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Youngsters stay fit with tennis summer camp

Promoting health and fitness through the sport of tennis, organisers and instructors at Brajaxba are once again hosting their popular summer camp.

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Toxic emotions – Part V: Guilt

In the past few articles we have been exploring the havoc that negative emotions wreak on our bodies.

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Transform Your Life: Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and plant-based

Based on findings that the over-consumption of red meat causes a host of preventable diseases and ailments, many people are looking for a more animal-free diet for a healthier body.

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SMB Care screens 'The Revenant' to raise funds for colon cancer awareness and education

WITH colon cancer being the third deadliest form of cancer in the Bahamas, members of the SMB Care Foundation said they recognise that efforts to raise more awareness and educate the public on the disease must be heightened and remain ongoing.

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Sweet treats for a good cause

On July 28, Dairy Queen Bahamas will host its third annual Miracle Treat Day. Two dollars for every blizzard sold will be donated to help children and families affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD). All four DQ locations in New Providence will participate – Southwest Plaza, Cable Beach, Harbour Bay and The Mall at Marathon.

The dental needs of little people

Are you a parent with school children? If so, you already know that the summer months usher in the back-to-school mode. In many households there is the usual summer checklist with last-minute vacations, new uniforms, and new classroom utensils.

Cancer Society makes donating easy with new ‘iDonate’ campaign

The Cancer Society of the Bahamas is introducing its “1000@50 iDonate” campaign to raise funds for their Caring Centre and to urge persons to be proactive in lowering their individual risk of developing cancer.

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PMH physician partners with South Florida’s Baptist Health to improve Bahamian services

A young Bahamian doctor is hoping that all the knowledge she acquired during a recent observership programme will go a long way in helping to improve the public accident and emergency department at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

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Seek a dentist’s help for Bruxism if you grind your teeth

HAVE YOU ever woken up in the morning with headaches, a painful jaw or a chipped tooth? If so, you may be grinding your teeth while you sleep at night.

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Bahamian celebrities donate blood to 'Give Life'

Hitmakers Dyson Knight and Sammi Starr are among a group of Bahamian entertainments who are leading by example, proving that donating blood “Gives Life”.

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Transform Your Life: Understanding cravings

When experiencing cravings we go for the quickest choice around and most of the time that choice is going to be a fast food laden with sugars, refined ingredients, oils, additives and preservatives. What many people don’t realise is that there are many healthy alternatives that can help with cravings. One of my philosophies is that if you understand what’s happening you are in a much better position to make positive change.

Bleeding gums

Do you get bleeding from your gums? Does it happen occasionally? Does it happen daily? Does it happen with pain?

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Getting ‘sugared’: Ancient body hair removal art makes a comeback

Though it is an ancient art of hair removal, many people are still unfamiliar or aware of the method of body sugaring.

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A celebration of yoga

Hundreds once again flocked to Pompey Square on Saturday to attend the third annual Downtown Nassau Yoga Festival.

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A deeper look into sickle cell disease in the Bahamas

The Bahamas Sickle Cell Association will take a more in-depth look at a group of genetically passed down blood disorders during a special forum tomorrow.