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‘Loving yourself from head to toe’ with regular breast exams

WITH breast cancer being so prevalent in the Bahamas, women are encouraged to get screened regularly to increase the chances of early detection.

The importance of speech therapy

THE real joy for Bahamian speech-language pathologist Sharon Clarke is seeing children achieve their goals after months of therapy.

Behold the power of water - Part III

AS A brief review, last week we looked at the amazing hot foot bath home therapy for congestive headaches, chest congestion, infections and detoxification. This week, we dive into the just-as-easy therapeutic world of the heating compress.

Seven dental habits to avoid

THE muscles of mastication (the muscles that we chew with) are very powerful.

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Local businesswoman promotes beauty and health with medical travel agency

AFTER studying anthropology and working with a Hollywood makeup pioneer in the United States, Leslie Simone Gibson has returned to the Bahamas to launch a medical travel agency.

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Hundreds flock to Downtown Yoga Festival

MORE than 300 participants found their way to Pompey Square on Saturday to experience the second Downtown Nassau Yoga Festival, which was dubbed a great success by organisers.

Behold the power of water – Part II

LAST week, we took a broad look at a very healing modality – hydrotherapy. This week, we turn all the theory and explanations into practical applications, and perhaps learn why our grandparents adhered to certain home remedies.

Dry mouth and oral health

SALIVA is very important to us and impacts the mouth’s health greatly. It is made in salivary glands; some large (major) and some small (minor). Some salivary glands make thick saliva and others watery saliva, and all the saliva comes together to make an ideal consistency.

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Wellness challenge participants reclaim their health

FIVE Bahamians were able to jump-start their journey to reclaiming their health in an eight-week wellness programme.

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Health coach aims to break taboo surrounding painful skin disease

HIDRADENITIS Suppurativa is the name of a chronic skin disease that is not well known and only rarely diagnosed, even though many suffer from it.

Behold the power of water – Part I

OVER the past few weeks we have been looking at the various treatment modalities that naturopathic medical doctors use to promote healing.

Men’s oral health

CNN reported last week that 80 per cent of American men can remember all the details of their first car, but could not recall their last medical checkup. This is a very interesting finding.

Mouthwash 101

THERE are many mouthwashes/mouth rinses in grocery stores and pharmacies nowadays. Fifty years ago, there were few commercial mouthwashes available, and almost everyone used the same ones. They were used mostly as breath freshener, although one also claimed to kill germs. Nonetheless, many persons bought the mouthwashes and gargled and swished with them for pleasant breaths.

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Bahamian mother raises awareness of clubfoot condition

THE mother of four-year-old Kaylee Thomas, who was diagnosed with having a clubfoot at birth, is engaging in several initiatives to raise awareness of the condition in the Bahamas.

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Age ain’t nothing but a number at the Geriatric Hospital

THE staff at the Geriatric Hospital, located at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, are proud of 50 years of service and achievements, and are preparing to host a series of events for the remainder of the year in celebration of the milestone anniversary.