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Questions linger over obesity ties to colon cancer

Next time someone asks you to go for a walk or get up and dance, jump at the chance. The simple act of moving may take you steps closer to avoiding cancers associated with sedentary lifestyles and obesity.

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A solution for chronic back pain

Several years ago, I suffered agonising back pain for months and endured several hospital visits.

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Live Mouth Smart

World Oral Health Day is recognised every year on March 20. It was launched in 2013 by the FDI World Dental Federation to help raise awareness of the importance of having good oral health and to highlight the significance a healthy mouth has on the entire body. World Oral Health day is promoted locally by national dental associations in over 140 countries worldwide.

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Keeping hope alive for Parkinson’s patients

MEMBERS of the Kingdor National Parkinson Foundation are doing their part in giving hope to those suffering with the degenerative disorder here in the Bahamas.

Symposium to focus on diabetes and oral health

THE first symposium hosted by the Diabetic Research Institute will shine a light on oral health and its direct relation to diabetes.

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30-year-old man needs your help to save his life

Joseph Darville is reaching out to his loved ones and the community at large to help him locate a compatable kidney donor to save his life.

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‘Change for Change’ brings hope to GB cancer patients

Three Grand Bahama cancer charities have been selected to benefit from the ‘Change for Change’ initiative

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Students taught to ‘Live Mouth Smart’

The Faith Dental Centre yesterday celebrated World Oral Health Day with the students at the Albania Christian Academy.

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Taking steps towards a brain injury treatment centre

As people all over the world observe March as Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month, here in the Bahamas an organisation is hoping to raise the funds to build a unique facility to treat those suffering from the effects of brain injury.

World Oral Heath Day

World Oral Health Day is celebrated every year on March 20.

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University of Florida partnership brings dental care to Andros students

A team of 20 dentists and dental students from the University of Florida, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the Public Hospitals Authority and the Ministry of Education, is bringing oral healthcare to students in North and Central Andros.

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Cancer survivors celebrate at Eleuthera’s Hope Ball

The Cancer Society of Eleuthera’s fourth annual Hope Ball, while certainly a night of glamorous fundraising for the island, was also an event designed to bring attention to important topic – colorectal cancer.

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Doctor of Chiropractic: Spinal problems can be inherited

Your children inherit many physical characteristics and traits from you, including strengths and weaknesses of their spinal columns. Just as the shape of their noses, colour of their eyes, or size of their skeletal frames can be inherited, so can curvatures or weak areas in their spines.

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Obesity and cancer

Obesity affects many people worldwide. In fact, 1.1 billion adults and 10 per cent of children are either overweight or obese. As for us in the Bahamas, the obesity rate is an alarming 42.5 per cent in women and 29.7 per cent in men.

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Irresponsible masculinity

We have taken to referring to most young men as being violent, and a threat to national security.