Accounts Committee, will be presented to the House of Assembly next Wednesday — October 5.

George Smith owes PAC an apology - PLP should lift the roadblocks

FORMER Cabinet Minister George Smith was quick earlier this year to condemn the Public Accounts Committee for dereliction of its duties, branding it as the worst committee he had ever seen. Not only had it “failed miserably”, he said, but it was “impotent”.