Therapeutic yoga helps seniors maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit

FOR most people when you say the word ‘yoga’, images of super fit, incredibly flexible people bending themselves into pretzel-like shapes pop into their heads.

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Chickcharney Chirren fulfil promise of powered wheelchair donation

EDVENNA Major was sitting in her manual wheelchair at her vendor’s table in Pompey Square, as she does most Saturdays, oblivious to the fact that her life was about to get a little bit easier.

The ‘Heart Matters’ at One Eleuthera Foundation’s health symposium

THE ONE Eleuthera Foundation (OEF) is all set and ready to go when it comes to educating Bahamians on the topic of cardiovascular health.

Obesity: Tackling our big fat problem – Part III

WELCOME back to the third and possibly final part of my spiel on obesity. In parts one and two we defined obesity, looked at its prevalence here in the Bahamas and scratched the surface of how obesity contributes to deaths from noncommunicable diseases.

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Flicks to fight colon cancer

SMB Care Foundation hosts film fundraising series

IN its ongoing effort to eliminate cancer in the Bahamas, the SMB Care Foundation will kick off a film fundraising series entitled “SMB Flicks” beginning tonight at 7pm.

Gum disease

GUM disease is a commonplace damaging inflammatory process of the gums.

Obesity: Our big fat problem – Part II

NOW that we have scratched the surface on how serious obesity is here in the Bahamas, I want to open up the public’s eye to the seriousness of how obesity affects one’s health by attempting to narrow the global scope of the obesity problem and make it more personal.

An eye on traditional Chinese medicine

IMPROVING the wellness of Bahamians through education is the major goal of the Eye on Health seminars presented by Solomon’s Fresh Markets.

Women participate in ‘Sexy Summer Slimdown’ at Club One Fitness

FOR the fourth year, Club One Fitness Centre staff are using the summer season to help Bahamian women realise their sexier, healthier selves.

Teeth grinding – things to know

ONE of the funniest things that dentists encounter happens when a person who lives alone adamantly declares that they never grind their teeth.

Obesity: The big fat problem – Part I

SEVERAL articles ago we talked about stress – the effects of it and how stress literally kills.

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Maintaining fitness goals during the summer

THE summer is here and many pitfalls await those who are striving to stay fit during their vacation time. It’s hot outside, so exercises like walking are not as appealing. And then there is the problem of overindulgence when it comes to the culinary temptations.

Pregnancy and your mouth

PREGNANCY is a time of great happiness and fulfilment for most women. However, both the woman and her developing child face various health risks during the nine months of pregnancy.

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Getting fit for summer with ‘Youth in Yoga’

THE summer days are upon us, and while some are enjoying their vacation trips away, most young Bahamians are experiencing the excitement of summer camp.

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Bahamas inspired Cancer Centre opens in Antigua

CARIBBEAN medical history was made when a new cancer centre modelled off a Bahamian example opened in St John’s, Antigua and Barbuda, on June 26.