EDITORIAL: BPL is failing its customers

IT’S summer – and the power is going out.

EDITORIAL: The debate over mandatory vaccination

Should vaccination be mandatory?

EDITORIAL: How many times must these cases go to court?

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.

EDITORIAL: Cases rising and workers overwhelmed - what next?

THE surge in COVID-19 cases is hitting our health services hard.

EDITORIAL: A curious turn of phrase about the pandemic

IN acknowledging the spike in COVID-19 cases recently, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday chose some curious wording.

EDITORIAL: A matter of politics and the pandemic

THE worlds of politics and the pandemic are coming crashing together this week.

EDITORIAL: Worried about low supplies? Make sure you book when doses arrive

IT would be easy to overreact to the news that people can no longer get the first of their COVID-19 jabs as supplies run low.

EDITORIAL: A welcome compromise in citizenship case

THE compromise offered by the government during the ongoing legal case over citizenship may not be the end of the story, but it’s a welcome stepping stone along the way.

EDITORIAL: Minister Dames and the crime problem

A bloody weekend has put our murder rate in the spotlight again – with five men killed between Thursday and Monday.

EDITORIAL: No end in the search for justice

THERE are too many murders in our country. One would be too many, but our murder rate puts us among the highest in the world.

EDITORIAL: Cable Bahamas issues under the spotlight

COMPLAINTS work. THAT’S one lesson to take from the lead story in today’s Tribune. Regulator URCA had been given the task of investigating the restructuring of Cable Bahamas’ REV TV cable packages. They have approved the restructuring – but in the process they received complaint after complaint after complaint about service interruptions and other issues.

EDITORIAL: What really went on in Treasure Cay?

THERE are very obviously missing pieces in the story of what happened that led to the plane crash in Abaco that killed two pilots.

EDITORIAL: Hesitation may be your last regret

OUR country’s hesitation to get vaccinated is coming home to roost – with Princess Margaret Hospital now at full capacity.

EDITORIAL: Hesitancy among our health workers

IN yesterday’s Tribune, we reported on the concerns of nurses with a number of workers sick with COVID, and one having recently died. Those are valid concerns indeed – so why is it that in today’s Tribune, we hear that there is a hesitancy within healthcare workers to take the vaccine?

EDITORIAL: Unsolved murder at Government House

WHO killed Petty Officer Percival Perpall and attempted to kill two more Marines at Government House in 2019?