Nottage admits defeat of PLP’s special crime solutions

DR Bernard Nottage now wants to shift the country’s crime problem on the people’s lack of understanding of the critical issues this country faces — illegal drugs, illegal firearms, gang formations — which ”for us,” he said, “we have never seen the like of it before.”

Bahamians want Prime Minister to prove what side he is on

LAST week, Fred Mitchell, Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister, invited the Mayor of Atlanta to Nassau, to give government some tips on how it could follow Atlanta’s lead to get its escalating crime under control.

Many think The Bahamas is facing a bleak future

ALTHOUGH Standard & Poor has downgraded The Bahamas’ sovereign credit worthiness to near junk status, the government insists that the country’s economic outlook is still good.

Is ‘corruption’ an attempt to change the conversation?

SURELY at some time in his youth Archbishop Drexel Gomez must have read and explained St Matthew’s gospel to his son Damian, who now as Minister of State for Legal Affairs has publicly condemned corruption in politics. Mr Gomez, Jr, was particularly upset with his own government for not taking corruption seriously.

Damian Gomez proves to be chip off the old block - down with corruption

DAMIAN Gomez, Minister of State for Legal Affairs, has been uneasy in the Christie cabinet for sometime. At the beginning of the year his unease became public when a rumour — on which he refused to comment— started to circulate that he was considering resigning from the PLP cabinet.

A tribute to Sir Albert Miller - the last of Freeport’s developers

IF ANYONE appreciated Benjamin Franklin’s belief that “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest‚” it was Albert Joel Miller who worked his way up from the small Grant-in-Aid school in McKann’s, Long Island, to become president and then co-chairman of the Grand Bahama Port Authority. In 2002, Her Majesty the Queen made him a Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG). His friends were drawn from all walks of life and crossed all political boundaries.

History’s echo haunting Minister Fred Mitchell

AT LAST Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell has admitted what everyone has known ever since the day the PLP was first elected to govern this country — if citizens fail to say “yes, massa” to every whim of their new overlords, they should not expect a crumb from their master’s table.

Mitchell lectures Loretta Butler-Turner on good manners

THIS weekend, the services of Elcott Coleby of Bahamas Information Services, whose salary is paid by Bahamian taxpayers to distribute news about the Bahamas, was used by Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell to distribute to the press his party’s political propaganda given in a speech at Long Island. We hope that the PLP paid for these services from its own party’s coffers, and not from the Public Treasury.

Remember Mr Mitchell – respect works both ways

FOREIGN AFFAIRS and Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell and Prime Minister Perry Christie both emphasised the importance of respecting the Office of Prime Minister at a Fox Hill Day celebration on Monday.

Do everything to promote newspapers’ ‘freedom to publish and be damned,’ said Mitchell

A FEW days ago a Tribune reporter spotted on Facebook an announcement that “Fred Mitchell had issued instructions to lawyers to write a letter before action to The Tribune over a defamatory headline in the newspaper on Wednesday, 5th August, based on remarks made to that paper by Ft Charlotte MP Andre Rollins. The Tribune is likely to ignore it and legal proceedings are expected to be filed on Thursday, 13th August”.

The ‘kindlier, gentler days’ of today’s Bahamas

WHEN Prime Minister Perry Christie made his first bid in 2002 to lead the PLP back to the seat of power after voters – 10 years earlier– had banished them to the political wilderness — he promised that he was introducing Bahamians to a “new PLP.” The Pindling era was dead.

Let’s go to Delaware and avoid conflict of interest

CONFLICT of interest … in such a small country with so many Bahamians mixed up in each others businesses, conflict of interest will always be the out-sized elephant in the room.

Mr Christie – whose side are you on — CCA or Bahamians?

ON THURSDAY Prime Minister Perry Christie tried — without success – to distance his government from the comments of two of his cabinet ministers, Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell and Labour Minister Shane Gibson.

Mr Prime Minister get your ministers under control

YESTERDAY Prime Minister Christie attended the breaking of ground to launch the construction of China Construction America’s $250 million luxury Pointe development on the site of the Sheraton British Colonial Hotel in downtown Bay Street.

Baha Mar is going to be the PLP’s political undoing

“THERE’S no doubt that people on the international stage are looking at what’s happening, and looking at how the government is responding to it, and how the developer is responding,” Deputy Prime Minister Brave Davis told The Tribune yesterday in commenting on the Baha Mar dispute.