EDITORIAL: Government must show vision and spending control for tax increase

THE government of The Bahamas is asking the Bahamian public, many of whom are barely able to make ends meet, to accept a very bitter pill, a nearly 40 percent increase in VAT from 7.5 percent to 12 percent.

EDITORIAL: Unity is needed to build a country

IT IS said that a revolution can be built in a day, but it takes a generation to build a government.

EDITORIAL: Diplomacy and persuasion the best option

PEOPLE absorbed in their personal pursuits and blissfully unaware of the ebb and flow of international affairs might be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss was about this week in Singapore. Was the summit between the United States President and the leader of a relatively small country in Asia really the most significant such meeting in modern times, as some in the media had been claiming? The hyperbole of the international press showed no bounds in seeking to report the news in the most dramatic terms.

EDITORIAL: OAS could be key to Venezuela future

THE Organization of American States is now in its 70th year. An organisation long and naturally dominated by the United States, the OAS has been criticised for that and for other things. But whether they are speaking from the core of their conscience or playing to the TV cameras for points with viewers back home, Western Hemisphere heads of government and foreign ministers often make news when attending an OAS meeting.

EDITORIAL: Good work, Works Minister

AMIDST all the criticism of the Minnis administration for the roll-out of a budget with massive tax increases`, The Tribune wants to hit pause and say “congratulations” for one job well done.

EDITORIAL: Better to lose an election, than a country

BAHAMIANS have raised their voices against Government’s decision to raise the VAT tax from seven to 12 per cent. On the other hand, there are those who see no alternative but to raise taxes to stave off the looming financial crisis.

EDITORIAL: New VAT hike must be revisited

IT IS said that the job of political leaders is to balance conflicting priorities and goals and make decisions based on the welfare and best interests of the people. That looks to be a sensible and laudable ideal. But it may be seen here in The Bahamas as hollow, if not risible, following the announcement in the Budget last week of a huge increase of 60 per cent in Value Added Tax, a move which will have predictably negative consequences for our nation across-the board.

EDITORIAL: Trump’s daily diet of six outright lies

PERHAPS the biggest casualty of the Donald Trump presidency in the United States has been the truth. Trump lies all the time, without appearing to hesitate first. There is no evidence Trump possesses any internal governor that would regulate his mendacious behaviour.


People familiar with The Bahamas who have also travelled to other comparable holiday places know we have something special to offer here. We are blessed with the beauty of nature and an equable climate with fine beaches surrounded by what those who have been to the Exumas claim to be the clearest waters on the planet.

EDITORIAL: ‘Birdie’ thanks God for Hanna-Martin and PLP

“THANK God for Ms Hanna Martin and the PLP government. The Tribune takes credit why?”

EDITORIAL: Still time to review the heavy hammer of VAT

The governing party under the leadership of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis presented its proposed budget in the House of Assembly yesterday.

EDITORIAL: Fiscal Responsibility Act lacks teeth

Like democratic elections and freedom of information, fiscal responsibility is central to good governance and to any nation’s sustainability. Not only does fiscal responsibility reflect a commitment by a government to do what it asks its citizens to do – budget wisely and be prepared to be held accountable if it does not, it positions that government to maintain or move toward macro-economic stability.

EDITORIAL: Trump's Korea rollercoaster

American President Donald Trump’s scuttling, for now, of the June 12 summit meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has once again focused the attention of the world on the US chief executive. His action was baffling and ill-conceived to many.

EDITORIAL: Ripples of US-China trade relations wash up on our shores too

With much of the US media obsessed with endless so-called breaking news about the state of the Trump presidency, it seems less attention than it deserves has been given to this month’s important bilateral trade talks with China.

EDITORIAL: Let’s be honest - they’re just downright rude

It is a fact of life that putting a uniform on an ordinary man can change him instantly. The heavyset class creep can be transformed into the big-chested bully. A stout woman can become HyperHolly on authority steroids. Not only does a uniform imbue a sense of power for the individual wearing it, it induces greater likelihood of obedience from those who interact with the uniform.