What contempt has the Police Commissioner committed?

THE Bar Association president has recommended that the courts should ”seriously consider” holding Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade in contempt of court for stating the obvious — that as fast as police arrest a hardened criminal and deliver him to the court, he is back on the streets and the chase starts all over again — all thanks to what is now being called the “court’s revolving door”.

An unhealthy storm against the Bahamas is brewing

UNFORTUNATELY, as we wrote in August last year at the time of the beating of Cuban detainees at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre, our Foreign Affairs Minister is not a diplomat.

A failed economy and no accurate information

“IF it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” We wish we could find at least one nook or cranny in our country today that we could walk away satisfied that it was functioning so well that it needed no “fixing”.

And who is Fred Smith, QC?

“WHO IS dis Smith fella…let’s pick him up!” bellowed an angry Loftus Roker in a Side Burns cartoon published in The Tribune on August 21, 1986.

What future has BEC?

BAHAMAS Electrical Workers Union President Paul Maynard announced a work-to-rule for his members last Tuesday. Two days later, he quickly reversed his decision.

BEC Union says no more overtime – rostering now needed

GONE are the days when unions could demand that they would negotiate industrial contracts with no one but the prime minister.

Bahamians want lower rates: unionists want more pay

BAHAMIANS from all sides are crying for their electricity bills to come down. Today too many Bahamians, unable to pay their bills, are forced to go without electricity.

Must have humane solution to Haitian problem

YES, the Bahamas has a problem, a major problem that started slowly many years ago but has grown to such proportions today that sound decisions have to be made to contain it. Bahamians call it “the Haitian problem”.

Atlantis unfairly blamed for jet ski operators

RECENTLY, the US Embassy warned of increased incidents of sexual assault in New Providence, some of them linked to the “loosely regulated” water sports on Paradise Island.

Why are the Constitutional Bills being delayed?

PRIME Minister Christie, who in 2002 successfully led his party to defeat the FNM’s referendum that would have given equality to Bahamian women, boasted at the time that Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham could not get such a referendum through, but he – Perry Christie — could and would.

A life without purpose is the greatest tragedy

DR Myles Munroe, with his wife, Ruth, and two leaders of his ministry, was killed when his plane crashed Sunday afternoon as it prepared to land in Freeport during a rainstorm. Dr Munroe, and the eight passengers in his Lear Jet with him, was on his way to Freeport to open his 2014 Global Leadership Forum.

US crime alerts reported in NY Times

SO ANXIOUS to win the 2012 election, the Christie government promised the Bahamian people that if elected it would reduce, if not eradicate, the country’s escalating crime. The PLP claimed to have had the answers.

Many misfortunes for the Bahamas

WE recall years ago when many Bahamians bitterly complained that the banks would not grant them unsecured loans to build their homes and start small businesses. At the time the PLP encouraged them in their demands, and the belief that the purpose of a bank was to help the little man get on his feet. No solution was offered as to what would happen to the bank when too many “little men” failed.

The Public Accounts Committee has been hijacked

“THE Committee of Public Accounts,” says May’s Parliamentary Practice – the practitioner’s “bible” for the Westminster system of government – “is empowered to examine the appropriation accounts and such other accounts laid before Parliament as the committee thinks fit.

A humane solution has to be found to the Haitian ‘problem‘

“Grant that I may not criticise my neighbour until I have walked a mile in his moccasins,” says an old Indian prayer.