EDITORIAL: Beach closure explanation just doesn't add up

AT long last, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis spoke up yesterday to explain why he is closing the beaches for the Independence holiday.

EDITORIAL: Knocking down shanty towns alone won’t solve anything

IMMIGRATION and work permits have been thrown again into the spotlight – not least by the arrival of more than 100 Mexican workers bound for employment at Baker’s Bay, and the concern from the public over whether those were jobs that could have been done by Bahamians instead.

EDITORIAL: The traumas that create killers

WHEN you think of a murderer in this country, what do you think of?

EDITORIAL: Outrage is just the start

IT is not often that we hear the voice of the Prime Minister’s wife in the wake of the violence that too routinely breaks out on our streets.

EDITORIAL: Job cuts, businesses gone and a long road to recovery

THE reopening of our borders might be taken by some to show we’re getting back to normal – but as the comments from Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar show, we’re a long way from that.

EDITORIAL: Country opens, but resorts stay closed

TODAY is the day. The first commercial flights from the US and Canada will be touching down today, ending the border closure put in place to protect us from COVID-19.

EDITORIAL: Warning signs for the economy

HOW seriously is our economy being hurt by COVID-19? Our lead story today is a telling sign.

EDITORIAL: Safe to come in but not to go out?

There was a contradiction at the heart of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ national address yesterday.

EDITORIAL: The economy didn’t just break - it’s been breaking a long time

WHEN Bill Clinton campaigned against George HW Bush for the US presidency, three words spoken by one of his strategists struck home.

EDITORIAL: Prepare for the worst and hope for the best

IN today’s Tribune, we publish our annual Hurricane Guide – and in view of last year’s damage from Hurricane Dorian, we hope it will serve as a reminder to readers to be prepared.

EDITORIAL: The confusing tiptoe back to normality

RESTRICTIONS are easing again – but not by much.

EDITORIAL: So what direct action will we see over racism?

It is nearly a month since the killing of George Floyd sparked worldwide protests against racism.

EDITORIAL: Andros projects show our potential

LIKE buses, it seems you wait forever for a project in Andros, and then three come along at once.

EDITORIAL: Missing Bahamians are not just a number - and they deserve better

HOW seriously is the government taking the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian?