A look beyond the needles

LAST week we took a quick look at traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and one of its most familiar components - acupuncture. This week, we dive a bit deeper into other aspects of TCM, including acupressure and cupping.

How to smile for life

REGULAR car maintenance keeps your vehicle in good running order, increases its years of use and reduces cost of repairs. Good oral hygiene - the daily care techniques that maintain healthy gums, stop bad breadth and prevent tooth decay - is analogous to good car maintenance, with the exception that it helps to keep your smile for life.

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Massage therapist finds tranquility

SHE HAS had many job titles over the years but above all, for Candice Treco, massage therapy is the one that she has experienced the longest and grown most fond of.

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Food for thought

HANDS For Hunger, a Bahamian organisation dedicated to eliminate hunger in the country, will hold Food for Thought on Thursday to coincide with this year’s World Hunger Day.

Atlantis holds another blood drive

THE Water Features department at Atlantis held another life-saving blood drive in conjunction with Princess Margaret Hospital and Doctors Hospital blood banks. Some 85 pints of blood were donated over the course of three days.

Cans for Kids down for the recycling cause

NON-PROFIT organisation Cans for Kids (CFK) is making major moves in the Bahamas as they promote the recycling of aluminium cans.

Garlic – the wonder herb

THERE are some bad tasting and smelling herbs like aloe, noni and garlic, but they sure work.

The importance of deep scaling

GUM diseases are responsible for almost all the loss of teeth in the world’s adult population.

Intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy: a look beyond the needle

WHEN I say IV therapy, patients immediately say, “What?” And after I explain what it is, it is almost always followed by, “You mean needles?” As you will find, the needle is just a small part of a very beneficial process.

Aggressive vaccination schedule paying huge dividends

THE introduction of a number of disease preventing vaccinations at the public healthcare level in the Bahamas, particularly over the past three years, has allowed the country’s public healthcare sector to stay on the cutting-edge of the public healthcare field within the region and indeed the Americas, according to Dr Delon Brennen, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the Bahamas.

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Mobile Dentistry

WHAT is mobile dentistry? It is not two words you expect to see together. This type of dentistry is simply dentistry that is performed away from the traditional office setting and is performed in a nontraditional setting such as private homes, private yachts, commercial centres, schools, physicians’ offices and emergency rooms.

Great turnout for second Megan Louise Sands Ostomy Foundation Fun Run/Walk

PARTICIPATION numbers exceeded expectations last Saturday, as many Bahamians made it a priority to take part in the second annual Megan Louise Sands Ostomy Foundation’s Fun Run/Walk.

The Cross: A medical perspective – Part II

TWO weeks ago we looked at what Jesus endured from Gethsemane through His conviction and His walk to Calvary. This week, we focus on the cross.

One Eleuthera Foundation celebrates Earth Day

IN CELEBRATION of Earth Day 2015, the One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF) hosted its third annual festivities this weekend, at which members commemorated their hard work and promoted opportunities ahead, encouraging partnership and leadership throughout Eleuthera, the Bahamas and the World.

How we can avoid the worldwide dental epidemic

THERE IS a global epidemic of dental diseases, and adult dental diseases account for the lion’s share of it.