EDITORIAL: Lockdown still here as we open the doors

If anyone was expecting major changes from Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, they were soon disappointed.

EDITORIAL: Listen to those who offer a better path

SINCE he resigned his post as Minister of Health, Dr Duane Sands has been an increasingly vocal figure commenting on the government’s approach to tackling COVID-19.

EDITORIAL: Ellis offers criticism, but no solutions

BISHOP Neil Ellis was the talk of social media yesterday, after he took a break from rendering unto God to loudly condemn Caesar.

EDITORIAL: Time to breathe life into Downtown

WE don’t need to tell you about the number of rundown buildings in Downtown Nassau.

EDITORIAL: What do economic measures mean for you?

READERS may be forgiven if, after looking at the announcements made on extending the emergency powers and the recommendations for the recovery of the economy, they asked one question: What does all this mean for me?

EDITORIAL: If lockdowns aren’t working, what next?

OVER and over in the battle against COVID-19, we have said that our approach is led by advice from health experts.

EDITORIAL: Don’t gain short-term and lose long-term

LOOK before you leap. That’s the warning from union chief Obie Ferguson – and it’s wise advice in an economy that is a long way from being on the rise again.

EDITORIAL: What are we doing to protect women?

What would you do if you found yourself being stalked?

EDITORIAL: No easy answer over cutting off water

WHERE BPL has gone before, now the Water and Sewerage Corporation is seeking to follow – in cutting off customers whose bills remain unpaid.

EDITORIAL: Is this really the time for a battle with nurses?

IT seems like some disputes never go far away – even in a pandemic.

EDITORIAL: It’s not snitching, it’s saving lives

YOU have a weapon against COVID-19.

EDITORIAL: Paying now for missed opportunities earlier

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis has made his move – and once again we prepare for a diet of curfews and lockdowns.

EDITORIAL: A bright idea to break the COVID impasse

JUST when it seems the government is fresh out of ideas – along comes the private sector.

EDITORIAL: What do we do about oil?

IS oil the future or is oil the past?

EDITORIAL: Get ready, New Providence

BRACE yourselves for another lockdown.