Time is now for Bahamians to decide their future

IN THE House of Assembly on Monday former PLP Marco City MP Greg Moss announced that on Sunday, November 22, he had formed a new political party. He declared his intention of contesting every electoral constituency with his “Bahamian patriots.”

PLP afraid of Loretta Butler-Turner as FNM leader

THERE has been tremendous praise for the leadership shown by FNM MP Loretta Butler-Turner in her prompt response to the needs of her fellow Bahamians after the recent passage over our southern islands of Hurricane Joaquin, a category four hurricane – the most destructive in our history.

Caveat emptor - buyer beware!

PRIME MINISTER Christie is so focused on introducing National Health Insurance by January that he resurrected it on Friday — at a funeral of all places.

Wilchcombe admits government doesn’t have the answers

TOURISM Minister Obie Wilchcombe, admitting that the PLP made crime a political issue, says his government now realises that they didn’t have the answers to the problem, but needed the whole community — not just PLP politicians with their secret potions— working together to combat what is now destroying the country.

Is the team of Farkas-Kerzner about to rescue The Bahamas?

ON Thursday, Prime Minister Perry Christie started tongues wagging in Nassau as to the identity of the major international investors interested in the restructuring of the seemingly jinxed $3.5 billion Baha Mar resort.

Communities being terrorised by criminals

IN THIS column yesterday – with crime rising daily — we suggested that government follow the example of Jamaica and the Caymans by inviting a number of British detectives to The Bahamas to assist our Commissioner and his officers in getting crime under control.

Outside investigators needed to assist RBPF

“THE Cayman Islands has brought in British police to tackle a rise in gang-related crime that business leaders fear could hurt the territory’s image as a safe finance and tourism destination,” Reuters news agency reported in 2010.

Bahamians are not being consulted or informed

DOWNTOWN Nassau has been a disaster zone for some years with efforts being made by various committees to transform Bay Street into an historic street of great beauty.

It is hoped that ‘Sovereignty’ will now pay the bills

ON Saturday, former deputy prime minister Brent Symonette did not agree with his party (FNM) that the Christie government was totally at fault for the recent redundancies of more than 2,000 Bahamians from the Baha Mar payroll.

The second whirlwind - private citizens lead the hurricane rescue

LEFT in a state of shock on learning that our southern islands were almost wiped from the map, government was further stunned when a second whirlwind blew past them as Bahamians gathered up as many supplies as they could, loaded them onto privately owned boats and planes and flew to the rescue.

Sir Lynden knew the problem; Bell wants a scapegoat

KEITH Bell, State Minister for National Security, wasted much time in the Senate on Tuesday trying to blame escalating crime on the FNM government. What he should have been doing was explaining why his government’s solution to the crime problem was not working. He should also have been outlining his government’s proposals to get the guns out of the hands of criminals, and any other ideas his government might have devised to keep its election promise to reduce crime. Instead, he was finding excuses to wiggle out of his government’s election promise.

The Tribune’s predictions for Baha Mar’s future

YESTERDAY, Mr Justice Ian Winder granted a three-week extension to government’s winding up petition to settle the future of Baha Mar, the much anticipated resort that closed before it could open.

According to Bradley Roberts, we are ‘foolish, reckless and irresponsible’

BRADLEY Roberts, PLP chairman, is incensed that there should be any suggestion that “government interfered with the Baha Mar negotiations, a private contractual matter, and is therefore to blame for the recent lay-offs”.

Instead of opening, Baha Mar staff sent home; PM disappointed

WHAT an unmitigated disaster – the Baha Mar dream is over and 2,000 redundant Bahamian employees have been sent home to face a bleak Christmas.

Mr PM - avoid the ‘confusing debate’ and make a sensible decision

AS PRIME Minister Christie scratches his head to find money to rebuild the southern islands, badly damaged by Hurricane Joaquin, he anticipates having to face what he has called a “confusing debate, between the government, the Medical Association of The Bahamas and the insurance industry”.