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The basics of healthy living

THE overriding purpose of this and future columns is to educate and empower you to regain control of your health! Each individual is responsible for their health and it is, by far, our greatest investment. Today we are starting with the basics of healthy living. Today, we taper bad habits! Are you ready?

Sticking to your fitness goals in 2015

ONE of the biggest issues people have with resolutions, as we all know, is being able to stick with them over the course of the year. Many people make resolutions at the beginning of a year but fail in keeping them after a certain period.

Fitness first for new delivery firm

WORKING as a fitness professional for the past 15 years, Javinson Brown thought it was only right to use his knowledge to develop a company that spoke to his craft.

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Renowned orthopaedic expert attends 2015 Hand Surgery meeting in the Bahamas

DR ALEJANDRO Badia, recognised as one of the top hand surgeons in the United States, will serve as a opening speaker at the American Association for Hand Surgery 2015 Annual Meeting scheduled to be held in Nassau tomorrow morning.

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Nassau boutique hotel to host AntiGravity Yoga studio

THE Island House (TIH) boutique hotel in Nassau will be the first resort in the Caribbean to feature a fully authorised AntiGravity Yoga studio.

Breast cancer survivor celebrates book launch

BREAST cancer survivor Sharine Symonette, a Bahamian mother of three, will share the story of her fight and triumph over the deadly disease with readers when she officially launches her first book this Thursday.

Urgent care or emergency treatment?

WHENEVER there is an emergency, swift medical care is paramount. However, there may be an instance where you may be experiencing an injury or illness that is not a life-threatening emergency, but still requires urgent care. 

King's highway to health and fitness

FOR those that may have lost hope and are depressed about their health and fitness, the team behind King’s Get Fit Club have an upbeat new year message, assuring them they can regain their confidence and live healthy lifestyles.

Get out - and get fit

EXERCISING at a gym is not the only way for people to lose weight and get fit. For some Bahamians the beauty of the outdoors presents a more appealing option of being active and staying in shape after spending countless hours indoors. 

Fat melting fruit - a help to weight loss

THERE are countless weight loss products, systems and fad diets on the market, making the one claim boasting quick weight loss.

'Embracing You'


What is your biosensitivity score?

Take our quiz to assess the severity of your skin flare-ups and redness.

Holiday health success

WITH Christmas and New Year’s Day just around the corner, the holiday party invites are as overwhelming as the food that will be served at them.

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Hands For Hunger hosts Christmas initiatives to raise funds

THROUGHOUT the entire year Hands For Hunger hosted initiatives in an effort to wage war and bring an end to hunger in Bahamas. And this holiday season saw the staging of some extra special events.