EDITORIAL: Bahamas murder rate among highest in Caribbean

AFTER succeeding in their demand that MP Richard Lightbourn be removed as a contender for the Montagu seat in the next election because of his unacceptable solution to our crime epidemic, it would be interesting to know what plans these same PLP women now have to solve a problem that is steadily destroying our society.

Barnett speech is essential reading

THE speech delivered by former Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett at last week’s graduation ceremony of the Eugene Dupuch Law School should be compulsory reading for all members of the legal profession in this country, since the uncompromising views which he expressed so lucidly about two main issues – the rule of law and the separation of powers – go to the heart of our nation’s democracy.

Is the FNM transforming itself into a second PLP?

“WE are in a very curious time when people are looking for a new kind of vision for the country and obviously in terms of what is available to us in terms of leadership, Dr Minnis comes out above the rest, I believe that is saying something,” commented FNM Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest over the weekend.

Bahamas is slowly putting itself out of business

ON August 22, Moody’s credit rating agency downgraded the Bahamas’ credit worthiness to a notch above “junk status” with the warning that this country’s economic and fiscal fundamentals— especially its economic strength — had “materially decreased.”

Bahamas Bar slams its doors shut on legal expert

ON TUESDAY, The Tribune reported that the Bahamian law firm representing Sarkis Izmirlian, the developer of Baha Mar, had expressed frustration over the Bahamas Bar Association’s rejection of its application to bring in a foreign Queen’s Counsel to join their legal team.

President Donald Trump - threat even to Bahamians?

THE end of Tuesday, November 8, 2016, cannot come and go soon enough for us. Hopefully when the ballots are counted at the end of the US elections that night, the pointing index finger, inflammatory and often crude rhetoric spewed from the pouting lips of Donald Trump will be gone from our TV screens forever.

The right to free speech being questioned?

A MOST unusual case came before Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes yesterday when a lawyer, who was a former police constable, now an outspoken defender of the rights of police officers, appeared before him charged with committing “intentional libel” against two top officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Christie criticised for not interfering with private enterprise

WITH THE spectre of another Moody’s downgrade of this country’s credit worthiness – after being dropped to a notch just above “junk” – the Christie government quickly grabbed onto the completion of Baha Mar as the lifeline from its economic woes. It had hardly dodged that bullet when it was faced with union bullies threatening to “shut the country down”.

Bahamians doubtful of PM’s Baha Mar promises

SOME wag once advised that a good rule of life is that “whenever someone says ‘trust me’ run.”

Prime Minister Christie to be congratulated on Baha Mar news

LATE yesterday afternoon Prime Minister Christie took the “Shaunae Miller” Olympic dive to the micro-phones to give the Bahamian people the first bit of concrete news as to the future of the shuttered Baha Mar resort.

Put brakes on Baha Mar until after 2017 election

IN Thursday’s Tribune, a letter writer tried to strip Prime Minister Christie of his legacy — Baha Mar.

Court and parliament clash - alarm bells ring

THE current controversy about parliamentary privilege and the involvement of the courts should ring alarm bells for the Bahamian public because this dispute goes to the heart of the nation’s constitutional democracy.

How free is parliament - a case for the Privy Council

IF THERE ever was an argument for the retention of the Privy Council as The Bahamas’ court of last resort it was dramatically illustrated in the House of Assembly in the past few weeks as a confused Speaker allowed certain members to overstep the boundaries of free speech under the guise of parliamentary privilege.

Time to face the problem raised by Richard Lightbourn

THERE was understandable outrage in the community to Montagu MP Richard Lightbourn’s recent suggestion in the House of Assembly that to solve today’s social ills legislation should be introduced that unwed mothers of more than two children should have their “tubes tied”. He quickly apologised for his indiscretion.

‘Bahamianisation’ more a curse than a blessing, says QC

IN AN interview with our business editor last week an outspoken QC declared that “Bahamianisation has been more of a curse to The Bahamas than a blessing”.