EDITORIAL: What is being hidden from the Auditor General?

THE role of the Auditor General is not an easy one – but it is straightforward in what he or she is supposed to do. The Auditor General is required to examine and inquire into the accounts of government.

EDITORIAL: Don’t let vaccine go to waste

THERE are 20,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine that could end up being thrown away by the end of the year – what an absolute waste that would be.

EDITORIAL: An end to unity, the start of the blame game

TALK of a less combative relationship between the political parties has not lasted very long.

EDITORIAL: A change that had to be made for the FNM

MICHAEL Pintard has won the favour of the FNM to be chosen as the party leader – and now must win the favour of the Bahamian public as he seeks to turn the party around.

EDITORIAL: Can 150-year Royal Caribbean deal be changed?

IT IS interesting to see the Davis administration leap into action over the Royal Caribbean lease of Crown Land on Paradise Island.

EDITORIAL: Let the court decide on shanty towns

THE plans for free COVID tests are coming soon. The solution to the Cabbage Beach access row is coming soon. Plans for a “workable” wage are coming soon. The Grand Lucayan conclusion is coming soon.

EDITORIAL: Pennies for Paradise Island deal

AT last, the details of the lease granted to Royal Caribbean for Crown Land on Paradise Island have been revealed – and what a bargain it is for the company. Not so much, perhaps, for the nation’s Treasury.

EDITORIAL: Booster shots are to be welcomed

AFTER the push to get Bahamians fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the time has come to look forward to the next stage – and for many people, that means booster shots.

EDITORIAL: Disturbing cases involving public monies

Most of us had never heard the name Melissa Hall, a former general manager of the Bridge Authority, until we read the ruling on her claim for a pay out after being let go from her job.

EDITORIAL: Marital rape issue is a stain on our reputation

IT’S hard to understand why the issue of marital or spousal rape is still a subject of discussion in this country.

EDITORIAL: Potcake issue is no joke

Today’s front page picture has a light-hearted headline but the story it relates to is no joke.

EDITORIAL: We are failing our children

THE children of our nation seem to be caught in the middle of an almighty mess.

EDITORIAL: Would-be homeowners caught in crosstalk

IT must be very frustrating to be one of the young professionals who applied for the chance to own a home in Prospect Ridge.

EDITORIAL: Soon the unvaccinated will be the minority

HALF of our nation might be vaccinated by the end of the year.

EDITORIAL: PM Davis brings clear voice to climate talks

Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis spoke on behalf of our future before the world yesterday.