EDITORIAL: A new day indeed, as Minnis pays price

IT’S hard to imagine. Just four years ago the FNM swept to power with a huge majority giving it licence to do as it wished for the benefit of the country. All that stood against them was an Opposition of just four MPs – Philip “Brave” Davis and his three colleagues – the only survivors of the electoral rout.

EDITORIAL: Election Day has come, and it’s time to choose

THE time has come, Bahamas. Today, we make a choice. It is a difficult choice, but it is one which will guide the years ahead in our country.

EDITORIAL: Don’t be lulled by drop in COVID numbers

IS THERE a glimmer of hope in the number of COVID cases being recorded?

EDITORIAL: Rolle speech raises suspicions over jobs

Are jobs being given for votes in Abaco?

EDITORIAL: Sensible policies show path we should follow

FIRST, there was a proposal by the FNM to provide free food in schools for all children at government schools.

EDITORIAL: Is it really safe to cast our votes?

THEY stood in their thousands yesterday to vote. In the heat. In crowded lines. In the middle of a pandemic.

EDITORIAL: Delta is here - so what can you do about it?

THE Delta variant is here.

EDITORIAL: Tax talks ahead - no matter who wins

THE comments of James Smith about our economy shouldn’t come as a surprise.

EDITORIAL: Picture tells the story of our COVID failures

IN this column last month, we said that as a country we had failed to protect our healthcare system.

EDITORIAL: We need policies, not childish insults

YOU would hope we could do better.

EDITORIAL: Free school food could make a big difference

THE word ahead of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ speech last night was that there would be a big announcement – and a free school meals programme certainly fit the bill.

EDITORIAL: Why is there no plan for the quarantined?

A DEBATE is stirring over whether people in quarantine will be able to vote in the election.

EDITORIAL: The cost of those PLP promises to the unions

PROMISES, promises. It’s election time, and that means that candidates are making their pledges to would-be voters in hopes of winning their support.

EDITORIAL: A nomination day of crowds and COVID

NOMINATION day is a landmark in the Bahamian political world. Normally, it is a riot of colour and sound as candidates make the most of their moment as they hand over $400 to confirm their nomination. Would COVID-19 make a difference? Sadly, not as much as it should have done.

EDITORIAL: A lack of due diligence over PLP deal

IT didn’t take long for the house of cards that was the PLP deal with unions to come tumbling down.