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Strengthening your core

Whenever someone in the gym says they have a strong core, many people believes this signifies they are sporting chiselled six-pack abs. But your core is more than just your abdominal muscles; it is the powerhouse of your body.

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A ‘Champagne Toast to the Ta-Tas’

When women come together to share a life-saving experience while celebrating each other, it makes for a bubbly exchange of laughter, stories and memorable moments.

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Local nurses start specialised paediatric training

NURSES from the Bahamas are part of a corps from the Caribbean who will soon be more skilled at providing care for children afflicted with blood disorders and cancers.

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Mother-of-two’s war against breast cancer

Had not been for a routine checkup last year, Kaffieanne Duncombe may not have been here today to share her story of waging battle against breast cancer. 

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Balinese guru sensed 'great energy' from Bahamians

Even though his stay in the Bahamas was cut short due to Hurricane Matthew last week, Balinese Guru Made Sumantra said he enjoyed the country and liked the energy he felt from the people.

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Why guys hate to train legs and why their goals suffer because of it

Let’s be honest, for a man legs are one of the hardest and most gruelling body parts to train intensely. And because men can go through their entire life not showing their legs, it’s the easiest training day to skip. Many men tend to focus on the “mirror muscles” like chest, arms and shoulders, and ultimately suffer overall because of it. Training legs has many benefits that go far beyond the scope of aesthetics.

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Skin care specialist urges extreme care with lotions, oils and soaps

That lotion you think may be toning, plumping and softening your skin may actually be doing more harm than good.

The brush and the brushing

“It’s only a toothbrush, it can’t be that important.”

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The value of breastfeeding

With research linking breastfeeding to better behaviour in adults, the Bahamas National Breastfeeding Association (BNBA) is putting its campaign to ensure more Bahamian babies are breastfed into high gear this week.

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‘Thairapy’ – It’s what the stylist prescribed

This November will make two years since Eddia Thompson made the decision to dedicate her time and energy to bringing awareness of healthy hair to the Bahamas.

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‘Dunkin’ for Boobies’ returns for third annual fundraiser on Friday

GETTING an early morning soak by being dunked in tank of water might on any other occasion be a little unpleasant, but because in this case it’s to raise funds to promote breast cancer awareness, the DJs and personalities at Radio House don’t mind going “Dunkin For Boobies”. 

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Atlantis’ Mandara Spa celebrates its Balinese roots

One of the world’s most sought-after healers, Guru Made Sumantra will visit Paradise Island in October for nearly three days of personal sessions as part of award-winning Mandara Spa’s 20th anniversary and in celebration of 15 years as a Bahamian entity.

Cancer Society and RBC join forces to bring awareness to childhood cancer

Leukaemia is the most prevalent cancer among children in the Bahamas, according to ongoing research.

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HAVE YOU HEARD: Types and causes of hearing loss in children

There are several types of hearing losses and many different reasons why a child could suffer from a hearing loss. Additionally, a hearing loss could be one that is temporary or permanent, range from a slight to profound loss, and may be in one or both ears.

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Alpha Phi Alpha’s blood drive ‘surpasses expectations’

The call for Bahamians to donate blood in order to save lives resulted in scores of people filling up the chairs during the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity’s annual blood drive at the Mall at Marathon last weekend.