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A fine woman is remembered - Mallie Lightbourn

MALLIE Lightbourn – mother of Michael, Richard (MP for Montagu) and Timothy – was not only a remarkable woman, but an extraordinary Bahamian.

Fred Mitchell - ‘my country right or wrong’

IT WOULD appear that our intrepid foreign affairs minister is putting up his dukes in preparation for another unpleasant Cuban-American exchange over the treatment last year of Cuban refugees in our Carmichael Detention Centre. In fact, his words on Sunday seem to invite a quarrel.

To be or not to be - Bahamians want answers on VAT

BAHAMIAN businessmen are becoming more agitated as the date for the implementation of VAT nears with only reassurances from legislators that draft legislation as to what it will mean to them is on its way.

Government members unnerved by US investment report

THE US government’s 2014 Investment Climate Statement on The Bahamas has certainly shaken the establishment as one by one PLP ministers come out of the woodwork, dragging their red herrings behind them, to discredit the statement.

PM Christie should take note of US warning

PRIME Minister Christie is disappointed with the US government’s 2014 Investment Climate Statement on the Bahamas, finding that it reflected the opinion of the opposition rather than giving a fair and objective assessment of his government.

Damian Gomez is expected to keep his promise

DAMIAN Gomez, Minister of State in the Ministry of Legal Affairs, presented the Juries Amendment Act for debate in the House of Assembly yesterday.

Without financial help, Ranfurly Home faces closure

“RANFURLY must raise $400,000 or close its doors forever” read the headline in Friday’s Tribune.

When memories grow dim, history repeats itself

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell, who has taken leave of absence this year to represent the Bahamas at various meetings around the world, made it clear last year that his ambition is to retire from the PLP government “with a comfortable life”. He would also like to “continue to prosper with respect while no longer actively involved in public policy”.

Gambling - creating a future problem?

BAHAMAS Faith Ministries founder, Dr Myles Munroe – although gambling is against his religion – has drawn his breath in long enough to tolerate a more emasculated version of the devil in the form of a national lottery rather than a licensed webshop industry.

Webshop licences – heading for a collision

ALREADY Government’s plan to regulate and tax webshops is headed for the shoals.

Where is the legislation to control our own spy agency?

A TRIBUNE reader has sent us a news flash from Holland that reports that the US government’s eavesdropping has resulted “in an attack on the Netherlands being averted”.

And who invited the Americans to take an interest?

BIG BROTHER is watching and our local Sherlock Holmes is busy beating the local bushes to find out who invited him in.

Bimini's wealth is beneath the sea - protect it

“SO now people are happy for the Privy Council’s decision, yet when they say ‘No Hanging’ the response is ‘We independent! We don’t need no Privy Council!’”

The police officers who undermine the force

“EVERY time I open my mouth I lose my civil liberties in this country,” commented a woman who has lived in the Bahamas for many years, but still has a distinct Jamaican accent.


ALTHOUGH in his world travels, Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell seems very attracted to the long-robbed leaders of the Arab world, he would do well to tread carefully about any talk of cultural exchange or investment with them.