EDITORIAL: A servant of the nation who deserves respect

IT was late at night on April 10, 2013, when a call came into The Tribune newsroom to report not one, but two police officers shot in separate incidents. One was senior officer Clayton Fernander.

EDITORIAL: Kneejerk politics as election appears on the horizon

SO the pretence is done – the countdown to the 2022 election has begun.

EDITORIAL: The slow revolution on marijuana

AT long last, the slow-motion progress of the marijuana commission has seen Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis receive the preliminary report.

EDITORIAL: The law must be upheld

The Tribune investigation that revealed the sale of abortion pills without prescription has, inevitably, prompted calls for abortion laws to be changed.

EDITORIAL: Alarm bells over drugs and health

THE investigation in today’s Tribune that revealed the sale of abortion drugs despite the lack of a prescription has rung several alarm bells.

EDITORIAL: Pledges and politics

IT started off as an event widely hailed as a good thing.

EDITORIAL: Less talk, more action

A DAY after National Security Minister Marvin Dames took time out of his day to complain about how The Tribune reported his comments about the Commissioner of Police’s time at the helm coming to an end, a matter of more substance landed on his desk.

EDITORIAL: Work permit threat is a blunt instrument

YOU sometimes wonder if some people in government have experience in business.

EDITORIAL: The greatest help for the greatest need

IN the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, one thing has been heartwarming amid the heartbreak – the support from people around the world.

EDITORIAL: We wish Dr Minnis well in his appeal to the world

The devastation left by Hurricane Dorian stunned the nation. Lives lost, homes and businesses wiped out, thousands forced to abandon the places where they have lived all their lives.

EDITORIAL: People deserve a resolution

IT is now more than four months since Hurricane Dorian hit The Bahamas – and still we do not have an accurate count of how many people were killed in the storm.

EDITORIAL: An uneasy seat for the commissioner

POLICE Commissioner Anthony Ferguson could not be blamed if he felt a little uneasy this morning.

EDITORIAL: Take police brutality seriously

We’ve been here before.

EDITORIAL: What can true ambition achieve?

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis is nothing if not ambitious.

EDITORIAL: Get these potholes fixed quickly

IT’S a bumpy drive to work if you have to cross the junction of Shirley Street and Village Road at the moment.