Living with interstitial lung disease

When she was first diagnosed with interstitial lung disease in 2011, Glendamae Black said the condition became the focal point of her life, affecting her in every way possible.

Don’t be so sensitive!

If eating a frozen daiquiri or snow cone makes you say “ouch”, then you may be suffering from tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common complaints among patients. They can no longer enjoy cold or hot beverages without feeling some sort of discomfort.

Cancer Fighters programme to be developed in the Bahamas

REPRESENTATIVES of the Cancer Treatment Centres of America (CTCA) are gearing up to officially launch their Cancer Fighters programme here in the Bahamas to help those living with the disease to “nurture, engage and empower one another”. Cancer Fighters is about patients and caregivers connecting with each other.

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Cancer and exercise

In days gone by, people were under the impression that an individual undergoing cancer treatment should just rest. Although rest is necessary, it is important for cancer survivors not to become completely inactive.

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‘Cancer is not a death sentence’

AN American specialist wants Bahamians to know that cancer is not a death sentence, and that there are many types of treatment options available, including alternative methods, that can help beat the disease.

Our toxic world: The burden of toxins and the importance of detoxification II

In the previous article we touched on the toxicity of our environment and the fact that it impacts our health.

Live a Fulfilling Life: Three best ways to improve your health

Preventative medicine experts say that the single most important thing you can do to improve the nation’s health is simple – stay healthy.

Countdown to the Heart Ball

THE countdown is on for the Sir Victor Sassoon Heart Foundation’s 52nd Annual Heart Ball.

Dental sealants for adults

A dental sealant acts as a barrier to prevent cavities. It is a plastic material that is applied to the chewing surface of back teeth by your dentist.

Our toxic world: the burden of toxins and the importance of detoxification

In the world in which we live today it is no longer an issue of “If you are toxic”, but “How toxic are you?”

Natural solution to osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is caused by breakdown of cartilage in one or more joints. When cartilage loss occurs, the joint can deteriorate to the point of having bone rubbing against bone, causing severe chronic pain, loss of mobility and sometimes disability.

Thousands of runners race for cancer awareness and wellness promotion

Mothers and fathers with their kids, Bahamians and visitors, young and old – they all came together last weekend to race for a cause.

New counselling centre offers 50 sessions for free

WITH so many Bahamians suffering from grief, hurt or loss, the D & R Professional Counselling Centre found it necessary to offer free sessions to the general public.

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Live a Fulfilling Life: The energetics of food

“Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine,” said Hippocrates, the man with the reputation of being the father of Western medicine.

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Live a Fulfilling Life: A New Year

A new year usually sparks ideas for change. You’ve been through 365 days of feeling happy about some things, disappointed, frustrated, lonely, unhealthy, and unfulfilled about others. Each year we tend to take account of how we want our lives to be different. So now, in 2016, what will you resolve to change?