Attempt to make Mayaguana administrator the ‘fall guy’

“SHUT mouth catch no flies,” the old folks used to advise. However, on Tuesday after much pressure from the press, Mayaguana Administrator Zephabia Newbold, ignored the advice and opened his mouth in his own defence. In doing so, he caught more than a fly. It would seem he has unwittingly jeopardised his job.

The PLP try to turn off the faucet opened in the Sixties

IT WAS interesting to hear State Minister for National Security Keith Bell blame the country’s crime challenges on a growing gang culture left unchecked by the Ingraham administration.

FNM not ‘worthy of comment’ says Gray

QUESTIONED by the FNM about what part he might or might not have played in influencing the decision of Mayaguana’s administrator, acting in his capacity as island magistrate in the case of one of MICAL MP Alfred Grey’s constituents, Mr Gray virtually told FNM chairman Michael Pintard to “go take a hike!”

Bahamians have lost their moral compass

ABOUT 1,445 years before the birth of Christ, a book of laws was written by Moses for the Israelites giving them guidelines as to the way in which God expected them to govern their lives. The book of Leviticus contains the laws “for all-time throughout the ages.” It told man that he must decide “between the saved and the profane and between the unclean and the clean”.

Time for a truce between BEC chairman Miller and unionist Maynard

“I WILL never let the opportunity pass to remind BEC’s management and staff of its deficiency until the public is reasonably sure that the corporation can provide reliable service,” said the PLP minister.

BAMSI fire exposes system needing investigation

“THIS is a lot deeper than y’all realise,” Audley Hanna told our reporter on Thursday when vowing to rebuild at his own expense the burned out Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute’s dormitories for which he was the contractor.

Baha Mar could be government’s undoing

THE CHRISTIE government seems to have put all of its eggs for the country’s economic recovery into Baha Mar’s large basket.

January 2016 - unlikely date for NHI launch

WITH the implementation of National Health Insurance only 10 months away, the proposed health scheme is still drifting around in clouds of indecision.

How Bahamians’ taxes are mismanaged

WHILE in Beijing, China, last month to attend the first meeting of the Community of Latin America and Caribbean State Forum, Prime Minister Christie announced plans to request funds from China to refinance and restructure the Bahamas’ debt.

The big secret - Bay Street’s redevelopment

WE WELCOME Mr John Issa’s return to the columns of The Tribune from which he has been absent for far too long. Mr Issa, executive chairman of Super Clubs Breezes, has returned to jotting his monthly “View from Afar”, the second column of which appears on page 7 of today’s Tribune.

Beware the promises of the national health scheme

WE HAVE been told that the report for the introduction of a National Health scheme, prepared by Sanigest Internacional, a Costa Rican firm, which was delivered to the government on October 12 last year, is not for general consumption.

Financial accounting needed on PMH Critical Care Block

BEFORE the May 2012 elections, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham toured the Princess Margaret Hospital’s state-of-the-art critical care unit, which by then was 95 per cent complete.

Prime Minister Christie’s vote is needed

THE Tribune is pleased that Sir Ronald Sanders, has reconsidered, and is now back in the contest as Caricom’s nominee for the post of Commonwealth Secretary-General.

Where did the $47.8m go? asked Hubert Chipman

WITH Baha Mar due to open at the end of next month, the Christie government is still haggling over government’s agreement to reimburse Baha Mar in the region of $45.3m as its contribution to the road works on West Bay Street and the airport connector road.

Mitchell creating relations with Middle East

LAST year, Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell announced that he was taking a year off to create relationships that would assist in the development of business and investment for the Bahamas. His first target was the Middle East — specifically the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.