Healthcare vs sickness care


Cancer Society explains genetic testing for breast cancer

THE Cancer Society of the Bahamas is clarifying information that appeared in a recent media report about genetic testing for breast cancer.

The importance of exfoliation

Desquamation is the body’s natural process of exfoliation, or the shedding of dry, old, hardened skin cells so new cells can come to the surface. In an oily skin condition, desquamation can be slowed, as oily skin acts as a glue that holds dead skin cells to the surface. This can contribute to clogged follicles, leading to the build-up of acne bacteria which stimulates the production of breakouts.

When chiropractic is right for you

By Dr Christie 

Bahamian documentary to explore 'Perfect Feet'


Unmasking root canal therapy

THE medical health writer Dr Joseph Mercola publishes articles on root canal therapy several times a year. In his articles, he advises all his readers never to have a root canal therapy performed.

Ranfurly hosts 'Love that Child' walkathon

FOR the first time ever, the Ranfurly Homes For Children played host to a Love That Child Walkathon and Fun Run last Saturday.

How to get perfect wedding day skin

MAINTAINING a skin care routine is not only vital to great looking skin on your wedding day, it also provides a perfect canvas for flawless makeup

Shoulder, arm and hand problems

YOUR brain “talks” with the rest of your body through a vast communications system mostly made up of nerves.

Dental care and diabetes

Whether you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, high blood sugar can affect your entire body, including your mouth.

ACE Diabetes Expo helps the community 'get on track' to better health

MORE than 400 Bahamians came out to support the second annual ACE Diabetes Get On Track Expo last Saturday.

Today's orthodontics

MOST laymen refer to orthodontics as “braces for teeth.”

ACE Diabetes hosts second 'get on track expo'

FOLLOWING the success of its inaugural event last year, ACE Diabetes is set to launch the second annual Get on Track Expo with the same theme: “Prevent and Protect”.

Smoking . . . what a drag